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iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface: A tablet showdown for writers and artists

Looking for a new tablet to draw or write on? Already have a Surface and debating switching to an iPad? When it comes to sketching, illustration, or handwriting, here's what you want.

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Embracing the iPad Pro in all its ginormous glory

Recently I had an opportunity to play with an iPad Pro at one of the Apple Stores here in San Francisco.I was excited for this hands-on time, albeit brief, as I have long preferred working from an iPad over a traditional laptop.

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In the shadow of two App Stores

The debate surrounding the viability of the Mac App Store for indie Mac apps has flared up again. Why and what can be done about it?

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The Macintosh TV: The worst of both worlds

While the Apple TV may be making headlines this month, even the original box previewed in 2006 wasn't Apple's first major foray into television.

For that, we need to take a trip to 1993.

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The iPad Pro Experiment: Traveling with a Pro and Pencil is pretty much the best

Serenity's iPad Pro experiment continues with the ultimate test: A Mac-less vacation!

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The iPad Pro Experiment: The Pencil arrives, and it's going to change my life

Day four of Serenity using the iPad Pro as her primary computer is here. Read on about how much podcasting on iOS stinks, and how the Pencil is going to change your life.

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Comic: Pencils in Time

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Pencils in Time

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Apple Pay charges into Canada—and Australia

The last year has been frustrating. Apple launched Apple Pay in the U.S. back in October of 2014 and yet, despite having far, far, far better infrastructure for contactless payments in Canada and other countries, all we could do is watch from the sidelines. Well, that changes today, thanks to American Express.

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The iPad Pro Experiment: Image editing, reading, and music

Serenity is ditching her Macs for her iPad Pro over the next seven days and chronicling it. Here's her recap of her third day with the iPad Pro.

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Comic: The Unread Side of the Force

Happy Sunday, iMore! Because Rich is awesome, he's letting us run some of his Mac-themed comics from the Diesel Sweeties archive on weekends. Bonus comics, woo! We hope you enjoy.

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