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Siri wish-list: What you want to see in iOS 11 and macOS 12.13

If Apple asked you what you wanted to see in the next 'version' of Siri, what would you tell them?

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How to make your own iMessage sticker pack

MacStories' Graham Spencer put together a comprehensive guide on designing and launching your own iMessage sticker pack.

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What would you change about the new MacBook Pro?

If Apple had asked you what you wanted on the new MacBook Pro, what would you have told them?

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Apple Watch Series 3 wish list

Now that Apple Watch Series 2 is here, what do you want to see done differently for Series 3?

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Check out this Apple Watch 2 giveaway and enter to win!

If you're considering a smartwatch or want to upgrade from your original-generation Apple Watch, the aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 is the best version of Apple's smartwatch you can buy. It offers a great experience with watchOS 3, stand-alone GPS tracking for outdoor workouts, "swimproof" water resistance for underwater activities, a great-looking OLED display, 5GB of storage space for on-the-go music, and better-than-ever integration with the iPhone. It's available in silver, gold, or rose gold finishes, and an array of bands. But why buy one when you could enter here to win one for free? Keep reading for all the details!

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The Best Smartphone Camera, as judged by YOU!

We showed you the photos and asked you to pick your favorites. And now it's time to figure out which smartphone camera you all ranked as the very best!

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You could be featured on iMore's Instagram!

You could be featured on iMore's Instagram. All ya gotta do is take some beautiful shots of your favorite Apple devices and tag #imore.

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It's round 5 of Sound Off! Help provide childcare for Affect Conf

Sound Off works to increase access to professional settings for marginalized peoples in tech through attendance scholarships, the cost of travel and lodging for speakers, live captioning, ASL interpreters, and child day care.

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Get the iMore sticker pack for iOS 10!

Surely you didn't think we'd pass up the chance to have our own sticker pack? It's awesome, it's free, and it's in the App Store for iMessage. Go get it!

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What's on your iOS 11 wish list?

iOS 10 has shipped but Apple's already working on iOS 11 — so what do you want them to change?

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