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iPhone 7 and making Lightning strike twice

A lot's been written over the past couple days about rumors for the iPhone 7, but I keep going back to the jack.

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I'm giving the baby iPad Pro another chance

I'm switching back to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in preparation for buying a Mac.

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We'll all be launching fewer apps in iOS 10

In iOS 10, developers will be able to tie their apps into Siri, Messages, Maps, and Phone — and that means we'll spend less time launching their apps.

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We don't know jack about the next iPhone

'It’s a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing' – William Shakespeare

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Siri, artificial intelligence, and accessibility

The magic and frustration of voice assistants and artificial intelligence when it comes to accessibility.

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watchOS 3 first look: A big roll in the right direction

Get ready for a whole new Apple Watch experience with watchOS 3 this fall. Here's our first look at the new Apple Watch operating system.

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It's time for iPhone and iPad to get a Dark theme in iOS 10

We've got dark mode options on Apple TV and Mac — why not iPhone and iPad?

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Will EU roaming become more expensive after Brexit?

Are we in for a roaming price hike when the UK leaves the European Union?

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Logitech Create for iPad Pro is clunky and heavy — but I love it

This Smart Connector keyboard case from Logitech won't make your iPad Pro look pretty, but it's the best of the bunch if you plan on making your iPad Pro a primary work device.

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What iMore thought of the WWDC 2016 announcements, one week later

The iMore team has had just over a week to ruminate on the announcements, big and small, from WWDC. Here's what we thought.

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