Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone

Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you navigate the roads and highways? Whether you want turn-by-turn driving or walking directions, or public transit, the App Store has several excellent alternatives to choose from. Depending on where you live, however, one may be much better for you than the others. So, which one should you choose?

Google Maps

Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone: Google Maps

Google Maps offers driving, transit, biking, and walking directions in over 220 countries around the world. All four types of transit also support voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, and its all free-as-in-Google. If you like to have options, Google Maps is one of the best when it comes to showing lots of routes, especially for transit, complete with ETAs. Since Google is one of the most complete search engines in the world, it's hands down the best when it comes to searching for businesses and attractions across the globe.

If you want to be able to search points of interest, Google Maps provides the most accurate results. It's also hard to beat in terms of public transit.

Apple Maps

Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone: Apple Maps

Maps is built into every iPhone. That means it's the default when tapping on map links inside other apps, works flawlessly in the background, and can continue giving you updates even on the Lock screen. However, if you need transit, biking, or another kind of direction, Apple Maps can't do that itself. It needs to point you towards an App Store app. While Apple Maps may not have as much data as Google, it gets better and better over time. And for most folks that just need directions here and there, it gets the job done.

If your navigation and map needs are minimal, the Apple Maps app that's built right into your iPhone or iPad should get the job done.

  • Free - Built into iOS


Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone: Waze

Waze, which was acquired by Google last year, is a crowd-sourced maps and navigation app that uses travel data from you and people just like you in order to provide real-time information on the quickest routes. If your friends are using Waze, you can add them as friends and, if you're going the same place, you'll see when they'll arrive. Turn-by-turn navigation with Waze is also absolutely free, and Waze can even help you find the cheapest gas station while driving.

If you want a navigation app that makes it super simple to keep up with friends and family in real time, try Waze.

Scout by Telenav

Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone: Scout by Telenav

Scout by Telenav is available to anyone in the United States and aside from offering free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, Scout is great at helping you find things to do no matter where you are. Points of interest that Scout things you'll find interesting will show up on the map as you're driving. If you're in a big city, Scout can even show you the rates at different parking garages near you so you know you're getting the best deal. You can even search for things before you start your journey and mark things on your route. If you need offline maps, you can purchase them via in-app purchase for a one time fee. If you don't need them, all the other features of Scout are free to use.

If you're in the United States and want voice guided navigation that can double as a personal concierge of sorts, Scout by Telenav is a great option.

  • Free with IAP - [Download Now](


Best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone: Sygic

Sygic comes with the ability to download free offline maps in over 100 countries. With these, you get route planning guidance, information on thousands of points of interest across the globe, and free map updates. If you'd like 3D maps, turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, lane guidance, speed limit warnings, and more, you can upgrade to one of many different map packages via in-app purchase. You will receive a free trial of premium for 7 days so you can try out voice guided navigation before deciding to buy. All maps are powered by TomTom and don't need an internet connection in order to work after they're downloaded. Other premium options available are speed camera warnings, heads-up display views, and much more.

If offline maps are important to you, Sygic offers a ton at no cost to you, but you'll need to pay for turn-by-turn navigation. Many other features are also available a la carte via in-app purchase so you can customize your experience the way you like.

Your pick for best turn-by-turn navigation apps for iPhone and iPad?

If you use navigation apps on your iPhone or iPad regularly, what app is your favorite? And if it's something different than one of the ones listed above, what made you pick it over the others? Let me know!