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Trust no one when it comes to your data, not even Apple

If you're depending only on Time Machine to back up your Mac's hard drive, you've failed. If you're depending on iCloud alone to back up the data on your iPhone, your photos, and other important information, you've failed. And if you're depending on iCloud Photo Library or iCloud Music Library to keep your pictures, videos, and music safe, you've failed.

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Apple Watch: A brilliant addition to my life

I knew I wanted an Apple Watch since I first saw it announced it last September. My son has told the story already, but when he called me to tell me he was flying home from the event, I told him I was replaying the video again, and already figuring out which one I wanted and how I was going to use it. Little did I know just how much!

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On trackpad mode in iOS 9 and the iPhone

One of the new iOS 9 features Apple announced for the iPad was "trackpad mode". Place two fingers down on the QuickType keyboard and it transformed into a trackpad allowing for highly accurate cursor placement and better control for text editing. It would be terrific to have the same feature on the iPhone.

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Apple's HomeKit is proving to push the state of wireless security forward

HomeKit is once again in the headlines, and once again those headlines completely miss the point of HomeKit.

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Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide is coming soon... as an ebook!

We're putting all our Apple Music coverage into an ebook, coming mid-August, and it's available for pre-order now!

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How the Apple Watch is pushing me to better health

True confession: I've never jogged or run in my life. Well, at least not since physical education was a required class in my high school. I've spent the bulk of my 45 years on this planet sedentary. The Apple Watch is changing that, though. Now I'm training to run a 5K, and the Apple Watch is helping.

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Apple Watch sales were higher in June than April or May

During the company's Q3 2015 conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook ended things off with a revelation about Apple Watch sales numbers.

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Another smashing quarter for Mac sales, while PC sales continue to drop

Apple's Q3 numbers show strong demand for the Mac, even though PC sales continue to slip. What's Apple's secret sauce?

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Apple and the user experience business model

I have conversations about Apple with Apple’s competitors, investors, developers, fans, venture capitalists, and more. These conversations are always revealing as to how much people understand, or think they understand, Apple. Inevitably these conversations turn to Apple’s business model. Is their business model hardware or software? My own angle is neither—Apple’s business is actually user experience.

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Ask Rene: 4-inch iPhones, burning music, hamburger ellipsis, and more!

Rene gets sent dozens and dozens of questions a day. Since it's not even inhumanly possible to answer, let alone research, them all, we've started a new column where he can post answers for everyone! This week: Burning Apple Music, new 4-inch iPhones, Touch ID on iPod touch, the original Apple TV, and more!

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