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Why the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPlay are killing dedicated gaming devices

The intersection of people who love mobile and who love gaming is significant enough to have generated a ton of commentary surrounding the idea that traditional, dedicated gaming devices will be cannibalized by the likes of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPlay. Horace Dediu had a couple of interesting posts on the subject this weekend. In Third to a Billion, which included the above graphic, Dediu plots which platforms have reached a billion users and how long it took each to do so. From Asymco:

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Apple rumored to be looking at putting Intel inside... their iPhone radios

Intel never managed to get their bread-and-butter chipset business into the iPhone, which has always been all-in on ARM. A new rumor, however, suggests they may have a second bite at that Apple - with the radio. Anton Nehaenko for Kommersant (translated):

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iMore show iPhone event preview LIVE! - 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 8pm GMT - Be here!

Peter and I are joined by special guest Mark Gurman of 9to5mac and we'll be running down what we expect - and don't expect - to see at Apple's upcoming iPhone event.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear shows what Apple won't do with the iWatch

Samsung has launched their pre-emptive strike against Apple's widely anticipated iWatch, and it's the Galaxy Gear. Not surprisingly, it seems like what many pre-Apple products seem like - the HP Slate held up by Steve Ballmer at CES 2010. That's potentially neither good or bad, but it's another reminder about just how Apple really does tend to think differently. My guess is the iWatch will be to the common perception of a watch what the iPhone was to the old corded handset. But we'll see. Meanwhile, Alex Doby from Android Central has a complete Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on locked and loaded:

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Samsung picks up the faux stitched leather and slaps it on the back of the Galaxy Note 3

Just as Apple finished tearing down - and making fun - of the stitched leather in iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, tenuous partner and heated rival Samsung has picked it up and slapped it on the back of their new Galaxy Note 4 phablet. I kid. A little It's massive, otherwise almost majestic 5.7 inch device, and Phil Nickinson has a complete Galaxy Note 3 hands-on up already:

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iPhone event wallpaper to brighten everyone's day!

By popular request, here's some quick and dirty (read: scaled and cropped) iPhone and iPad wallpaper based on Apple's September 10 iPhone event invitation. Everyone's expecting a new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c along with iOS 7, so hopefully this wallpaper brightens your day while you wait.

Speaking of waiting, iMore is giving away $500 gift certificates every week while we wait for the new iPhones, so if you want to win one, make sure you're following us on and enter now!

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Nintendo should make two great games for iOS

The idea that Nintendo should make games for iOS has been floated for a while now. Many disagree. I don't. It's not so much that their market share is declining, but that it's being converged out of existing by a confluence of ever-improving mobile devices and ever more encompassing living room boxes. In that regard, John Gruber compares them to BlackBerry, a once dominant player now struggling because the business changed and they didn't change with it. He also compares it to iTunes on Windows, something Apple was smart enough to embrace, and reaped considerable rewards from. From Daring Fireball:

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The true cost of data roaming: Comparing the U.S. carriers

If you travel internationally, chances are you've been bitten by the cold, cruel fangs of international data roaming. Carriers make deals with other carriers to use each other's networks, and not matter what they work out, we end up paying for it. A lot. Phil Nickinson has done some digging into U.S. international data roaming rates,and this is what he's figured out. From Android Central:

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Apple is number one in the world! (At getting patent trolled..)

Over the course of its long, storied existence, Apple's been number one in many things, in many ways, from customer satisfaction to profit share to mainstreaming technology itself. Being the world's number one target for patent trolls, however, is likely a distinction they wish they didn't hold. John Paczkowski on AllThingsD:

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The main difference between Nintendo and Apple is self awareness

Apple and Nintendo both share a passion for great products, for fantastic hardware in the support of fantastic software, and both have suffered more than their share of detractors and doomsayers. Recently, many have suggested Nintendo might be better off making games for iPhone and iPad than sticking with their hardware strategy - including people who would spit-take at the idea of Apple licensing out OS X or iOS. Federico Viticci thinks that's because of a disconnect between Apple and Nintendo pundits. MacStories:

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