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The power and promise of accessibility and inclusive design

Speaking of accessibility, here's a terrific talk by Robin Christopherson from Mobile Mobile Conf 2013.

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iMore show 410 LIVE at 1pm PT, 4pm ET. Join us!

Yes, I know, we were supposed to move the show to 11am PT, 2pm ET, but I once again screwed up the schedule so we're once again keeping it at 1pm PT, 4pm ET. Sorry about that! Next week it moves for sure! (Fingers crossed!). So, join me, Peter Cohen, and Derek Kessler as we bring you the week in iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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Android Wear watches get reviewed, are they painful enough for an iWatch yet?

Android Wear is the software and services from Google designed to run on a wide range of wearables, but launching first as watches. Android Central has just posted their LG G Watch review and Samsung Gear Live Review and... they're certainly a step forward in many ways. If the Pebble was the Palm V of smartwatches, maybe these are the Windows Mobile? And if so, does that mean the market is finally, painfully, mature enough for an iWatch?

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Going not-indie: Lower revenue, less value, and the lure of big software

The App Store is a hard business and getting harder. Unlike almost any other aspect of Apple's business, "premium" isn't stressed. Prices have raced to the bottom, discovery is a perpetual challenge, and casino games are thriving, not beautiful, magnificent, audacious new software ideas. What affect is that having on indie software developers?

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What's on Joe's iPhone right now!

Since all of the cool kids are doing it, I thought that I'd show you what's on my iPhone. My iPhone is the single most important piece of technology in my line-up. It goes with my everywhere, and is my primary method of communication. I keep the most important apps on my first Home screen. I don't use most of the stock apps enough for them to merit a place on my first screen. Those few that remain, however, I use every day without fail. Messages, Camera, Maps, and Safari all remain on my Home screen.

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iMore show 409 LIVE! Today at 1pm PT, 4pm ET! Be here!

Join Rene and Peter for all the iPhone, iPad, Mac and assorted Apple news that's fit to podcast about. And it's all coming your way right here at 1pm PT, 4pm ET! Set an alarm. Prepare snacks. You don't want to miss it!

Want to be part of the show?

  • Join us live right here at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm GMT
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Editors' choice iOS apps: The best of the best!

iMore's singular mission is to help anyone and everyone get more out of their iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac. That includes reviews and how-tos, news and podcasts, and it absolutely includes apps. They're what make the hardware sing. Yet there are so many apps now — a million and more! — that it can be hard to find the one that's best for you. We've tried to solve that problem before with our best iPhone apps, best iPad apps, and best Mac apps hubs. While those are great for groups, we also wanted to be able to single out apps we thought were worth special attention — your attention. Enter the iMore Editors' Choice App Gallery!

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OS X Yosemite: Explained

OS X Yosemite was shown off at WWDC 2014 on June 2 and will be released sometime in the fall. In addition to new features like Today view and Extensibility widgets in Notification Center, a better, smarter Spotlight, iCloud Drive, enhanced functionality in Mail, Messages, and Safari, and Continuity with iOS 8, OS X Yosemite brings interface and experience refinements to Apple's desktop operating system, similar in spirit if not exact execution to the iOS 7 makeover of 2013 — interface depth and translucency effects, textual clarity and other elements to improve the overall user experience.

We'll be adding new articles every day or so, so make sure to come back often and share this link with your family and friends. We happily explain so you don't have to!

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iMore show 408 LIVE! Join us at 1pm PT, 4pm ET

The iMore show is back and coming to you live today! Join Rene and Peter as they talk all about the week in Apple, including lower price iPod touch, iPhone 6 rumors, iOS 8 and Yosemite, and more!

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iOS 8: Explained

iOS 8 was announced by Apple at WWDC 2014 on June 2 and will become publicly available this fall. Major new features include Continuity, Extensibility, QuickType, Health, iCloud Drive, and Family Sharing, as well as major improvements for Photos, Messages, Spotlight, and more. If you want the highlights and all of our ongoing coverage, check out our iOS 8 super page. If you want a deep dive into just how exactly all of it works, check out the articles below!

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