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Spotify to Apple Music artists: You're dead to us

Spotify plays hardball with Apple Music, but do they have a helmet?

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Best MacBook

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is the best MacBook you can buy today. It balances power with portability and tops it off with Apple's latest technology — the Force Touch trackpad.

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Here's why ad blockers don't work in the Apple News app

Why don't content blockers — aka ad blockers — work in Apple News? Here's the deal!

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The age of the dramatic Apple event reveal is over, and that's okay

Do I miss the romance of the big, shocking reveal? I do. But we don't live in that era anymore.

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Apple has patched the Pegasus malware, but here's what you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Pegasus malware and how Apple responded.

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The hidden history of educational gaming on the Mac

MECC is responsible for some of my fondest early memories of the Mac.

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Apple shows off their lead in AI and Machine Learning

Apple's been doing sequential inference, traffic, face detection, and other data crunching so long, some might have forgotten about it...

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Why stop with the headphone jack? Apple could delete everything!

Apple is rumored to be removing the headphone jack from iPhone 7... but why stop there?

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3.5mm headphone to Lightning adapters: What you need to know!

How will you be able to connect your old 3.5mm headphones to Apple's new Lightning-only iPhone? With an adapter!

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Judging a Surface Book by a different cover

It's cool to see Microsoft think different.

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