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How free-to-play manipulates you into having-to-pay... and pay... and pay...

A lot has been written about the true cost of free-to-play games - we even devoted a day of Talk Mobile to it a few weeks ago - but how does it actually work? We know the less-than-scrupulous developers target our impatience and our ego, but what are the exact mechanics involved? Ramin Shokrizade takes a look at the most common coercive monetization techniques in a guest post for Gamasutra:

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What do you think of the iOS 7 Photo filters? [Poll]

What do you think of the iOS 7 camera filters?

So, iOS 7 has filters in its camera app, but what do you think of them? Filters are quite literally everywhere today, with what started at Instagram now spreading far and wide across our favorite mobile apps and services. Twitter has them, so does Google+, not to mention the countless different iOS camera apps that implement filters in some way, shape or form. Maybe someone should sell glasses with interchangeable filter lenses, so we really do see everything through a filter? With such coverage, it was perhaps inevitable that Apple would eventually add their own take on it to their iOS camera app, but do they look any good?

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iMore is on Facebook, here's how to get your daily dose!

We're talking social all this week on Talk Mobile, and you cant talk social without talking Facebook. More used than any other social network on the planet, there's a huge number of folks who spend a lot of time there. The good news is, while you're busy hanging out, poking your friends and liking a whole lot of stuff, you can also get your daily iMore fix, too!

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Does Apple need to bring iTunes Radio to the web? [Poll]

Does Apple need to bring iTunes Radio to the web?

Microsoft is the latest music service provider to launch a web version of their player, so does Apple need to follow suit and bring iTunes Radio to the browser? While it may not have yet officially launched beyond the registered developers with access to iOS 7, it's an interesting question to think about. After all, Apple is pretty much the last major player to get into the music streaming game, and as things stand they'll be the only major player without a web app when iTunes Radio does finally launch properly.

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Marc Edwards' app design workflow

Don't know how I missed this. Marc Edwards, my co-host on Iterate is not only one of the best designers on the planet, but one of the most generous, and on top of all the articles and scripts he's already shared, he's now gone and posted his entire app design workflow on

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From twit to tweet: How Twitterrific helped Twitter get its verb - and bird - on

Last week the word "tweet" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Craig Hockenberry, a principle of the Iconfactory, co-creator of Twitterrific, and iMore hall of famer, gave some background as to its origins on his blog,

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Win yourselves an iPad, courtesy of!

It's been a rough end to the week for our BlackBerry loving friends over at CrackBerry. The PlayBook, the one and only tablet from BlackBerry, long promised an update to BlackBerry 10, has basically been killed. A sad day for those who clung to their PlayBook waiting, hoping, but CrackBerry is determined to turn the mood around by giving away any tablet that isn't a PlayBook. That's right; you could win an iPad on CrackBerry!

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Apple credited with 2 of the best 12 designs of the last 100 years. Can you guess which ones?

What are the 12 best designs from the last 100 years? The question is impossible to answer. That doesn't mean people and publications won't try, however. As part of World Industrial Design Day, CNN asked some of the world's greatest designers and asked them to name what they felt were the most iconic industrial designs of the last century. Apple landed on the list, and not once but twice...

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Improved multiple monitor support in OS X Mavericks; who's going to use it? [Poll]

Are you looking forward to improved multiple monitor support in OS X Mavericks?

Multiple monitor support is being improved for OS X Mavericks, but just who is going to make use of it? Currently, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will allow you to use multiple monitors, but things get ugly when you go full screen on an app and all you get everywhere else is linen. So, Apple is improving on how OS X handles multiple displays with Mavericks.

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Take our Apps Survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

We're fans of numbers and quantifiable data here at Mobile Nations, and so following after the second week of Talk Mobile 2013, we're turning to our good friend the survey to help compile some data. Week two was focused on apps, apps, apps and developers, developers, developers. If you missed any of the content, be sure to click over to our Talk Mobile hub and check it out.

The mobile apps survey will only take a minute or two to complete, and as an extra incentive (not that you guys and gals need it, but we like to give things away), by completing the survey you'll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card. Hit the link below to take the survey!

Click here to take the Talk Mobile State of Mobile Apps Survey!

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