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Apple Watch: The options we're all choosing and why!

The Apple Watch will ship this April. While we've all seen the introduction, we haven't seen everything yet. We have the broad strokes, not the fine details. Those will come soon. Still, there's more than enough to keep us content for now — especially when it comes to fantasy shopping. What sizes, materials, bands, and other options are we leaning towards?We've been thinking and talking about it so much amongst ourselves, we figured we might as well get together and hash it out in a roundtable.

And we brought friends...

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How BabyTalk made remote therapy accessible with iPad and FaceTime

BabyTalk is a free program offered by the Stanford Ear Institute and Weingarten Children's Center that uses Apple's iPad and FaceTime to bring speech therapy to deaf and hard-of-hearing children in the rural areas of California.

Kathy Sussman is executive director at Weingarten, and a passionate advocate for the children, aged newborn to three years, served by BabyTalk. I spoke with Kathy over the phone for our Experts series and found out just how much work and dedication it took, from everyone involved, to make the program a reality, and the challenges it faces moving forward.

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Speaking of Apple Cars...

We've seen some cool iPhone 6 cases inspired by 1980s sci-fi blockbusters. Batman. Back to the Future. But I'm still waiting on the one I really want...

I nearly lost my mind when I saw the Batman iPhone 6 cell phone cover. It's the coolest thing I've seen that's absolutely useless but that I want anyway. It lights up, it projects the Batsignal onto a wall.

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Files.app for iOS 9 — because we're halfway there!

You knew this was coming, right?

For years and years and years and years and years and years now I've begged and pleaded for two things — a Files.app repository for the iPhone and iPad, and a DocumentPicker API for developers to make iOS file management easier. Last year, with iOS 8, Apple provided the DocumentPicker as part of iCloud Drive. This year, with iOS 9, I hope they finally provide Files.app as well.

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Why the iPhone doesn't have a thicker, bigger battery

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to the iPhone is that Apple could simply double the thickness to double the battery life.

It then follows, under that train of thought, that Apple is deliberately sacrificing longevity for cosmetics. That the company is putting an obsession for thinness over usability. I used to wonder about that myself. Then I had the chance to speak to some people in the industry and discovered that batteries and battery life are, well... complicated.

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The Apple Watch Edition's upgrade dilemma

Apple Watch anticipation has reached a fever pitch, with folks speculating on costs, crown and band pairings, the Watch's health sensors, and when the thing will actually reach our wrists.

As such, it's no surprise the Watch has been on my brain, as well — specifically the Edition model. There's been a lot of speculation on pricing and whether Apple will legitimately charge $10,000 (or more) for the gold models. To compete in the high-end watchmaker's space, that kind of cost isn't out of the question, but I do wonder: Can the company get away with selling a five-figure Apple Watch that's obsolescent in two years?

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Why did you dump your Nexus for an iPhone 6?

A lot of our readers who switched from Android to iPhone didn't come from outdated Samsung phone but from the most updatable phone Google has to offer — the Nexus.

When I recently asked why people dumped their Android phones for iPhones, that's what came up again and again. And it was a big surprise. I expected people would switch from Samsung now that Apple has bigger and better screens, or from Motorola to get features like Touch ID and Apple Pay, or from LG because of easy access to Apple Stores and AppleCare, or from HTC because of the quality and coherence of the software. Nexus converts, I assumed, would be few and far between, because to own one you've got to really want it. You'e got to be a high-order Android enthusiast. So, why did Nexus owners make the switch?

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Emotional terrorism and censorship

Speaking up for yourself is hard enough. When others try to silence you through threats of violence and intimidation, what should be the appropriate response?

A game developer announced plans this week to withdraw from exhibiting at the upcoming PAX East game conference in Boston, Mass. Giant Spacekat cited death threats against the company's head of development as the reason for the decision. What's happening is nothing less than a mental health crisis in online communities.

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Photoshop at 25: The changing face of digital imaging

Adobe is celebrating a big milestone for its landmark image editing software Photoshop. The venerable software package's 25th anniversary this week. Few apps have had Photoshop's industry-changing impact and popularity, and fewer still are as directly linked to the Macintosh's enduring success as a tool for creative professionals.

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CarPlay: The present and future of Apple automotive

Apple Car is the latest product rumored to be lurking deep in the vaults of Cupertino. Whether Apple ever decides to get into the automotive industry in a hardware-way or not, the company is already invested in CarPlay, and that means they're in cars even if the company's not making one themselves. The car industry moves slowly, however, and CarPlay is only just beginning to roll out. We got a chance to see a lot of the tech at CES 2014, but given the rumors, we thought it would be a good time to look back — and look forward — at Apple and automotive, and do it in full roundtable fashion!

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