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MacBook Pro rumor roundup

Update: According to MacRumors, Apple is aiming to launch the new MacBook Pro by late October

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iOS 11 wish list: Touch ID and password lock for every app

Touch ID and passcode protection for every app would protect our data no matter where it is, or who's trying to access it

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How to pick a cover photo for Memories in Photos (spoiler: you can't)

Want to change your cover photo in Memories? It’s not as simple as you’d think, and that’s kind of silly.

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iPhone 7's secret weapon: The new Taptic Engine

Once upon a time you had to give up tactility to get adaptability. Now iPhone 7 and the new Taptic Engine bring you both.

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iOS 11 wish-list: Dark mode for iPhone and iPad

A system-wide night theme would let iOS look and feel great throughout the day, and be a huge accessibility benefit.

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Camera tests: Battle of the 4.7-inch iPhones 6, 6s, and 7!

When it comes to cameras, how does your 4.7-inch iPhone compare? We pit the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 against each other in a battle of the snaps.

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Back in Black: Remembering the high-end MacBook

Sold with a $200 premium, the "BlackBook" ushered in the use of darker materials in Apple's Mac line.

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Apple's home hub and the challenge of making Siri multi-personal

Apple's been working on bringing Siri fully into the living room for years, but there's a huge challenge involved in taking a personal assistant and making it communal.

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Which smartphone camera do YOU think is the best?

We're putting the latest and greatest smartphone cameras to the test — but this time, we want you to tell us which one you like best.

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Camera tests: iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode vs a Canon DSLR

How does the iPhone 7 Plus's upcoming Portrait mode fare against a Canon T4i DSLR? It's not a fair fight, but it's getting closer.

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