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App Store and the need for sloppier search

The App Store was introduced in 2008 and, as of this year, there are well over one million apps for iPhone and iPad. While Apple has scaled their ability to serve those apps to hundreds of millions of customers, search is still a frequent cause for complaint.

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What's the iPad buying cycle?

While the iPhone continues to grow and grow, the iPad seems to be leveling off. Why the difference? Some believe it's buying cycle, others cannibalization from other Apple products, and still others the limits of the addressable tablet market.

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Missed Hour of Code? Learn to program with these helpful guides!

Apple's Hour of Code workshops were a great success, helping those interested in development learn the basics in a friendly, welcoming way. But whether you went to a workshop and want more information or missed out and want to try coding, we've collected a few great resources for those who want to delve deeper.

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What's on Peter's Yosemite Mac dock right now!

I recently rounded up all the apps I use on my iPhone 6 regularly, and we periodically give you a peek behind the curtain at what we're using to bring you news, tips and info. So here's my roundup of stuff I use on my Yosemite Dock.

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The secret to making a hit app

From the moment the iPhone SDK shipped in 2008 pretty much everyone who could sling bits or pixels had but one dream — to make a hit app. Yet for every Instagram, WhatsApp, Siri, and Real Racing there are endless graveyards of apps, excellent and terrible, that not only didn't strike it rich, but didn't even come close to breaking even. So what's the secret to making a hit app?

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The case for a 'Safari view controller' for iOS 9

Web views are an incredibly convenient way to handle in-app browsing. Since they're WebKit, you get the same kind of experience and performance as Safari, but you don't have to send people hurtling out of your app and into Safari simply to show them a link. However, web views can't store cookies, so logins can't persist, and having to login to a web view isn't good from a security perspective anyway. So what's the solution?

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Deep, deep dive into Twitter apps for iPhone and iPad

If you've ever found yourself longing for a dissertation on the relative merits of Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad, and Tweetbot for iPhone — including loading timeline gaps and tweet marker sync, web views, cards and previewing tweets, extensions, gestures, profiles, lists, tweetstorms, direct messages, uploading photos, discover, muting, fave and retweet counts, search, timeline, and new twitter — then you're in for a real treat. You're in for over 20K words of treat!

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Microsoft reporter Ed Bott switches to iPhone

What made noted Microsoft reporter Ed Bott finally give up on Windows Phone and switch to an iPhone 6 Plus? Was it the lack of flagship phones? The lack of apps? No. It was Verizon's unwillingness to approve software updates in a timely manner and Microsoft's inability to compel them forward.

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What's on Peter's iPhone 6 right now!

Much like Rene, I keep my iPhone pretty much bone-stock on its first Home screen. I do this because I've reset it frequently enough that I just can't be bothered to spend a lot of time customizing it, and like Rene, I use it occasionally for product shots when reviewing stuff at iMore and want it looking as fresh-out-of-the-box as possible.

I don't like a lot of messy app clutter on my iPhone's Home screens. I pretty compulsively find places to put apps I've downloaded, because I don't want to have to flip through pages finding what I'm looking for. My most frequently used apps I access by just double-pressing the Home button and flipping through pages until I find what I'm looking for. Everything else has its place.

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iMore show 431 LIVE at 8am PT, 11am ET — Join us!

It's a winter wonderland out there for those of us in the northeast and midwest, so we're going early today to save time for weekend travel. Be sure to join Serenity, Peter, Ally, and Rene, for WatchKit, App Store get, and all the week's iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple news!

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