Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone 3G Video! has posted up a video showing the new Blackberry Storm vs. the iPhone 3G. Needless to say, we fully expect a torrent of this stuff to come our way soon, as Kevin shows off RIM's new hawtness (and competes with Android Central for our killer-du-jour attention, no doubt...)

How does it look? As elegant as the iPhone? Does Jonathan Ive have anything to worry about?

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Reader comments

Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone 3G Video!


Ya blackberry does not even compare to the looks of the iphone. the iphone is just so ugh Sexy !!!!

The back of the Bold is just hideous! Why hilight the camera like that? Storm and iPhone backs are much better looking.

much rather have an iPhone in my pocket then that brick and an iPhone is so much easier to use that blackberry looks confusing

Mickel... my assumption is that when you rotate into landscape mode, you are intending to use different apps than those of in portrait mode. ie, mail or video app instead of dialer or contacts.
It probably shows a different set of shortcuts depending on screen orientation and is probably customizable.

The change you see is the homescreen changing with the phone. I actually like this feature and wish it was an option on the iPhone.
If you notice the iPhone locks up and gets stuck inbetween two screens - :P
Personally I like the look of the BB Storm better then the iPhone, but that is just from what I have seen. I can make a better judgement once it actually comes out.

That is exactly what is happening. The screen rotates to landscape mode when you turn it, unlike the iPhone. It also offers the option of two types of keyboards too, unlike the iPhone. As far as the "look" of the phone, remember this is a first gen phone, much like the first iPhone was, and all of it's short comings. Everyone pretty much agrees the second gen 3G is a better package than the first, and I'm sure that RIM will be listening to feedback for the second gen Storm also. Same with the G1. I don't see the Storm as an iPhone killer as much as a Palm killer. I can see no reason to carry one of those anymore. What the iPhone lacks in a business world, the Storm more than makes up for. Bye-Bye Palm......

So when Apple patches in and updates all of the software shortcomings that the iphone has what will you blackberry lovers have to use as talking points then? you look better holding it?

You guys are so arrogant it’s ridiculous, half of you can’t even spell never mind get the name right of the phone right its Storm not the bold dumbass. That’s why you made the decision to get AT&T when you could have got Verizon.

phone alright*
shit you got a an ipod that makes calls let me know when you can get a pic message

I like the look of the BBS, I had a BB and u take pics and send em thru instant message. iPhone needs 2 catch up on a few things here and there. Video recording being 1 of them but if I had it, I'd probably never use it.
Still a nice phone tho ... I gotta keep my iPhone 4 another 2yrs ... U all know the deal.

The iphone 3G is not all that great in the looks department, both of those phones look fat and stubby to me

I have owned the iPhone for almost a year now and it has been my trusty companion.
I feel I haven't got the full use out of it though due to unlocking it to be a PAYG.
This meant whenever I wanted to use the internet I had to be near a wi-fi hotspot. Which was a bit of a pest.
I'm surprised at the lack of wi-fi in the storm but it's looking good to be my next purchase along with the vodafone contract so I can get full use of it.
We shall wait and see

It is incredible to me the lack of even considering all of the ground breaking features of the BB Storm. Not only the clickable screen, but the new interface, better graphic capability, NOT being locked into using itunes. The problem with any Apple product is they confine you into their world and file formats. Also, it blows my mind that they haven't been able to get a landscape mode style qwerty keyboard. Both phones have their strong suits, but the iPhone is mostly a flashy device, good for those who can't stop shoving their newest piece of technology in people's faces. The arrogance of the Apple drones is really getting nauseating..

I've been comparing the two for a couple of weeks now, and it definitely seems the difference is how you want to use your phone. I will be using it for business, and the Storm def. has the iPhone beat, but I can't get over the fact that it doesn't have Wi-fi.
Reception is also a factor for me. AT&T doesn't work too well in the Hudson Valley region of NY; Verizon does. That may be my deciding factor more than the phone itself.
Going toward a previous comment, if the iPhone carried all the software capabilities of the Blackberry, then yes, I probably would get it.

To Stillundecided:
AT&T is on the brink of launching 3G service throughout the lower Hudson Valley. It should be rolled out early to mid-December.

Sure, the iPhone is missing some pretty basic features, but you can watch YouTube on your cell phone. Case in point.

I have the BB Storm and it watch YouTube on it flawlessly.
You have no case.
Also, my BB Storm can be tethered to my laptop as a USB modem.

my iphone is soo much better. can the blackberry storm get over 2000 apps no. can the blackberry get unlimited data [email internet] no thank you