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PayPal, this is the wrong way to do password security

Log in from a weird device? PayPal's first security measure is to offer you a straightforward password reset form. This is terrible. Here's how to fix it.

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Amazon Tap gets hotword support, XHamster schools Utah, and other things you need to know

Plus: Pink BlackBerry is Best BlackBerry, and a USB-C drive you have got to have in your gear bag.

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Let iPad be iPad: Why making it a traditional computer isn't the answer

iPad empowers millions of people. It has millions of stories. Tell them.

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Unboxing the Beats X with W1 Chip

Serenity adds a new W1-chip pair of headphones to her collection: The Beats X.

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Kyle Lambert made his illustration career on the iPad

They’re not just iPad Pro users. They’re iPad pros. This week, Serenity interviews Stranger Things poster artist and avid iPad Pro artist Kyle Lambert.

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Twelve South's Journal has made me a believer in folio cases

I’ve hated, hated, hated iPhone folio cases for as long as I can remember. Twelve South's Journal is different.

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Google takes on the Apple Watch with Android Wear 2.0 and two new LG watches

Android Wear 2.0 is now official, and it's clear Google is borrowing from multiple sources with their overhauled platform.

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Stagehand flips the endless runner with massive success

They said Spaceman might live forever. Then he swam in a lava lake.

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WebGPU and putting the web graphics pedal to the metal

Apple's open source browser team wants to bring a standard API that brings the low-level graphics and general purpose computation power of modern GPUs to the web.

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Amazon's Fire TV head now running Apple TV marketing

Timothy D. Twerdahl, formerly of Amazon, Netflix, and Roku, now running Apple TV marketing at Apple.

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