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Jim Dalrymple turns off Apple Music

Jim Dalrymple, famous for both his love of music and his coverage of Apple, came to a point where the two stopped coexisting for him.

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iMore show live! New iPods and more!

Join Serenity Caldwell, Rich Stevens, and Rene Ritchie as they talk new iPods and all the week's news!

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Apple celebrates #10YearsOfPodcasts on iTunes

Apple is celebrating #10YearsOfPodcasts this week with a special section in iTunes devoted to just that: 10 years of podcasts. While podcasts might seem ubiquitous now, back then they were nowhere nearly as well known.

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The iMore show is LIVE! Join us right now!

Join Serenity, Georgia, Peter, and Rene for the iMore show live! We're talking everything Apple—iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, Apple Watch, and more!

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Content blockers, bad ads, and what we're doing about it

At WWDC 2015 Apple introduced content blockers for Safari. iMore was used as an example of how the very ads that support sites are, at the same time, destroying the very experience of using them. That conversation has continued to grow, with iMore continuing to be at its center. So, here's what we're doing about it.

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The Apple Watch is a modern convenience, like a dishwasher

Analyst Ben Bajarin has had an Apple Watch since early April but last week he took it off, put to away, and spent a week without it. His goal was to find out how important the Watch had really become to him. And since he's an analyst, he didn't just keep note of his feelings. He kept data. So what did he find out?

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How to get lyrics for Apple Music with Musixmatch

Apple Music doesn't (yet?) integrate lyrics, but if that's something you care about, there's a workaround you can use right now.

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Making apps for love, not money

Very few people are willing to pay for content any more, be it music, news, or apps. Singers are seeing revenues plummet thanks to streaming, web sites are folding due to lack of income, and developers aren't able to feed their families simply by selling through the App Store. There are some notable exception, but increasingly creating content is becoming unsustainable. Perhaps new business models will emerge, perhaps not. For now, it's a harsh reality the various industries are just starting to come to terms with.

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Social music discovery in the digital age

Two strangers, enjoying a concert, their only connection a mutual love of the music playing, their conversation cascading into all the other music they love. The modern, digital equivalent of that is not part of Apple Music, but could it be?

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What it's like to post on Connect, Apple's new music network

Connect is the part of Apple Music that's meant to provide a way for artists to share more with their fans, from remixes to rough-cuts. So, what's it like to use?

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