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How Apple can detect objects in your photos without creeping your data

iOS 10 will identify faces, objects, landscapes, and other elements in your photos without forcing you to share your data.

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With iOS 10, Apple has made the phone carrier less necessary than ever

Apple desperately wants to wrest as much control of the iPhone from the phone carriers, and with iOS 10 it has taken another important step to making those network providers into dumb pipes.

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How Apple is making apps launch instantly in watchOS 3

Apple Watch apps launch with excruciating slowness. This is a universally known truth. Only, not anymore.

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WWDC – The day after

On the day after WWDC, what do announcements mean for developers and users?

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watchOS 3 lays foundation for the next Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a completely different product today than it was yesterday, an achievement that took no new hardware — just time, and a new approach to user experience.

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Don't brick your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch by installing developer betas

As a reminder: You shouldn't install developer betas on your primary devices if you want them to work.

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WWDC 2016 preview

This year, WWDC is all about the software!

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What's in Serenity's WWDC 2016 gear bag

When it comes to packing for WWDC, it's all about patterns.

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WWDC 2016: What we're here to see!

WWDC 2016 is almost upon us, and we're getting excited!

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Getting the App Store games we deserve

Beyond in-app purchases and subscriptions, great games need to be a great experience.

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