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Why I played games as a guy: The power of the online pseudonym

When I was in high school, I played CounterStrike as a guy.

A very specific guy, in fact — a friend of a friend who'd given me his Steam login information because he didn't use his account. I didn't even realize that I was logging hours on borrowed time; around 2006, the account's owner changed his password and locked me out for good. After all, it had never really been "my" account – and as far as the Steam gameplay records were concerned, I was never even the one playing.

At the time, this type of login exchange didn't seem so strange; digital game marketplaces were relatively new, and I was used to loaning my friends physical copies of games and systems. Now that I had to create a Steam account of my own, though, I ran up against a brand new problem: did I have to game as myself?

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iPad Air 2 review: Six months later

Apple's iPad Air 2 has been in our lives for six months now. Here's how it's faring.

We've had just over half a year to test and use Apple's latest iPad — to feel out if the company's tablet is settling in as a valued device in our lives, or just another paperweight. Here's what the iMore team had to say about the iPad Air 2, six months later.

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NSFW: Learning and unlearning, Taptic panic

Something interesting happened to me this past year: My Mac ceased to have any use for me as a document scanner. The iPhone took it over.

Now, in fairness, I don't do any really high-resolution scanning. For me scanning is pure utility: Needing to legibly digitize real-world documents. But it's an evolution. And so much of how we use our devices is about evolution.

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How the Apple Watch gave developers a second chance to win me over

After just a week, over 3500 apps are already optimized and available for Apple Watch.

That's a pretty incredible number, and one that will no doubt continue growing rapidly. I've only had my Apple Watch for a week so far and I'm quickly realizing that not all Watch apps are created equal. While I expected Apple's smartwatch to change my usage habits, I didn't expect it to make me completely rethink what apps I used and depended on regularly — but here I am.

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If you're a designer in town for WWDC, check out the Layers design conference

Learn from the iOS and Mac community's top designers and personalities right in the heart of San Francisco.

I love being in San Francisco during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference: It's a great way to catch up with friends and other awesome folks in the community, and there are always so many interesting events outside of Moscone West that make it possible.

It's one of the big reasons I'm thrilled to say I'll be presenting at Layers, Jessie Char and Elaine Pow's new conference centered around iOS and Mac design.

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Max out your privacy with Apple

These days Apple is one of the only (if not the only) global-scale consumer tech companies that seems to prioritize customer privacy.

Apple doesn't merely keep your personal data private, they increasingly make it harder for them (or anyone) to even collect it in the first place. Yes, even including those snoopy government agencies.

Although Apple deeply embeds privacy features across its products and services, many of them only work if you turn them on, and perhaps change a few habits. As an incredibly paranoid security professional who sometimes travels to more... hostile... environments, here are my favorite Apple-centric privacy tips and tricks.

Much of this advice comes from knowing how criminals, and even digital forensics experts, recover private data in the real world.

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How to make Apple Watch sketches that don't suck

Are your friends showing you up with their fancy Apple Watch sketching ability? We've got a few tips to improve your finger-painting game.

Rene and I are not-so-secret hobbyist cartoonists, and we've been trading sketches on the Apple Watch all weekend. Here are some of the tips I've been using to beat his ridiculously awesome-looking Batmans, Hulks, and random robots — hopefully they may help your burgeoning sketching efforts as well.

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OS X 10.11 wish list: Better Instant Hotspot support

Ever get the sense that OS X Yosemite isn't quite fully baked?

That's how I feel especially when I depend on Continuity features like Instant Hotspot. Continuity in Yosemite and iOS 8 makes the experience of using a Mac and iOS device much more fluid and seamless. You can take and make phone calls from your Mac, continue composing an email on your phone with a swipe, read a web page on your Mac that you started on your iPad and more. I still feel like it's a work in progress, however.

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We're going to need a bigger Friends interface...

Friends is a new communications interface on Apple Watch, important enough that it's assigned to a single press of the Side button.

Laid out like a clock, you have twelve Friends slots — one for each hour position — that you can assign to your contacts on the Apple Watch and cycle through using the Digital Crown. Apple offers to populate Friends with your iPhone Favorites during set up, but you can easily assign or reassign Friends at any point using the Apple Watch for iPhone app. While the clock position interface is fun, and twelve sounds like a lot, the limitations can assert themselves quickly and... awkwardly.

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Mac revenue exceeds iPad revenue for the first time since 2011

So much for the "post-PC era:" Apple generated more revenue from Macs this quarter than iPads. A number of factors seem to be aiding the growth.

Despite a contracting worldwide PC market, Apple managed to buck the trend — once again — by selling more Macs than it ever has during its second quarter: More than 4.5 million Macs in total. What's more, Macs beat iPads in terms of revenue. What's going on?

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