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Join the Dark Side with these awesome night-friendly wallpapers

So many wallpapers are bright, colorful, loud. Well, sometimes you need a wallpaper that's restrained, classy, and dark as your tortured soul. We got you.

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Enter now to win an iPad Pro from iMore!

If you want the ultimate canvas for creativity or productivity, you want the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and lucky you, we're giving one away! Keep reading for all the details!

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Spruce up your phone with Olympics-themed wallpaper

The Olympics are here... Hoo-ray! Rah rah rah. Cheer your nation to victory in Rio and show your pride with an Olympic wallpaper.

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Apple previews the gender-diverse emoji coming in iOS 10, and they are good!

Come iOS 10, you'll be able to get your hands on more than 100 new and updated emoji. With more gender options and some nifty new objects, Apple's updated emoji better reflect your real life.

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What's on your iPhone 7 wish list?

If Apple asked you what you wanted for iPhone 7, what would you tell them?

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What's still on your watchOS wish list?

watchOS 3 is almost like getting a while new Apple Watch — but what's still on your wish-list?

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Catch a new Pokémon wallpaper!

Your phone is full of Pokémon now. Don't you need a wallpaper that is, too?

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Help send iPads to Barefoot College in India

Consider donating to help send iPads to the Barefoot College in India, where women are trained to be solar engineers and are empowered to improve their local communities.

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Apple Watch accessibility center stage in new review

Apple Watch has long been praised for how its accessibility features help a wide variety of people live better lives. This weekend we got another example of how the various features come together to aid in independence, mobility, and functionality.

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Welcome, MrMobile!

Welcome Michael Fisher to the iMore and Mobile Nations family!

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