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Best Mac Desktop

The 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display is the best desktop Mac you can buy today. It's an all-in-one with prosumer power and the best display in the business.

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iOS 11 wish list: Easier keyboard management

Almost three years in managing keyboard apps is still painful on iOS — but they don't have to be.

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Life, as seen through 73,732 digital photographs

My Photos library contains over 70,000 images, including almost a decade of pictures taken by the iPhone.

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iOS 11 wish list: 'Tap to wake' for iPhone

Raise to wake in iOS 10 is great. Tap to wake in iOS 11 would be perfect.

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Switch to iPhone: For fast, reliable updates

Why should you switch to iPhone? Years of fast, free software updates is just one of the reasons!

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iPhone 7: Should you take the plunge?

Like many of you, the question I get most this time of year is: Should I upgrade?

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iOS 11 wish list: Type to Siri

For when you can't or shouldn't talk, imagine being able to access Siri through text!

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Best Apple Watch

The aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 is Apple’s best smartwatch: It’s not only a great fitness tracker and portable communicator, but improved battery life, a faster processor, and GPS may appeal to upgraders.

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iOS 11 wish list: Handoff for iTunes and Apple Music

With Handoff you can push, not just data, but also the state of activity between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Imagine having that for iTunes and Apple Music.

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iOS 11 wish list: VIP for all messages, not just mail

VIP lets you create a separate group and notification priority for the contacts that matter the most to you. But only in Mail. That's not enough.

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