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Apple Watch Series 2 hands on: First impressions!

New bands, new partnerships, and new casings: This is our first look at Apple Watch Series 2.

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We've teamed up with Vena to give away the new iPhone 7 and accessories!

Today’s the day! The Apple event is happening in San Francisco, and there are sure to be many exciting announcements, including the new iPhone 7! But before the event gets under way, here is your chance to win a shiny new iPhone 7 from iMore and Vena! Keep reading for details and how to enter!

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What Apple Watch bands do you want next?

If Apple asked you what you wanted from watch bands next, what would you tell them?

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These are all of Apple's official Twitter accounts

How do you follow all of Apple's official accounts on Twitter? Here's the full list!

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What's on your iPad Pro 2 wish list?

If Jony Ive asked you what you wanted for iPad Pro 2, what would you tell them?

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Vesper is being discontinued and here's why...

Vesper, the notes app by Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber, will be shutting down in the very near future. The reason, when you cut to it, is simple: Vesper didn't make enough money to support it's ongoing development.

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Enter this contest for a free iPhone 7 and some awesome cases to go with it!

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 in September, if things go as they normally do in Cupertino. So what better time to team up with VRSDesign to give one of you a brand new phone AND an assortment of awesome cases for it? Read on for all the details!

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What's on your Apple Watch 2 wish list?

If Apple asked you what you wanted for Watch 2, what would you tell them?

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Join the Dark Side with these awesome night-friendly wallpapers

So many wallpapers are bright, colorful, loud. Well, sometimes you need a wallpaper that's restrained, classy, and dark as your tortured soul. We got you.

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