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iPhone innovation in the land of the dazzle-blind

Year after year Apple reports record profits and yet year after year "analysts" and "experts" frame the company as merely one step closer to its inevitable implosion and decline. Part of it is the problem is that they see Apple as continuously betting more and more, and each and every time they assume the odds against Apple increase. They don't understand that Apple isn't gambling but investing. They also don't understand the model Apple uses for mainstream innovation and iteration.

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Spoilers vs. spoiled: On Apple beta screenshots and expectational debt

A few weeks ago, code-divers found the Apple Watch companion app for iPhone lurking within the iOS 8.2 beta. Work-in-progress screenshots were shown off and potential new features revealed. Today, a deeper dive was posted. The two pertinent bits of information there: "work in progress" and "potential".

Here's the thing: When it comes to spoilers, we need to make sure we're not the ones who get spoiled.

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The inimitable value of Apple Pay and what comes next

Apple Pay brought together everything from Passbook to Touch ID to launch Apple into the mobile transaction business. It was the company's first major new product category since the iPad and its been expanding steadily in the U.S. since October. As a service, Apple Pay is compelling enough that Android owners should consider switching to iPhone. It offers better security, efficiency, and experience for everyone along the chain, from banks to retailers to customers. And it could also be the first of those kinds of services "only Apple" is positioned to provide.

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On the iPhone's profit distortion field and Apple TV

Though I have faith that Apple isn't shunting the iPad due to its less-than-measurable sales against the iPhone, it's not the only other product in the company's wheelhouse. The Apple TV in particular hasn't seen a whole lot of love in recent years, even as company CEO Tim Cook proclaimed it no longer "a hobby" product. Jason Snell makes a good argument for why the Apple Watch might be more appealing to ship before a new Apple TV.

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Apple Watch, WatchKit, and false expectations

There's a blog post making the rounds about how useless Apple Watch is without an iPhone, how pessimistic its future is for developers, and how Apple hasn't delivered on what they "promised" at the event last September. In other words, it represents rage against a fantasy world very unlike the real one in which Apple very carefully set expectations at the event, on the product [preview pages, and in the developer resources that followed.

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How Apple's monster Q1 made them #1

Apple only makes one phone — the iPhone. Sure there're two different sizes of the current generation model, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as two previous generation models, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but the range and diversity is nothing like the portfolio pushed out by Samsung. Which is what makes Apple's monstrous Q1 2015 quarter, and possibility that, for the first time, they surged past Samsung to become the largest smartphone seller in the world, so interesting.

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Jeff Williams and the continued success of Apple's ops team

Jeff Williams, senior vice president of operations at Apple, took over day-to-day leadership of the ops team following Tim Cook's transition from Chief Operating Officer (COO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Since then Apple has shipped a flabbergasting number of iPhones, a huge number of Macs and iPads, and started ramping up to ship the first batch of Apple Watches. To say Williams runs the best ops team in the business does him and them a disservice — No one else even comes close. That's no dount why he's getting some much-deserved attention following Apple's blow-out Q1 2015 results.

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Apple growing, Samsung slowing, and doubling down on the 'great product' strategy

Apple will report its first-quarter 2015 earnings later today, and analysts are expecting a blockbuster. That's in stark contrast to rival Samsung, whose profits have been stalling on both the premium and budget ends of market. What makes this remarkable is that Apple hasn't changed their product strategy to do it — they've doubled down on it.

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