Blade-Tech tactical holster for... your iPhone!

Blade Tech tactical hostler for... your iPhone!

Blade-Tech isn't your everyday, ordinary iPhone accessory maker. In fact, iPhones are usually the last thing you think of when you hear the name Blade-Tech. The first thing, obviously, is blades -- as in knives -- followed closely by guns. That's probably why Blade-Tech isn't selling a iPhone cable or even a case. Blade Tech is selling an iPhone holster.

The Smart Phone Holster for your iPhone fits the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 and works with cases like the Otter BOX Commuter Series, Otter BOX Defender, MAGPUL Executive, MAGPUL Field, and SI Battle Case.

The iPhone Holster is hand-crafted and comes with Tek-Lok belt clip or KLIP, so you can carry your iPhone on your hip, locked and loaded, with the screen facing in or out. Now certainly not everyone is going to want a tactical holster for the iPhone, but it continues to be amazing to see just how far and wide iPhone adoption has become. And you just know that it's because of options like this everyone from Sarah Walker to Sarah Connor would be packing an iPhone come go time.

If you were off to fight enemy spies or killer robots, or you simply want quick access to your ruggedly protected iPhone in the theater of your choosing, would Blade-Tech be your go to holster?

Source: Blade-Tech, tipped by Sam via the new iMore app

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Blade-Tech tactical holster for... your iPhone!


This looks interesting, but I don't understand the choices of "attachments" listed on the web site--does anyone know the exact differences between the "Belt-clip 1.25," Belt-clip 1.50," "Belt-clip 1.75," and the "Tek-lok"? In other words, assuming those numbers are different sizes, I"m not sure how to tell which one would be best; also, exactly what's the difference between a belt-clip and a "tek-lok"? They're not answering phones today, so I thought I'd ask here, just in case (pun intended!) anyone knew. Thanks!

The different belt size is referred to the width of the belt itself. Different belts, especially duty belts, have different widths and require these of the different sized belt clips. this is especially important in law enforcement where different departments may have different width belts to use for their officers on duty.

It gives you options for belt clip sizes. What is the standard size? What size is an Otterbox Defender Clip? Anyone know?