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Flying the iPhone and iPad friendly skies

Where do you take devices that are small, incredibly convenient to use, and that store a ton of data? To the skies.

It seems like a natural fit. Why have reams and reams of paper documents when every manual pilots and other crew members need can fit on an iPad. Why have hard-to-use sales terminals or mobile devices when an iPad or iPhone point-of-sale can be easier and more visual to use, and can go with service personnel onto the flights?

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Apple Watch and the costs of custom faces

Unlike products from other vendors, Apple Watch won't allow for custom watch faces, at least not at launch.

This has led to the typical angst seen before any major Apple product launch, where the culture of the company and the limits of resources clash with the expectations and imaginations of customers everywhere. Whereby everywhere, I mean the internet.

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iMore show 452 live! Join us!

Join Ally, Peter, Serenity, and Rene as they talk Apple Watch try-ons, the new MacBook, Photos launch, and more!

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Which Apple Watch did you get?

Apple Watch is now available for pre-order, so the question becomes — which one did you pre-order?

Which Apple Watch did you get?

I went with the 42mm Space Black Apple Watch. 4-6 weeks delivery though. My mother and sister both went space gray Apple Watch Sport. Looks like 3-5 weeks delivery for them. Depending on the case and band you chose, and how fast you chose it, you might be getting yours on April 24... or sometime thereafter.

So, vote in the poll to the left to let me know which case you went with, and add your details, including shipping estimate below, including any extra bands you might have picked up. (I added a black sport band and a Milanese, because.)

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Code signing WatchKit apps with Xcode 6.3

WatchKit apps are basically extensions that live on the iPhone but present interface on the Apple Watch.

That means the code for the WatchKit app also has to live in the iPhone app, and that can add an extra dimension to code signing — the process whereby the developer attaches their credentials to the app, a requirement for App Store distribution. What if any difference does this make for developers?

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Success and the Apple Watch

Tech and fashion enthusiasts will help drive Apple Watch awareness, but the mainstream will determine its success.

How regular iPhone users approach the Apple Watch — how quickly they adopt it, how important it becomes to them for daily use, and what they get out of it — will not only be fascinating to see, but will be one of the best measures of how well it's really doing in the market.

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John Oliver on government surveillance

Privacy is one of the single most important issues of our time.

Apple is making it a top-tier, customer-facing feature and hoping it becomes a major competitive advantage. Because 'privacy' can seem ephemeral, and doesn't have the obvious value of money, so many of us trade it away with little or no thought. Humor and satire can often covey truth in a way no other medium can. Such is the case with John Oliver and this overview of the U.S. Patriot Act and interview with Edward Snowden.

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Autism and iPad, five years later

We covered both autism awareness month and the iPad five years later over the last couple of days, but now it's time to look at what the two can accomplish together.

Shannon Des Roches Rosa's son Leo, now fifteen years old, has been using an iPad since shortly after it launched in 2010. Over the last five years, both Leo's usage of the iPad, and Rosa's understanding of it, have evolved.

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Apple Watch as MagicBand for the real world

Disney's MagicBand makes the theme park more than just fun, it makes it convenient.

That feature — the same killer feature the Apple Watch promises — is what makes it so compelling. Like the MagicBand, in many ways the Apple Watch won't just offer an easier experience, it will offer a better one. Yet where the Apple Watch has faced fear-mongering and sensationalism in the mainstream media for mostly made-up concerns, the MagicBand, despite its tracking and personal information projection, has been almost universally praised.

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iMore show live from Ull! 6:30am PT, 9:30am ET, 2:30 BST

We're live from Ireland at the Ull conference with Serenity Caldwell, Georgia Dow, Rene Ritchie and special guest, Jason Snell! Join us!

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