Best Buy Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G's

Before the holidays we reported AT&T started to sell refurbished iPhone 3G's on their website for $50 less than what you could buy a new device for. Well now it seems Best Buy is taking a page out of AT&T's book. According to ars technica:

Best Buy will sell a 8GB refurb for $149 and 16GB refurb for $249. These units normally retail for $199 and $299 respectively, and normally ship with a full one-year warranty. The refurbished units will sell with at least a 90-day warranty, and possibly more. You can check the amount of time remaining on your warranty by entering the serial number at Apple's Online Service Assistant page.

So just like the AT&T refurb deal you now have a choice to make. Save $50 on a used device with a 30 day warranty... Or spend that extra $50 and get a brand new device and a full years warranty.

One more thing to keep in mind, these refurbished devices still require a full 2 year contract commitment. Decisions decisions...

[Via ars technica]

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Reader comments

Best Buy Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G's


This makes three. TheRegister is reporting Walmart is also selling refurbs.
What does this say?
Apple is taking it in the shorts on warranty issues. Further, they have way more refurbs than anyone ever imagined, and they don't trust them enough to put them out into their own supply line at the Genius Bar.
Apple has stood behind this product very well. I know many people who have multiple replacement phones, and of those we've compared, all are new (very recent week numbers).
But just because Apple stepped up to the plate does not mean this is a good thing. Its a disaster in waiting for the bottom line, and a class action lawsuit lurking in the wings waiting for end of warranty for early adopters.
This is the most troublesome phone ever sold and Apple is not publishing return/warranty figures. If it were 2 or 3% they would be crowing about it.
If there are enough refurbs to sell at three different high volume outlets, you do the math.

The majority of people who are returning iPhones are those who don't like the touch keyboard within 30 days. I've had zero problems or bugs with my iPhone, other than glitchy AT&T service.
Best mobile phone ever!

@Steve: "The majority of people who are returning iPhones are those who don’t like the touch keyboard "
Based on what evidence?
Have you ever waited for an appointment at the Genius Bar? Phone after phone after phone replaced. All day long, every day they are open. They are being returned for defects, or because they bricked.
But that argument aside, it doesn't matter where the refurbs are coming from, Apple had to surrender the money or a new phone to acquire the old one, and they had to do so in quantities sufficient to feed three high volume retailers at a 99 dollar price point.

As an employee of Best Buy Mobile, I can validate what Steve posted. Most poeple who return Iphones do so with in the first 30 day and usually have reasons such as "didn't like the touch screen" or "too much phone for me" or "not what I was thinking". Apple does working professionals a dis-service by pitching the Ipone as a "business phone". It is much more a personal entertainment device. My wife has an Iphone and loves it. I have a Blackberry and love it. But we use them for completely oposite functions.

The genius bar?
that's one place where you can easily waste an entire afternoon in hope to talk to one of the bozo on duty!
The guys working at the Apple store knew less than I did about the Iphone,especially if you start talking about Installer or Cydia!!!!

Wow, Bob, I'd like to meet a person as smart as you someday. I've been searching for a long time to have a deep discussion about Cydia.

FYI- I received my refurb iphone from AT&T last week. It appears to be new- no scratches or marks of any kind. Also, and more importantly, there was a label affixed to the box that states “Refurbished iPhones have a full 1 year warranty.” The att website lists “90 days or more”, but the label on the box states 1 full year- I have no idea if this applies to all refurbs or not.

The 8GB refurb is selling for $99 on the ATT site. A $100 off! Is this a good deal? What are people experience with the refurb? It would be good if it is 1 year warranty like Amy said instead of the 90 days.

Refurbs are not that bad now are they??
The iPhone 3Gs 16GB new is $199, a 32GB refurb is $149.
Twice as much of the Good, for 50 bucks less.
I also agree with the Apple guys not knowing a thing about Cydia or hackulo or redsn0w or blackra1n.