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iMore show LIVE! 7am PDT, 10pm EDT! Be here!

We're doing the iMore show early today, but that just Peter, Richard, and I will be bringing you all the great analysis, color, commentary, and snark you know and love sooner rather than later. Join us!

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Are you already thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 5S? The great iMore community debate!

Have you decided already to upgrade to the iPhone 5s

Every year for the last 6 years Apple has released a new iPhone. So, perhaps it's no wonder that the iMore community is already hotly debating whether, when it finally becomes official, they'll upgrade to the brand new iPhone 5s - or lower-cost iPhone 5c - or stick with their existing iPhone. Is it too soon to even think about? Is it the best time to start preparing? What's the right answer and for whom?

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More next-generation iPad and iPad mini casings purportedly leak, this time in silver

Back in January iMore mocked up and talked about the next-general iPad 5, and how it would likely take design cues from the iPad mini, getting smaller and thinner, which translates into lighter. Since then there've been several casings purportedly leak out, the latest of which (below) show what could be the silver/white option.

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Apple, Amazon, secrecy, and control

Apple is often spoken and written about as if it was the most secretive, most controlling technology company on earth. Yet Amazon, who is even more controlling and more secretive manages to mostly escape attention for those very things. Anyone who's ever worked with them, most recently app developers, can attest to the control. David Streitfeld and Christine Haughney of the New York Times wax poetically about the secrecy:

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The iMore iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C forums are open for business!

Despite no official word from Apple, the whole world is expecting a new iPhone event on September 10 where we may get not one, but two brand new iPhone's; the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. And, with every new piece of hardware, comes a new forum for you, the iMore readers. That's right, the iMore iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c forums are both open for business!

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Would you want a gold-colored iPhone 5S? [Poll]

Would you want a gold-colored iPhone 5s?

There's a rumor being floated that Apple will introduce a third color option for their next-generation flagship, what's being conveniently called iPhone 5s, and alongside the current Storm Trooper white/silver and Vader black/slate models we're going to get a - wait for it - Threepio gold model. I'll just pause so you can get the Austin Powers and Flava Flav jokes, and "Steve would never...!" gasps out of your system. Done? No? Now? Okay. So what do you think of that idea?

Is gold an important way to appeal to the Kardashians and the Gagas of the world, or to the Chinese (please make a Hung Bao red!), or to... um... I got nothing. Or is it a sign that someone in the rumor world. if not Cupertino, has gone down the crass path and around the tacky bend?

Vote in the poll up top and then let me know why you voted the way you did in the comments below!

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Editorial for iPad gets thoroughly reviewed, found to be awesome

Editorial for iPad by OMZ-Software bills itself as powerful markdown editing and workflow automation, and they're absolutely not joking around when they say that. It's a got a full-on Python interpreter built-in, which means if you can script it, you can pretty much do it. How do I know that? Because Federico Viticci has put it through its paces. If you're familiar with Ticci, Editorial for iPad is pretty much the app he was born and bred to review, and this 10k review is pretty much his Pietà. Seriously, I have no idea how much espresso had to die for this review to live. From

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iMore show LIVE! 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT! Be here!!

Peter and I are joined by Richard Devine for an all-iMore editors bash on September 10, the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c, Mavericks, maps, and so much more. You should join us!

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HTC gets - and wastes - Iron Man for an ad

I love HTC. I had a Dream/G1. I had a Nexus One. I'm dumping my Nexus 4 for an HTC One. I'd love them to be a dominant player in the future of Android, because I think they currently make the best product and would drive the best competition for Apple. However, they're struggling, badly, against Samsung right now, and this ad might, in part, exemplify why.

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The difference between iOS and Android developers and why it's not just a numbers game

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, and later when the iPhone SDK (now iOS SDK) was introduced in 2008, Apple explained how it was all based on a similar foundation to OS X, and even named the new frameworks Cocoa Touch, reflecting the Objective-C Cocoa frameworks of the Mac. There were and are differences, to be sure, but that core similarity not only made the iPhone, and later the iPad, instantly familiar to existing Mac developers, it made it interesting.

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