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The problem with how AMBER Alerts are handled on iOS and mobile

The emergency alert system in iOS is meant to save lives, either the lives of children with the AMBER Alert system, or lives in general with natural disaster warnings. However, not all alerts are created equally, and unfortunately, not all iOS alerts are as informative or interactive as they need to be. Craig Hockenberry has broken down the problems with the AMBER alert received by many Californian's last night. From Furbo:

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Why Chromecast is no replacement for Apple TV...yet!

Google Chromecast might well be an exciting new product, and it might well only cost $35, but there's still some inherent let downs and frustrations for early adopters. Particularly it seems, streaming live YouTube events to your Google dongle is a no-go area right now. Android Central Forums member danrad55 writes:

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95% of developers surveyed say they're full steam ahead on iOS 7 updates

This fall Apple will be releasing iOS 7, and with it, a whole new design language and feature set for developers to adjust to and pass along to the people using their apps. How many designers and developers plan to update, especially considering how few people seem willing to pay for updates? Hall of famer Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory was curious as well, so he put up a survey, and shared the results on Furbo:

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Visualizing Wi-Fi: What all those signals would look like if you could see them

802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi stream out of our Apple AirPort routers at 2.4 and 5GHz and stream into our iPhones and iPads and iPods and Macs, but what would all those signals, the ones saturating us all the time these days, look like if we could see them? Well, Nickolay Lamm, with the help of Dr. M. Browning Vogel, took a shot at showing us on MyDeals:

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How the ITC ignoring Samsung's FRAND-abuse forced a veto in Apple's favor

How did the ITC get the Samsung vs. Apple decision so wrong it forced the Obama administration to side with the lone, Bush-appointed dissenter on the commission and issue their first over-ruling in over a quarter century? Did they really not understand the difference between standards-essential patents, those pledged under FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-descriminatory) and proprietary patents, those not required to be licensed at all? Based on their decision, that's about the only thing that makes sense in any of this. Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune:

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Apple not paying off politicians might be costing them in the courts

Apple spends far, far less time and money lobbying and otherwise making nice with Washington than their competitors like Google and Amazon. That lack of pragmatism might be costing them in recent DOJ investigations and court proceedings, at least according to Steve Friess at Politico:

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Why the iPad is more like the iPod than iPhone

The iPad business being closer to Apple's iPod business than the carrier-entangled iPhone business isn't a new theory, but given the increased maturity of the product line, it's one that's increasingly subject to objective rather than subjective analysis. And that's just what Ben Thompson of Stratechery has started doing, not only for today, but what it could mean for the future:

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Would you want Siri to be 'always listening' for your voice commands? [Poll]

Both the upcoming Xbox One from Microsoft and Moto X from Google feature "always listening" functionality for their voice-controlled, natural language interfaces. So what about Apple and Siri? Should the next iPhone and iPads have the microphone that you can also choose to turn on and set to perpetually listen and process, and keep ready for everything and anything we say, waiting to key onto a command phrase that signals we want to use it - "Okay, Google Now!" - er... - "hey Siri!"?

There's a power concerns, of course. Xbox One is plugged in and therefore has no battery life to worry about, but the iPhone or iPad, like the Moto X, would absolutely have to do everything it can to conserve power. Beyond the technical issues, however, are privacy concerns. The news is already filled with stories of governments and companies allegedly spying on our communications, do we really trust them with constantly enabled mics? And what about simple system errors? I've had bits of conversation accidentally sent to me from Google Glass glitches, imagine the potential for mistakes with mainstream systems?

On the flip side, "always listening" can also be incredibly convenient. When your hands are full, or your device is out of reach, being able to command it with words alone is beyond useful. Likewise, Siri is already behind Google Now when it comes to functionality, including localized voice parsing, predictive responses, and more, and not doing "always listening" would put it one more feature down on the parity list.

Do you think the upcoming iOS 7 on the rumored iPhone 5s should start playing catch up? Apple's offered exclusive new features on hardware before, so would an extra processing core for onboard and persistent voice processing be interesting to you? Would you want your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad mic to be flipped on all the time, and Siri to be "always listening" for your commands?

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Verizon offers 500MB 'Share Everything' plan

Verizon has quietly introduced a new 500MB tier to its "Share Everything" plan. The new price structure undercuts Verizon's previous low-end offering - 1GB per month for $50. It helps the company compete with rival AT&T, which offers a 300MB per month for $30, reports Engadget.

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iMore show LIVE! 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT! Be here!

The iMore show returns today to talk all the week's iPhone, iPad, and Mac news! Join Rene, Peter, and special guest John C. Welch!

Update: John sadly couldn't make it, Peter and I soldiered on anyway!

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