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iMore show 444 LIVE!

It's Serenity, Peter, and Rene with all the week's Apple, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, Apple Car — you get the idea! — news! Join us! Show kicks off at 10am PT, 1pm ET. Join us!

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Could an Apple user-experience win the car fight?

Whether we're talking about existing products like Apple's infortainment intermediating CarPlay, or rumored products like a full on Apple Car, they'll be competing for attention and usage with other software companies like Google and Android Auto, and with manufacturers and their own in-car offerings. Apple's usual strategy is to fight on the experience level — to make a product that solves real problems and engenders real delight. Could that same strategy win inside the car, or inside the car industry?

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Chris Breen leaves Macworld (and the tech community) for Apple

My friend, former colleague, and Mac guru extraordinaire Chris Breen is leaving Macworld after several decades to go work for Apple. It's a huge loss for IDG, and an even bigger loss for the tech community at large — Chris appeared on podcasts and Lynda videos across the Web, and it's a sad day indeed to think that we won't hear his voice on any tech-related casts from here on out.

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How would you change Apple's Photos app?

Photos was one of the apps that not only drove people to buy the original iPhone, but helped them show off why they bought it. Yes, Mike Matas and team had us at pinch-to-zoom. Over the years, Apple introduced video, integrated with additional services like Flickr, and added basic editing tools and filters. The biggest improvements, however, came with iOS 7 — and a whole new Photos app. It offered all an all-new organizational model, based on Years, Collections, and Moments, much better, non-destructive editing tools, and integration with iCloud Photo Library, which promised better storage and sync for all photos and videos. In other words, along with Photos for Mac, Apple has made it a core part of their operating systems.

But that was then and this is now. So, what would you like to see Apple do with Photos next?

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How Jason Snell podcasts

Jason Snell creates wonderful podcasts on popular culture for The Incomparable and technology for He's not only great at what he does, he's generous in sharing how he does it.

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What would you change about Apple's Calendar app?

Calendar was one of the original apps on the original iPhone. It started off simply but over the years it added Exchange support, landscape mode, a week view, a year view on iPad, the ability to touch and drag events around, and more. Apple renamed iCal on the Mac to Calendar to match the iPhone and iPad. And, after an era of heavy design, Calendar also got a clean, crisp makeover as part of the overall iOS redesign last year.

That's what Calendar is, but we want to know what you'd like it to be?

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iMore show 442 live! 11am PT, 2pm ET — Join us!

Serenity, Peter, and I will be talking Photos for Mac and all the week's iPhone, iPad, and Apple news. Join us!

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iPhone innovation in the land of the dazzle-blind

Year after year Apple reports record profits and yet year after year "analysts" and "experts" frame the company as merely one step closer to its inevitable implosion and decline. Part of it is the problem is that they see Apple as continuously betting more and more, and each and every time they assume the odds against Apple increase. They don't understand that Apple isn't gambling but investing. They also don't understand the model Apple uses for mainstream innovation and iteration.

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Spoilers vs. spoiled: On Apple beta screenshots and expectational debt

A few weeks ago, code-divers found the Apple Watch companion app for iPhone lurking within the iOS 8.2 beta. Work-in-progress screenshots were shown off and potential new features revealed. Today, a deeper dive was posted. The two pertinent bits of information there: "work in progress" and "potential".

Here's the thing: When it comes to spoilers, we need to make sure we're not the ones who get spoiled.

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The inimitable value of Apple Pay and what comes next

Apple Pay brought together everything from Passbook to Touch ID to launch Apple into the mobile transaction business. It was the company's first major new product category since the iPad and its been expanding steadily in the U.S. since October. As a service, Apple Pay is compelling enough that Android owners should consider switching to iPhone. It offers better security, efficiency, and experience for everyone along the chain, from banks to retailers to customers. And it could also be the first of those kinds of services "only Apple" is positioned to provide.

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