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Bring on our inevitable Apple wireless headphone future

Bluetooth headphones aren't perfect, but after losing the wires, I can't wait for Apple's implementation.

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The impact of Apple Watch

The impact of Apple Watch goes well beyond the success of one device — it marks the first mass market, always connected, über personal technology.

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Bring the beauty of nature to your tech this Wallpaper Wednesday

I say this with love: your wallpaper's old. Old wallpapers are sad wallpapers, and life's too short for sad wallpapers. Get some happy, new wallpapers.

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Apple Stores on Mars

'With almost everyone on earth having an iPhone, Apple shows no signs of a clear strategy for expanding to Mars.'

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Apple Q2: iPhone decline should be competitors' concern

The iPhone declined 20% year over year, but it still sold over 50 million units. That should concern more than just Apple.

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This is Tim: Apple's CEO on the company's 2016 Q2 earnings

In which Cook goes through numbers from Apple's second quarter, the first year-over-year decline the company has seen in over a decade.

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The pencil is mightier than the finger

"It's like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it." — Steve Jobs

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The iPad Pro Experiment: In which we meet the iPad Pro

Shortly after buying an iPad Pro last November, I abandoned my Macs for an iOS-only test drive. If you're thinking about buying an iPad Pro and want to know how to truly get the most out of it, I've collected all my iPad Pro Experiment articles in one handy place!

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What if Apple made an Apple TV Express streaming stick?

Apple TV Express could plug in, power on, and get anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac up onto your television.

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The looming crisis in the digital home

Vendors must take responsibility for the home network and provide complete end-to-end solutions for consumers. Those that do so, like Apple, can emerge victorious in the battle for the digital home.

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