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How big would your perfect iPhone be? [Poll]

How big would your perfect iPhone be?

Generally speaking, the size of smartphones is still increasing, so how big would your perfect iPhone be? We're talking hardware today on Talk Mobile, and one of the most noticeable parts of the spec race is display size. Until the iPhone 5 came along, we had just one choice, the 3.5-inch display, on whichever variant of the iPhone we decided to use. The iPhone 5 changed all that, and for the first time the display size increased. But, it only increased as far as 4-inches, and at launch competing smartphones were hitting the market with 4.7-inch and above displays.

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Understanding the Apple vs. USA ebook price-fixing debacle

Last week Apple lost the antitrust suit filed against it by the US government for ebook price fixing. Apple will appeal, of course, and given Apple's statements-to-date, they'll likely appeal it all the way. It's a complex issue that could decide who controls the ebook market for the foreseeable future: Amazon, or everyone but-Amazon. I kid. A little. Adam C. Engst read everything involved and, combined with his years of ebook publishing and his skill as a writer, put together an excellent explanation for what's really going on here. From TiBITS

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Is AirDrop in iOS 7 lacking without integration with AirDrop for Mac? [Poll]

Is AirDrop in iOS 7 lacking without integration with AirDrop for Mac?

AirDrop is coming to the iPhone and iPad finally with iOS 7, but at least for now, it doesn't integrate with AirDrop for the Mac. So, is it lacking something without this? AirDrop on Mac is something I use all the time on my own machines to throw stuff between them, and I'm pretty happy with how it works. AirDrop on iOS 7 sounds like the same exact great system, but limited to use between iOS devices. That's great, and all, but wouldn't it be even better if you could AirDrop things from your iPhone over to your Mac?

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The long truth about short web apps

For years one of the biggest knocks on mobile web apps was performance -- they just never felt as fast or as fluid as native apps. Yet proponents of web apps have begged to differ, and sought to show that web apps could, if not today then one day, prove good enough for general purpose use. Tired of the subjective arguments, Drew Crawford has tried to present an objective analysis on Sealed Abstract:

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Would you be interested in a water resistant iPhone? [Poll]

Would you be interested in a water resistant iPhone?

Would you be interested in a water resistant iPhone? Samsung has just launched a rugged, water resistant version of their flagship Galaxy S4 – be sure to check out Android Central's review – but they aren't the first OEM to dabble with a high-profile water resistant device either. Sony's recent high end offerings the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z have both had this ability, along with a host of 2012 devices. Using a phone in or near water seems like a strange notion for many, but for some folks being able to withstand the wet stuff is essential. Previously, those people would have to settle for a lower end offering in some chunky, rough and tough package. With Samsung and Sony leading the way, would water resistance be a welcome addition to the iPhone?

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Take our Social Networking and Communication Survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

We're fans of numbers and quantifiable data here at Mobile Nations, and so following after the third week of Talk Mobile 2013, we're turning to our good friend the survey to help compile some data. Week three was focused on mobile social networking and communication. If you missed any of the content, be sure to click over to our Talk Mobile hub and check it out.

The mobile social networking and communication survey will only take a minute or two to complete, and as an extra incentive (not that you guys and gals need it, but we like to give things away), by completing the survey you'll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card. Hit the link below to take the survey!

Click here to take the Talk Mobile State of Mobile Social Networking and Communication Survey!

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Will iBooks coming to Mavericks see you reading more from Apple's book store? [Poll]

Will iBooks coming to Mavericks see you reading more from Apple's book store?

Apple's iBooks is finally coming to the desktop with OS X Mavericks, but will it see you reading more from the iBook Store? iBooks has been with us since the introduction of the iPad back in 2010, and some 3 and a half years later it finally migrates across to OS X. As we've come to expect from Apple, iBooks on the Mac will integrate seamlessly with your iOS device, mirroring your position, highlights, bookmarks and such to all your devices through iCloud. It sounds great, especially for those who use the textbooks a lot, providing more screen real estate to look at them than on your iPad.

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How Tinkering Monkey made the iMore hall of fame award icons

When we decided to give out the 2012 and 2013 iMore hall of fame awards at WWDC 2013, our party planner, Jessie Char recommended Tinkering Monkey and wow-but-great choice. The awards turned out fantastically well, and they've posted up the making-of process on the Tinkering Monkey blog:

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Do you want 3rd party software keyboards on your iPhone? [Poll]

Would you use 3rd party software keyboards on your iPhone?

Earlier today, as part of Talk Mobile, we talked about the importance of keyboards. The iPhone has a virtual, software keyboard designed by Kenneth Kocienda et. al, back in 2007. Inarguably impressive for its time, it combined useful auto-completion and auto-correction, and grew to encompass an amazing array of languages and shortcuts. But it's 2013 now, and even in the iOS 7 demos, the keyboard didn't look remarkably changed. Is it time for Apple to explore third-party options?

Windows Phone only has one, first-party keyboard and by all accounts it's serviceable. BlackBerry likewise only has one, first party keyboard. It licenses technology from SwiftKey, but includes its own OpenGL interface and gamified word-throwing mechanic, and has received an amazing amount of praise. Android, however, has not only the current, stock Google keyboard, but keyboards from manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, as well as third-party options like SwiftKey and Swype.

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Get your iMore daily dose on Google+, here's how!

If you're new to iMore, or new to social networking, you may not be aware that you can follow the site and the writers on Google+. We're talking social all week this week on Talk Mobile and so we're also showing you how you can get your daily dose of iMore across the different social platforms. So, if you're on Google+, check out the links below to follow the iMore team!

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