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iMore show 459 live! Join us now!

It's that time of the week again, folks, so join the iMore team for all the news, views, and reviews for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and more!

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Photo Contest: Show us your best Camera Remote shots with Apple Watch!

Have you used the Apple Watch's Camera Remote feature? Show us on Instagram with #shotonapplewatch.

We love taking pictures with our iPhone here at iMore, and adding an Apple Watch into the fray has been an awesome new tool for iPhone photography. As such, we'd love to see any images you've taken with your iPhone and the Apple Watch's Camera Remote feature. Post them to Instagram and include the #shotonapplewatch hashtag, and we'll feature the very best on iMore.com next Monday.

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How would you change Photos for OS X?

Photos for OS X brings Apple's new, system-live image and video service to the Mac.

That meant an end to Apple's traditional photography tools, iPhoto and Aperture, but in their place Photos for OX offers seamless integration with Photos for iOS. That includes sync for both content and edits via iCloud Photo Library. With optimized storage, only your most frequent, favorite, and recent images and videos take up space on your Mac's drive while the rest are stores a click-and-download away on Apple's servers. Yet, as much as Photos for OS X may have replaced iPhoto, it's left some Aperture users looking for more. So, what would you change?

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day and what you should know!

It's Global Awareness Accessibility Day — #GAAD — and that matters to everyone.

Accessibility and inclusivity are often thought of as helping people with visual, auditory, or physical challenges, learning challenges, are on the Autistic spectrum, or otherwise need assistance beyond what technology normally supplies. The truth is, making products accessible and inclusive, the way Apple does, makes them easier to use and better for everyone. It lets people young and old, novice and expert, use an iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch, and use it well. For those with challenges, however, it's not just about access, it's about empowerment. It can improve their lives and let them travel, communicate, and interact in ways never before possible. #GAAD is about getting the word out, so everyone can help, and everyone can benefit.

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iMore show 458 LIVE! Join us now!

Join Ally, Peter, and Rene as we discuss the week in iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac!

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iMore show 457 live!

Join Serenity, Peter, and Rene for the week in Apple!

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A rising iPhone lifts all complements

Following the launch of the iPhone it went from being dismissed as a toy to being targeted for extinction to being copied for relevance.

Eight years later and, while none of those tactics have benefited direct competitors in the long term, the existence of the iPhone has lifted complementary businesses and created new ones.

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Bentley 'Savile Row and America' documentary shot on iPhone

Bentley, the renowned automobile manufacturer, is the latest vendor to shoot a short film entirely on an iPhone.

It's not cars that were filmed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however, but rather clothing. Specifically, in honor of the Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship, which takes place this week at the British Ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C., Bentley Motors commissioned custom driving jackets from the four Savile Row houses. And then director Austin Reza took the iPhones, an app called FiLMic Pro, and a lot of talent, and made magic.

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#TBT in the age of iCloud Photo Library

ThrowBackThursday is an internet meme where, on Thursdays, you post a photo of yourself from an earlier part of your life.

Now, with iCloud Photo Library, if you're doing a #TBT on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter from your iPhone, you're no longer limited to the photos in your camera roll or those you've laboriously synced over from your personal computer. You have access to all the photos you've taken, ever, from every device you have connected to iCloud — including your potentially massive, historic Photos for OS X library.

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Apple's FaceTime is end-to-end encrypted. Google Hangouts... isn't

Lack of end-to-end-encryption means that conversations on Hangouts, if subject to a legal order, can be wiretapped or otherwise surveilled.

Google hadn't disclosed this information until a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) and a Vice follow-up that resulted. It's not clear whether Google has been asked to provide access to Hangouts, but the potential is there.

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