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MCE 2015 aims to explore what makes app users go WOW!

MCE 2015 will be taking place from February 5-6 at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. Focusing this year on "mobile with a human touch", MCE will offer a multi-track conference aimed at designers, developers, and tech leaders.

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Manifest brings members new 5K wallpapers every month

Sebastiaan de With, who has designed interfaces for Apple and DoubleTwist, has just launched his own design agency, Pictogram. One of his first projects is Manifest, a "5K periodical".

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Why human interface matters

I remember visiting my father at IBM and watching the massive doors open so they could wheel out the tray of punchcards. I remember going shopping for an Apple II Plus and staring at the glowing green letters across its monochrome display. I remember visiting my father at LGS, and grabbing the mouse on the LISA sitting on the desk next to his, and dragging everything I could into the pictorial representation of a trash can. I remember picking up the iPhone, tapping the Photos icon, and swiping and pinching my through images as though they were real objects beneath my fingers. I remember holding down the Home button and telling Siri to play my music, and smiling a moment later when it did just that. The history of computing is the history of human's interfacing with them, and in his latest video, Dave WIskus shows how we got from there to here, and more importantly — why.

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iMore at CES 2015 sneak preview!

We're doing CESlive again this year — broadcasting from South Hall every day for the next 4 days. Serenity, Georgia, Anthony, and I will also be bringing you everything that's cool and interesting and Apple-related that we can find. I'll be kicking off the live show tomorrow at 11am PST with Adam, but the stage construction and media events got started tonight. Check out our video sneak-preview above, and keep it locked to iMore for all the action!

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Yes, developers still need websites to sell their apps

Just like some developers never considered design when creating their apps, many still don't consider marketing. Build it and, thanks to Apple, people will come has been a long held, long problematic assumption. The truth is, you need a great idea, amazing code, superb design, and a terrific marketing plan to succeed.

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Hear Serenity Caldwell talk Macworld, iMore, and... roller derby!

A couple of weeks ago our own Serenity Caldwell sat down with Myke Hurley on the Inquisitive podcast to chat about her time at Macworld, her new gig here at iMore, and her high impact past-time, roller derby. There's a ton of behind-the-scenes info, so if you're curious about how all this Apple media stuff works, or about who Serenity is, where she comes from, and what she does, give it a listen!

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What's on Serenity's Yosemite Dock right now

First things first: Left-side Dock, forever. I know there are some people who prefer having their Dock along the bottom of the screen, but when you're rocking an 11-inch Air, a bottom Dock takes up valuable screen space.

And to borrow from the Doctor: side Docks are cool.

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iPhone 6 Plus captures iconic New York City 'Holiday Wonders'

Kenan Aktulun of agency Truth NYC took an iPhone 6 Plus with him to capture New York City's "Holiday Wonders".

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App Store and the need for sloppier search

The App Store was introduced in 2008 and, as of this year, there are well over one million apps for iPhone and iPad. While Apple has scaled their ability to serve those apps to hundreds of millions of customers, search is still a frequent cause for complaint.

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What's the iPad buying cycle?

While the iPhone continues to grow and grow, the iPad seems to be leveling off. Why the difference? Some believe it's buying cycle, others cannibalization from other Apple products, and still others the limits of the addressable tablet market.

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