The case of the iPhone case I couldn't get off!

When you test as many cases as I do, you've got to expect a little collateral damage every once and a awhile. I've totally smashed my iPhone during drop tests, taken iPhones and iPads through the car wash and the dishwasher. I've tried to send them into orbit on model rockets and to the deep blue depths beneath toy race boats. I've sledded on them and wailed on them. I've even worn them in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fights and taken them on trips back to the future.

This time... well, I just couldn't get the damn case off! And yes, misery for me, and hilarity for you, followed.

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The case of the iPhone case I couldn't get off!


That just sucks. Sorry to see that, Georgia. With all the different cases out there, I decided to stay with one case only for my 5s, the leather case from Apple. Very durable and protects the iPhone nicely. Worth the money for sure.

Yes I loved the Tech 21 case too but this is what happened when I drop tested it

I sincerely hope the iPhone "6" doesn't need a case. And that it's tough enough to withstand normal daily use with little if any scratching.

But anyway, great video Georgia. And great nail polish, lip gloss, and everything else as usual!

That's why I never go for these hard cases. Even if they do come out, they will damage your phone. Always go for something a little flexible.

Can absolutely empathize with you Georgia .. this is so common now with most of the cases today.. even the most expensive ones can give you a nightmare when u try to take off the damn thing. I use a slim case too .. and often have to clean the inside of the case and my phone because dust and dirts always seeps in..but man.. taking off that thing is such a nightmare. Just u ensure that I don't end up scratching and damaging my iP surface i have to spend a good amount of time to get that thing off EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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Maybe y'all should buy phones that are designed well enough to not need a case. I'm just sayin'...

Oh, man, you really got us there--I'm so embarrassed to own an iPhone now, I'm going right out to buy a phone that's designed well enough to not need a case....oh, wait--which one is that?!

Anyway, don't use a case on my 5s. Can you believe it Stewie?!

Is the jack port and/or the lightning port imprisoned? Like surrounded by the case?

If not, you could try to plug something in that, and use that plug as a remover tool. Though it's not really advised..

I tried to pry a knife even between it and it wouldn't come off.

I have never had such difficulty with a case.

The sad part is that, while you can't remove it, somehow dust and grime probably still gets in there.

I find that I usually go with larger cases because the iPhone is a bit small for comfort, but if the iPhone does get larger, I will be looking for a slimmer case.

I am currently hook on the Spigen Tough Armor case and a screen protector. I like the feel of the current case and the screen protector but the screen protector I am using has gotten a very strange looking wear pattern (That's the only thing I can call it.)

Aw, poor Georgia. Hope your iPhone isn't too damaged. But thanks for taking one for the team so now we all know :)

Oh, I have that exact case and I can totally attest that it is the worst case to try and remove! Which I really hate saying because it is a really nice case. It took some real elbow grease and ingenuity to get that case off without hurting the case or my iPhone. Now, it sits in my desk drawer and I have gone back to my good old Seidio case. It's not at thin, but at least I can remove it.

iFixit has some very nice tool kits. I highly recommend getting one, but I really enjoyed the lineman pliers to get the case off. Your videos are such fun, and informative. You also have a very brave husband.

I think that all cases should be able to be removed with your hands alone cause who carries tools around with them.

iFixit has amazing tools though and that is a great suggestion for people, thanks Glenn.

100% agree. Cases need to come off with your hands only. I have a Lexmar batter case. Perfect for trips like this past week to Disneyland. The problem with the case is that just having it on and not charging my iPhone seems to drain my iPhone faster. So I need my everyday case to use, then when the battery is near drained, (or whenever iOS 7 decides the battery has had enough), I need to quickly swap cases and charge up. This case looks right up my alley, too. Too bad.

i feel for you georgia girl! i have experianced this before with alot of cases for my customers at my place of business! they take it out of the packaging to "try" the case out, and then when they try to take it of it is impossible to do so! there are alot of cases out there that do this! such a pain in the you know what!