Bluetooth 4.0 device pairing rumored for iOS 6, 8-pins for new Dock connector

Bluetooth 4.0 device pairing rumored for iOS 6

Apple is rumored to be working on a way to pass data between iOS devices over BlueTooth 4.0, allowing everything from notifications to communications to be seamlessly transferred from iPhone to iPad, or theoretically even an iPod nano watch... This type of connectivity has been dreamed of/speculated about for over a year, but now iLounge's Jeremy Horowitz says it could be planned for as early as iOS 6 this fall.

The feature would enable, say, a future iPod nano to display iMessages received by an iPhone, record voice memos that could be shared via the iPhone, and even initiate phone calls through its own headphones. It could also conceivably let you make iPhone calls from your iPad (or possibly even recent Macs), assuming the iPhone was paired with the computer over Bluetooth.

iOS features are typically harder to predict than hardware specs, since Apple doesn't have to worry about manufacturing or supply chain leaks, but iLounge has a good track record and Apple needs a couple iPhone 5 specific features to show off at their rumored September 12 event.

We've previously speculated that Phil Schiller snapping fancy panoramic photos could fill one slot and, If NFC is on board, easy payments at Starbucks or Target could fill another.

Direct device-to-device data sharing, however, would not only make for a great, geek-centric demo, it would further increase the combined value of Apple's multi-device platform. Increasingly it's no longer about what your phone can do, or tablet can do, but about what everything working together, from software to hardware to services to content, can do.

iLounge is also offering an alternate take on the new, miniaturized Dock connector iMore reported on back in February. We learned it was getting significantly smaller, but didn't learn anything specific about the pin configuration, post 30. Recently John Biggs of TechCrunch offered 19 pins as the new normal. Horowitz is now saying 8.

Likely the rumors will only get more intense from here on out, what with the big day just under a month and a half away...

Source: iLounge

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Bluetooth 4.0 device pairing rumored for iOS 6, 8-pins for new Dock connector


Remember those rumors of a minor refresh of the iPad (3rd gen) later in the year?
If that rumor is true, and if this year's iPhone does have a mini dock connector, then we'd expect the iPad update to include the updated dock connector.

And, if Apple does release an iPad mini, it would almost certainly have the mini dock connector from day 1.

Interesting... so Apple is trying to add a feature to their own devices which is similar to Android Beam or Samsung S-Beam? (both NFC based)

EDIT: Forgot about Samsung's Wifi Direct feature that allows you to share stuff between devices.

Interesting... so do Android Beam or Samsung S-Beam work on all those banned Samsung devices? Or just the ones that are legal?

LOL... yeah... because Apple invented Universal Search... how dare Android allow its users to search for stuff on their phones... oh the humanity!

I'd imagine that even with adapters, the new iProducts with the smaller adapters will probably no longer be compatible with any of the various products with dock connectors. At least not without some kind of adapter.

I know right. Come fall you will see Apple with some commercial saying how revolutionary it is!! Hell they will probably even try to patent it ... I just hope RIM manages to write the drivers for the 4.0 bluetooth chip thats been in the playbook since last year, to enable voice over bridge.