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Forget gold, would you want your next iPhone to come in wood veneer? Or other, customizable colors like the Moto X?

While the iPhone 5s is rumored to be coming in 3 colors this September, including gold along with a less-expensive iPhone 5c is rumored in red, green, blue, yellow, and white, the newest phone from Google's Motorola subsidiary takes color two steps further. Phil Nickinson from Android Central, in his usual bad ass fashion, has done a complete Moto X review, but he's also gone into its customization system, Moto Maker. First, the phone:

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Turning Microsoft into Apple... on the way out

Earlier today Steve Ballmer announced he would be retiring as CEO of Microsoft in 12 months. The timing is perhaps among the most interesting aspects of the decision. It happened on the eve of yet another massive, company-wide re-organization, and arguably the biggest ever - Ballmer transforming Microsoft into a functional alignment. In other words, reforging it in Apple's organizational image. Guy English on Kicking Bear:

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Security and identity as a service, and how Apple could lead the way

As rumors keep swirling about the finger print scanner Apple will be introducing with the iPhone 5s, the subjects of mobile security and identity keep getting raised. Passwords are an absolute pain in the ass on mobile, and identity is a problem that not only hasn't been solved, but that some companies either lack interest in solving, or lack the trust necessary for us to want them to solve. Industry analyst Ben Bajarin - listen to him on the latest Vector podcast - think that leaves the door wide open for Apple. From Tech.pinions:

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'Fall is coming' wallpapers

Couldn't resist. The Game of Thrones parody was just too tempting. We haven't had a major Apple product event since October 2012. That's almost 11 months ago. In mobile, where the Samsungs, Motorolas, Nokias, and just about every single other player in the world has spewed out several if not a dozen phones and tablets, it's almost an eternity. We've seen the beginnings of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, and been teased by the new Mac Pro but even then, all we've had by way of release promise was: coming this fall.

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Will you be using auto app updates on iOS 7? [Poll]

Will you be using auto-updates on iOS 7?

iOS 7 is bringing a ton of new features - see our complete iOS 7 preview - but one of the more controversial is automatic app updates in the App Store. The idea is simple enough. Instead of seeing a red, numbered badge on the App Store app, tapping it, then going in and manually updating all or specific apps, if enabled, it just downloads updates as they're ready and installs them automatically. Without any involvement on your part. The good side, it's effortless. The bad side, what if it automatically installs a buggy app?

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iMore show LIVE! 7am PDT, 10pm EDT! Be here!

We're doing the iMore show early today, but that just Peter, Richard, and I will be bringing you all the great analysis, color, commentary, and snark you know and love sooner rather than later. Join us!

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Are you already thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5S? The great iMore community debate!

Have you decided already to upgrade to the iPhone 5s

Every year for the last 6 years Apple has released a new iPhone. So, perhaps it's no wonder that the iMore community is already hotly debating whether, when it finally becomes official, they'll upgrade to the brand new iPhone 5s - or lower-cost iPhone 5c - or stick with their existing iPhone. Is it too soon to even think about? Is it the best time to start preparing? What's the right answer and for whom?

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More next-generation iPad and iPad mini casings purportedly leak, this time in silver

Back in January iMore mocked up and talked about the next-general iPad 5, and how it would likely take design cues from the iPad mini, getting smaller and thinner, which translates into lighter. Since then there've been several casings purportedly leak out, the latest of which (below) show what could be the silver/white option.

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Apple, Amazon, secrecy, and control

Apple is often spoken and written about as if it was the most secretive, most controlling technology company on earth. Yet Amazon, who is even more controlling and more secretive manages to mostly escape attention for those very things. Anyone who's ever worked with them, most recently app developers, can attest to the control. David Streitfeld and Christine Haughney of the New York Times wax poetically about the secrecy:

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The iMore iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C forums are open for business!

Despite no official word from Apple, the whole world is expecting a new iPhone event on September 10 where we may get not one, but two brand new iPhone's; the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. And, with every new piece of hardware, comes a new forum for you, the iMore readers. That's right, the iMore iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c forums are both open for business!

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