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What Apple gear did you get for the holidays?

The holiday season is one of the biggest giving—and receiving—times of the year!

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Netflix will be increasing video compression—so what about Apple?

Netflix is talking about upping the compression on videos that are less action-oriented. In most cases, that'll result in smaller file sizes that give customers more video for their bandwidth buck. So, why don't we already have that, especially for download services like iTunes where we could also save on storage?

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Pixel C gets reviewed

While iMore's last month has been dominated by the iPad Pro, our good friends over at Android Central have just done a full-on Pixel C Review, Google's entry into the more professional tablet market.

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No, a new MacBook didn't leak on 60 Minutes

Sometimes a MacBook is just a MacBook...

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Rene's best tech buys of 2015

Here's the best of what I bought this year, including what I'm buying for those I care about most.

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Craig Federighi discusses open sourcing Swift on the Talk Show

This week's episode of John Gruber's podcast, The Talk Show, features a 30-minute interview with Apple senior vice-president of software, Craig Federighi. The topic is Swift going open source.

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On job listings and Final Cut Pro X

Over the weekend there was some brouhaha over a job posting on Here's what it missed.

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Make your iMore Awards nominations now!

This was one of the biggest years ever. Not only did Apple launch two new devices, but two new App Stores to go with them—Watch and TV. That means more categories for apps, and more apps, than ever. And we need your help to make sure we don't miss any of the best!

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Do you want a smaller iPhone? [Poll]

When all Apple made were smaller iPhones, there were nothing but rumors and calls for bigger iPhones. Now that Apple makes bigger iPhones, there are nothing but rumors and calls for smaller iPhones again. That's because tastes are broad and Apple currently only makes two latest-generation iPhones to cover them all. But what if that changed?

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What was your first iPhone?

If Apple sticks to the same pattern as the last few years, we're only a couple of weeks away from the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and only a few weeks away from launch. So, before we leap forward we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look back.

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