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The potential role of an Apple stylus pen in enterprise and education

Earlier today, on the heels of yet more rumors about Apple moving their stylus pen into production, I asked how many people would actually want one. What I didn't consider, however, was potential demand beyond the retail and online shelves. For example, from enterprise and education.

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Do you want an Apple stylus for your iPad?

Do you want an Apple stylus?

The iPad Pro (or iPad Plus) is one of the latest in a long line of products rumored to be on-deck from Apple, and along with it are rumors of an Apple stylus — a digital pen that can be used to more easily write or draw on the screen. Apple famously said fingers were better for input than styluses at the original Apple event, yet they've accumulated a lot of patents in the area over the years. Meanwhile, companies like Ten One Design, Adonit, FiftyThree, Studio Neat, and others have shipped a lot of third-party stylus pens. Apple, arguably, could make an amazingly engineered, incredibly well integrated stylus if they chose to. But the question is — would you want it?

I've used stylus pens for years. I've used them with Handspring and Palm products that had resistive touch screens. I've used them with Wacom tablets that had digitizers. I've used them on the iPad both without pressure sensitivity and with pressure sensitivity simulated over Bluetooth LE.

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What are HomeKit vendors waiting for?

One of the things I was most interested in for CES 2015 was seeing how far home automation vendors had come in integrating Apple's HomeKit frameworks. HomeKit is supposed to take us from tediously tapping our way through dozens of disparate apps to elegantly controlling everything in our house with Siri. For all the announcements, however, there were no shipping products. So, what's taking so long?

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NSNorth set for April 10-12, updated speaker lineup, ticket info

NSNorth, the single-track upper Canada conference for iOS and Mac aficionados, has revealed more speakers and information on when and how you can get tickets. Joining iMore's own, already announced Georgia Dow is national treasure Jim Dalrymple, the amazing Ashley Nelson-Hornstein and more.

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Apple's Siri investment and the watch and HomeKit payoffs

I use Siri all the time. It's gotten so that I'm often too lazy to tap or type. I use it for reminders, for alarms, for searches, for reservations, and for a lot more. If I have an idea and I'm driving and don't want to forget it, I'll just say "Hey, Siri", dictate a note, and touch it up later as needed.

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Original Mac re-imagined thin as an iPad Air

Fun video but I think the days of displays that small on desktop Macs are far behind us. Now, as an iPad Air 2 stand...

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How will the Apple Watch do on the market?

Will the Apple Watch sell more and faster than the Apple TV? Than the iPad? While financial analysts and tech pundits everywhere race to make headlines with their — what's the word for "prediction" when it's pulled from nowhere? — there's a lot of interesting things to consider. Only people with iPhones will be able to use the watch initially, but those with iPhones could get considerable value from it. What does that mean?

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The toxic hellstew outside the App Store

Every once and a while, I guess to remind us of the virtue of the App Store, someone goes and installs the top 10 Windows apps from a popular download site and then sits back and watches their machine explode.

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MCE 2015 aims to explore what makes app users go WOW!

MCE 2015 will be taking place from February 5-6 at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. Focusing this year on "mobile with a human touch", MCE will offer a multi-track conference aimed at designers, developers, and tech leaders.

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Manifest brings members new 5K wallpapers every month

Sebastiaan de With, who has designed interfaces for Apple and DoubleTwist, has just launched his own design agency, Pictogram. One of his first projects is Manifest, a "5K periodical".

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