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An hour on Safari content blockers... and iMore

Safari content blocker extensions, which provide the ability to selectively prevent code from loading on websites, were previewed at WWDC 2015 as part of the developer sessions. So what happens when a developer tests them... on iMore?

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You can help App Camp For Girls 3.0 inspire the next generation

App Camp For Girls is on a mission: to encourage girls to pursue app development as a career by teaching them how to make iPhone apps in a fun, creative summer camp program under the mentorship of women developers.

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I finally figured out why Samsung makes anti-iPhone ads...

Samsung keeps making commercials that, instead of highlighting features potential customers might find compelling, spend most of their time showing off iPhones, and trying to make iPhone owners look pained, beleaguered, and just plain stupid. It never made sense to me as an acquisition strategy, though. iPhone owners aren't going to appreciate being called stupid and switch to Samsung, they're going to call Samsung stupid right back. But with this latest commercial, where Samsung misrepresents the differences in charging methods, I finally understood what was going on. Samsung isn't trying to win over iPhone owners—they're desperate to keep Galaxy owners.

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Do you use the iPad as your primary computer?

iOS 9 brings a bevy of new, productivity-enhancing features to the iPad. If the iPad is your primary computer, how are you using it, and how do you think iOS 9 will help?

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Shopping for Apple tech at Taipei's buzzing Guanghua markets

There may not be any Apple Retail Stores in Taiwan, but there are a variegated cacophony of other options at the Guanghua market.

If you're looking for an iPhone or iPad, Mac or Apple Watch in Taiwan, you may end up looking in Guanghua market, and its newly-opened Syntrend mall. In fact, if you're looking for any tech, Apple to Android, Microsoft to Asus, Guanghua is the place to be. And it's where Alex Dobie ended up following the Computex show earlier this month. Writing for Android Central:

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1Password and the XARA WebSocket exploit

The makers of 1Password have gone into detail about how the unauthorized cross-resource attack (XARA), specifically the WebSockets exploit, affects their app

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The profound impact of Apple Watch

Almost two months ago the Apple Watch started to ship. That ended almost five months of anticipation, but for one long-time Apple reviewer, it also started a transformation.

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This year, file your beta bugs early

When it comes to reporting bugs on Apple's betas, get them in before it's too late.

Filing radars—the popular term for submitting problems to Apple's bug reporting system—is a lot of work. What's more, it almost never results in any official recognition or appreciation, and sometimes it feels like an exercise in frustration and futility. Yet filing radars remains invaluable to the engineers inside Apple, and the sooner you file, the better it is for everyone, especially your shared customers.

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An introduction to WebKit content blockers

I'm not sure what to think of content blockers in Apple's Safari for iPhone and iPad browser, and the technology that powers it, the open source WebKit.

As someone who makes content, I never block it. That's because I want more content and blocking it will lead to less. That said, I'm trying to understand content blocking and what it means not just for my work on the web, but my life on it.

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Code like a girl: The women of WWDC and the future of development

Our children are our future and women are half the planet.

Run the math and it's impossible not to see how important it is to get girls engaged in the community and empowered in the process. It's not just about our daughters, it's about our legacy and our destiny. WWDC 2015 was an important step in a better direction, but we all need to keep with the stepping. The video above highlights why.

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