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Best drawing apps for iPad and Apple Pencil

Even if you've never had an art background, the iPad Pro and Pencil make it pretty easy to start sketching.

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Use an iPad for work? We want to hear about it!

Do you use an iPad Pro or other iPad to get your work done? Tell me your story!

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The Apple Watch 'WOW' moment

Fitness is fantastic but there's one thing Apple Watch does that really feels like magic.

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Apple media vs. mainstream: How do we keep getting it wrong?

Apple had some of its worst press but some of its best results ever — why the disconnect?

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Fusing the Mac, or slipping a LITTLE ARM inside

What if, regardless of any de-Intel-ification, Apple's continuing to build out the Fusion Mac?

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An animated review of Linea, my new favorite sketching app

How awesome is Linea, the Iconfactory's new app for sketching, writing, and idea-building? Let me show you in an animated and drawn review — using Linea itself.

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The iPad market

Apple had an incredible Q1 2017, with record-high sales of iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and services. Notable by its absence: iPad.

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It's time to admit Apple Watch is a success

A quarter million reasons why it's long past time to lose the Apple Watch cynicism.

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'I surprisingly do not hate the new MacBook Pro running Windows 10'

Daniel Rubino tried Apple's new MacBook Pro running Windows 10 and... didn't hate it.

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Best indie games for Mac

Charming, eerie, and meaningful — our picks for best indie games will shine on your Mac.

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