Buh-Bye BlackBerry Say 12% of iPhone 3GS Buyers

Apple Insider Piper Jaffray iPhone 3GS Stats

Apple Insider reports that, based on a Piper Jaffray survey:

12% of consumers who visited a retail store this past weekend to make their iPhone 3G S purchase said they were replacing a BlackBerry handset, the latest sign that Apple continues to make headway against rival Research in Motion in the high-stakes smartphone market.

28% of iPhone 3GS said buh-bye to their old carriers and hello to AT&T as well, proving once again just how valuable the iPhone is to new customer acquisition...

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Reader comments

Buh-Bye BlackBerry Say 12% of iPhone 3GS Buyers


Of course I wonder how many BB purchasers are switching from the iPhone... Still, 120k+ BB users lost in a single weekend seems like a lot. 280k new users isn't bad either. I wonder what % of the million sold were simply upgrading from the 3G?

Now that I actually read the chart, I see that 56% were previous iPhone users (although that doesn't distinguish between orig. and 3G). That also seems like a lot. I see AT&T actually had many more switchers during the 3G launch (which makes sense since the price was dramatically lowered and 3G + GPS added, which are both big new features).
Also interesting is that this year was the first year where more people bought the lower capacity model at launch- seems like 16 GB must be close to the sweet spot for consumers.

@Dyvim: I don't think the 16gb storage is the sweet spot rather than the right price point for the economy. There is no disadvantage to having more storage such as slower device or less battery life. Therefore, it's purely a financial decision.
What I will find interesting is how Blackberry users will spin this when they make there way, as they inevitably do, to this site. Surely we are in for a treat when they start defending RIM as they would God and country.
After the Storm failed to be the iPhone killer that RIM/VZW promised, I can see why many are beginning to defect. I don't think they are bad devices, but they aren't being competitive in the consumer market and they are becoming less and less attractive to corporate markets. I am the IT VP at my company and we used EAS and feel we are missing nothing over a BES.
I know that opinions and needs vary on this, but the fact is, if RIM only manages to retain only their hardcore corporate users, they aren't going to grow much beyond what they already are. In these economic time, it' snot as if we have a ton a new large corporations popping up nor are the existing ones growing.

I think that 56% of buyers this time being previous iPhone owners is pretty big. Only half of people who bought it are new to the iPhone. Also, 66% use Mac; Apple hasn't penetrated Windows users very deeply with the iPhone. They need to hook Windows up with some love.
But, just under 300 respondents on launch day/weekend. Means that probably most were the hardcore Apple following so some categories are probably skewed at bit.
Why is there no story about how the Palm Pre moved maybe 100k units it's first weekend and the iPhone 3GS after 2 years STILL moved over 1 million. Are there even official results from Palm/Sprint yet?

Ditched my VZW Curve for AT&T and the 3GS...tho the network in SoCal is no where close to VZWs in terms of reliability and dropped calls.

I just wanted to mention--and I had seen this article last week in AppleInsider--that the survey is pretty sketchy:
- Only 256 people sampled?
- All of them Apple Store visitors?
I think the numbers reflect that: Mac users and gotta-have-it cutting edge people. Personally I think if they had camped the market researchers in front of AT&T stores, or selected from a broader pool than that of a couple Apple flagship stores the numbers would be more telling.
Anybody else feel that way?

@7: good points. This survey is pretty weak when you look at the details. I wouldn't be surprised if more people pre-ordered and activated in home (either from Apple or AT&T) than went to a retail store on launch weekend. I know I went for the convenience of home delivery and at-home activation (and with free shipping, why not?).

@7 and 8, yea not sure how well this survey holds up. If it was all at Apple stores I suspect the crowd was probably different than at an AT&T store, Best Buy, or Walmart for that matter. Should have gone to more locations to pool data from many areas.

Looking at the profits from the last two quarters at RIM, I am not sure they are worried too much.

rather apt for me this. 17th of july I shall be walking into the O2 shop along the road and buying a 3GS to replace my BB Curve. Its a well made phone, robust but really lacks that oomph, that gadgety feel and is absolutely rubbish on the internet. So long Curve. Helllooooooo iPhone.

@Chris: & @Sting7k

Personally I think if they had camped the market researchers in front of AT&T stores

I agree with this assessment. Most users do not get their phones at Apple stores unless they are accustomed to going there anyway. They get them from their Carriers.
Given Window's 90% Market share, it is totally unlikely that 66% of iphone users are Mac users.
That one statistic calls into question the entire chart, because its clear they sampled an un-representative subset of iphone adopters.

In order for Blackberry to overcome this down sloap ... they will have to have the Storm 2 out as soon as possible ... I had a Palm 650 and went for the Iphone because BB was not Wifi.

Interesting numbers, though like others have said, fairly unreliable. I think that this iPhone will actually cause some damage to other companies now that it can actually do things that other phones could and it is no longer playing catch up in certain areas. I am still interested in seeing how marketshares for all companies end up once WebOS is out there for a year and Android finally takes off. I can see a lot of people leaving one for the other for various reasons. It all comes down to personal preferences.

Pretty stupid post. Of course conse
umers would ditch the blackberry device for the iPhone as apples device is more user friendly and blackberries have historically beenused as business devices. Rim has a the enteprise and business niche on lock. The iPhone is not a good business phone but it is a great feature phone with excellent gaming capabilities. People will get devices that suit there needs. For example Htc windows devices offer huge flexibilty power and features but the learning curve is far higher than a simple iPhone. I wish Rene ritchie would drop the sensationlist journalism and post not on whose "balls" are bigger but about iPhone news.

I agree with the Biased assessment view. Apple has to spin the (compared to both previous iPhone and 3G releases) 3G S release. It just isn't selling like the previous models, and Apple knows they have to make it look like it's flying off the shelfs. As a whole people are easily persuaded. This article and the survey it's based on are marketing tools to try and convince more people they "need" the 3G S.
I love my 3G, but feel that the 3G S is what Apple could have released a year ago, but that wouldn't jive with their milk consumers for every penny, every year. Apple sees it this way. If you don't upgrade every year you are not their target market, and not of any concern to them. Hence why this survey is aimed at switchers from high end BB. Those consumers tend to upgrade each year even without upgrade elligebility. I don't see mention of users switching from the old Nokia tanks, or Motorola Razrs. I guess low end phone users are of no concern to Apple.
Don't get me wrong after seeing the 3G S in action I decided to let my wife get me one as a fathers day gift as she wanted, but only because I'm upgradedable again. The truth is she wants to upgrade from her iPhone to my 3G. Shh we don't mention about that around here though.
So in conclusion Apple knows that while the upgrades are impressive they aren't enough to cause a mad dash as in years before. Thus The spin. The 3G S just isn't worth the unsubsidized price. I wish smartphone makers would see that. No phone is worth 3/4 of a grand, but on the flip side they are worth every penny at the subsidized price!

@ iRoc:
First, I would not say that the 3GS is not selling like the previous models if it has hit 1 million units sold.
Second, did you not get the memo about the proper nomenclature? Apple is suing people now for putting a space between the 'G' and the 'S' It is 3GS, not 3G S.
BTW, the suing aprt was a joke.

thats dumb i just went into at&t yestrday and got a blackberry bold i had the iphone 3g and whats funny is they where pushing me to get the iphone 3gs but im glad i didnt iv had the iphone 2g n iphone 3g n blackberry bold is hands down a million times better than any iphone but whos knows if next years iphone has a front facing camera for ichating i might switch back over also they should bring out two new iphones next year and put a slide out keyboard on one that would be nice

I swear in nearly every post Rene Ritchie sounds like a sales man trying to convince anybody to get an iphone. Stick to news Rene.

only reason i kept the bbry is because of instant notifications and telenav. well the day has come and the bbry is now in the drawr

i agree with Dave (#11). i loved my BB Curve 8330. 'loved' being the keyword there. the last 2 months have resulted in more deleting of apps than installing new ones. constant lag and freezing, extreme lag switching between apps, and 5 second delay between answering call and being able to actually SPEAK! i must do 2-3 battery pulls a day to get it unfrozen.
either way, up to this point it served it's purpose and was a good, durable phone. as of august 1st, i shall be the proud owner of an iPhone 3GS 32gb! can hardly wait.
color me an iPhone fanboy. for i too will make up part of the 12% of VZW converts. Viva la Revolucion!

The iPhone (whatever flavor) is designed for a specific consumer. If it's for you - good for you. Those of us in business who rely on real time communications, such as push mail (BIS or BES for that matter) shudder at the fact it takes 15 minutes to get an email on an iphone. 15 mins? You're kidding right? My 5 year old iPaq 6315 gets imap idle email near real time. Unless you're on an Exchange server or worse, using gmail or hotmail for business, you're not getting real time email. If you have to wonder why that's so important, just go on to the next post. It's not worth the effort.
Voice control? My Nokia 7160 from years ago has that. Limited background processes? Come on.. oh I forgot it does games and twitter and whatever with push notifications. Whoopee... Welcome to your teenage years.
The iphone will never compete or be on the same playing field as a blackberry for business. Period. Sure.... it's slick and cool. I have one. And I use it for my ipod, and meaningless playtime. But when it comes to doing the things that makes me and my business solvent - it's blackberry all the way. The Bold is light years beyond the iphone. All the neato features everyone applauds the iphone for having in 3.0? Blackberry users have had them for a while now...
P.S. My Blackberry has facebook, twitter, email, IM, messenger, beejive, vlingo, turn by turn NAV, GPS, WIFI, camera WITH flash and the rest too. And they are all push and real time. Pat yourselves on the back for spending 2-300 bucks on something we have had for a while now...

True. The iPhone is designed for a specific consumer just like any other phone including RIM's BlackBerry handsets. But what I don't understand is how consumers like to list how BlackBerry or another handset here is better than the iPhone. I've gone through the Original iPhone, Curve 8310, Bold 9000, and now the 3GS. The only thing I somewhat miss, is PUSH Gmail. Everything else PUSH, like my work email, contacts, and calendar work flawlessly. I could go on and on about the power of the 3GS, but I'll spare everyone the misery.
I'm not trying to be condescending about the BlackBerry platform, but the apps you listed are horrendously coded and unpleasant to the palatable eye. Besides the Facebook and AIM apps looking decent, they come no where near the polish of similar apps on the iPhone. Turn-by-turn navigation from AT&T is now on the iPhone and TomTom has said that their navigation app is coming soon too. iPhone users have had aGPS since last year along with WiFi, which still seems to be missing on some BlackBerry handsets on certain carriers. stares at the Storm and Verizon
Last but not least, the camera doesn't shoot nice photos either. Even on the Bold which is supposed to be the greatest BlackBerry, the iPhone defeats it in that department. The Curve 8900's camera is a little better, but it's still no match to the iPhone. The photos look abysmal at best, even with flash. So when people tell me their phone has flash, I just send them a photo and let them drool over the quality.
Now I still love BlackBerry even with its shortcomings. Maybe it's because I've learned to accept RIM's philosophy, just as I have with Apple's. Yes, iPhone users are now getting the "old" features you've all had for a while now. But at least the GUI makes it simple enough to be done with just a tap or two on the screen. Until BlackBerry adopts an easier to use GUI, we'll boast how easy it is to browse the web with Javascript on and etc. Once CrackBerry users get the nicer GUI and browser, we'll give you a pat on the back for spending $200-$300 on something we've had for a while too.

i am longtime 4 yr bb owner. just switched yesterday to iphone 3gs times two. bb doesnt have anything close, even not the new tour coming sunday. I believe the report