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The Apple Watch Edition's upgrade dilemma

Apple Watch anticipation has reached a fever pitch, with folks speculating on costs, crown and band pairings, the Watch's health sensors, and when the thing will actually reach our wrists.

As such, it's no surprise the Watch has been on my brain, as well — specifically the Edition model. There's been a lot of speculation on pricing and whether Apple will legitimately charge $10,000 (or more) for the gold models. To compete in the high-end watchmaker's space, that kind of cost isn't out of the question, but I do wonder: Can the company get away with selling a five-figure Apple Watch that's obsolescent in two years?

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Why did you dump your Nexus for an iPhone 6?

A lot of our readers who switched from Android to iPhone didn't come from outdated Samsung phone but from the most updatable phone Google has to offer — the Nexus.

When I recently asked why people dumped their Android phones for iPhones, that's what came up again and again. And it was a big surprise. I expected people would switch from Samsung now that Apple has bigger and better screens, or from Motorola to get features like Touch ID and Apple Pay, or from LG because of easy access to Apple Stores and AppleCare, or from HTC because of the quality and coherence of the software. Nexus converts, I assumed, would be few and far between, because to own one you've got to really want it. You'e got to be a high-order Android enthusiast. So, why did Nexus owners make the switch?

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Emotional terrorism and censorship

Speaking up for yourself is hard enough. When others try to silence you through threats of violence and intimidation, what should be the appropriate response?

A game developer announced plans this week to withdraw from exhibiting at the upcoming PAX East game conference in Boston, Mass. Giant Spacekat cited death threats against the company's head of development as the reason for the decision. What's happening is nothing less than a mental health crisis in online communities.

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Photoshop at 25: The changing face of digital imaging

Adobe is celebrating a big milestone for its landmark image editing software Photoshop. The venerable software package's 25th anniversary this week. Few apps have had Photoshop's industry-changing impact and popularity, and fewer still are as directly linked to the Macintosh's enduring success as a tool for creative professionals.

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CarPlay: The present and future of Apple automotive

Apple Car is the latest product rumored to be lurking deep in the vaults of Cupertino. Whether Apple ever decides to get into the automotive industry in a hardware-way or not, the company is already invested in CarPlay, and that means they're in cars even if the company's not making one themselves. The car industry moves slowly, however, and CarPlay is only just beginning to roll out. We got a chance to see a lot of the tech at CES 2014, but given the rumors, we thought it would be a good time to look back — and look forward — at Apple and automotive, and do it in full roundtable fashion!

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Is Apple helping or hindering the 'forgotten century' of data?

Vint Cerf is sometimes called one of the "fathers of the Internet" for his role in developing the TCP/IP protocol suite that's in use on every Internet-connected device. So when he warns of a forgotten century of data, it's worth paying attention to. What's more, we've seen some of these dangers already, as Mac users — dangers we must stay vigilant for.

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Apple anticipation is wilder than Apple itself

Over the last couple of weeks, rumors of an Apple Car project have gained a lot of attention. Reaction to the rumors has covered the gamut: We have "Apple will absolutely make a car" on one end, "Apple would never make a car" on the other, and lots of jokes in-between. Often these reactions come from people who at one time famously — or infamously — also said "Apple will absolutely make a television" or "Apple will never make a watch". Both miss the most urgent lesson history has been trying to teach us all — with Apple and future product categories, it's best not to speak in absolutes.

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Don't hate me because I want the gold Apple Watch Edition to cost $10,000

One of these days I need to learn to keep my thoughts to myself. I'd get into less trouble and would have way more money in the bank.

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and an expert in buying expensive consumer electronics. He's been known to spend over $1000 on Porsche Design BlackBerry handsets and upwards of $500 on clock apps. A watch enthusiast for most of his adult life, he's also pledged to buy an Apple Watch Edition as soon as it becomes available, and regardless of the price. This is his story.

Case in point, the prescient editorial I published nearly a year ago on iMore arguing Apple should release an expensive version of the then-rumored "iWatch". After stating my reasons why a high-priced Apple watch would make perfect sense, I finished the article with a flourish, saying "if Apple did release an expensive iWatch I'd be standing in line to buy one the day it goes on sale." Little did I know at the time that I was committing to spending thousands of dollars, sight unseen.

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Chris Breen leaves Macworld (and the tech community) for Apple

My friend, former colleague, and Mac guru extraordinaire Chris Breen is leaving Macworld after several decades to go work for Apple. It's a huge loss for IDG, and an even bigger loss for the tech community at large — Chris appeared on podcasts and Lynda videos across the Web, and it's a sad day indeed to think that we won't hear his voice on any tech-related casts from here on out.

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A plea to fix multi-group Messages — for our all our sanity

Though Messages has its quirks, I've been lucky to avoid most of them — I haven't had my message history disappear, nor have random contacts popped in or vanished out of thin air. I've rarely had problems with messages not being received or erroring out.

But I'm not immune to every iMessage problem. And the current bane of my existence is group messages — and the multiple threads they spawn in their wake.

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