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Where are the new Mac Pros?

Mac Pro update — better late ... or never?

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This is why you switched from Nexus to iPhone 7

Many of our readers who switched from Android to iPhone came from Google's own Nexus line of phones. So, why did they switch?

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Best Bluetooth headphones for Apple TV

For the best over- or on-ear Bluetooth headphone experience with your Apple TV, Bose’s QC35 is the set to beat.

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Charge your Bluetooth headphones with Twelve South's Fermata stand

Not only is the Fermata a gorgeous wireless headphone stand, but it charges your headphones, too.

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Why doesn't the new MacBook Pro have 32 GB of RAM?

Want 32 GB of RAM in your next MacBook Pro? You may be waiting a while!

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Apple's October event puts accessibility center stage

To me, Apple's October event had a clear theme: accessibility.

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A tale of two keynotes

as•pi•ra•tion /ˌaspəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun an inspired hope or ambition of achieving something.

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Apple's new Accessibility video gets audio descriptions

At its recent Mac event, Apple showed a video highlighting the ways people with accessibility requirements can create on Apple's various devices. In order to make the video more accessible, Apple has released a version with audio descriptions.

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Apple's October Mac event in sketches

Andy McNally was gracious enough to illustrate Apple's October Mac event for us in his signature Sketch Notes style.

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RIP MagSafe and Apple logo: Everything Apple killed at today's event

Apple's October Mac event featured a lot of new technology, but it also eliminated a lot of older technology. Here's everything Apple got rid of at its press event.

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