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The Talk Show 114 with Serenity Caldwell

Two of the smartest Apple minds I know on The Talk Show this week: Serenity Caldwell and John Gruber. They talk MacBook, Photos for Mac, the PowerBook Duo, and (of course) the Apple Watch.

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The 'inside story' of Apple's ResearchKit

ResearchKit seemed to come out of nowhere, but it only seemed that way...

Medical research needed a way to reach more people more effectively. Tear-tag flyers on bulletin boards just weren't cutting it. The future was clearly in mobile devices — the personal technology more and more people had with them every day — and in the cloud — the servers that could bring it all together — but how could that future be brought into the present?

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Why I'm optimistic about gender equality in tech

"But most women aren't really interested in programming."

When someone says that, I can relate. That's exactly how I felt about girls playing sports when I was 15. Title IX, the landmark 1972 U.S. civil rights law that mandated equal funding for both genders in educational programs — including athletics — was a hot topic during my high school years.

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How to watch Apple's Spring forward event on Android and Windows

Still on Android and Windows but don't want to miss any of Apple's Spring Forward event action?

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Apple Watch will make you use your iPhone less

Many people who haven't yet had the chance to try an Apple Watch are still wondering whether or not it will have a place in their lives and workflows.

Some don't think it will, at least not any time soon. Those who've been using it for a while, including Apple's CEO Tim Cook, say it's already become invaluable to them — That it saves them from having to pull their iPhone from their pockets or purses, that it helps them live better healthier lives, and that it helps them hook into all the digital things around them.

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'Mobile audio has to improve'

While screen display densities and technologies are approaching ludicrous levels, many phones and tablets still provide lackluster audio at best.

It's like trying to enjoy a movie with half your senses tied behind your head. But is home theater quality sound possible on mobile?

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iMore show 448 live! Join us now!

Join Serenity, Peter, Rene and special guest Jim Dalrymple as we talk iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch — and the upcoming Spring Forward event!

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The iOS 8 animation curve

Following the introduction of iOS 7 back in June of 2013, a common complaint from developers and designers was that the system animations took to long to complete, making the interface feel slow.

Apple sped up the animations before release, but for some they still felt too slow. Since iOS 8 didn't fundamentally change the animations curves, that perception has lingered.

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How the iPhone is helping Federico Viticci live a healthier life after cancer

The iPhone as personal digital lifestyle assistant.

In 2011 Federico Viticci was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (Stage IV). He beat the cancer, all the while continuing to edit and write for his phenomenal website,, but it took a profound toll on his life and his health. Now Ticci wants to live not only well but better, and he's using his iPhone to help him do it.

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Apple Watch reportedly has time-only 'Power Reserve' mode

An ultra-low-energy 'Power Reserve' mode could help Apple Watch time keep ticking.

Apple has repeatedly said the Apple Watch will last about a day, which means you're going to want to charge it every night so you don't have to take it off when it actually runs out — be it the middle of the night when you're sleeping or early the next day when you'd rather be using it. If something happens and you can't get to a charger in time, however, there might be a time-only "Power Reserve" mode to give you an extra buffer.

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