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Apple doesn't need $178 billion of cash to change the world

In order to see why Apple doesn't need $178 billion of cash for its business, it is crucial to examine how Apple operates and thinks about products.

Apple has a functional organizational structure, not one based on product groups or some other type of hierarchy. That makes it easy for the company to shift attention to new products as needed. Despite having 46,000 non-retail Apple employees, Apple is a nimble company able to respond to changing market dynamics quickly and efficiently. Apple's strengths include allowing ideas to be born from close collaboration at a very early stage and offering an environment that fosters the nurturing of fragile ideas through the development process. Many larger companies are simply unable to capture this type of "start-up" mentality. For Apple, large scale M&A with a significant capital footprint does not fit too well in such a structure.

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These are the WWDC 2015 wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that you've been looking for!

WWDC 2015 is being billed as "the epicenter of change", and there's a lot — or nothing — that we can read from the shapes and colors of the invite.

And as we are wont to do, we went ahead and made a wallpaper based on the design of the invite.

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Over 4 million Mac gamers - but who's playing "real" games?

Steam reports they have over 4 million Mac-using customers. But how many are playing games that aren't mobile shovelware?

Macs still make up a tiny percentage of Steam's customers —less than 3.5 percent, in fact — but it's heartening to talk about Mac gamers in the millions. Still, numbers don't tell the whole story.

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Here's what the Apple Watch Sport looks like with a Milanese Loop

You may not be able to buy the Sport paired with a non-Sport band, but it still looks great as an accessory.

After a weekend of travel, I finally got a chance to visit the Apple Store to "officially" try on the Apple Watch. Despite having already placed my preorder — a 38mm Sport with White Sport Band, along with a separate Milanese Loop — I came prepared with a list of watches I wanted to try, just to try them.

In addition to trying on a variety of preset Watch/band combos, the in-store specialists let me actually swap out a few 38mm Watch bands on the 38mm Sport body. Here's how the Milanese looks on the Sport, along with a few other in-store comparisons (and a quick Siri test).

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Switch to iPhone: For a more private Google experience

Google values iPhone owners so much they make sure most of their apps run on iOS, and that can be a big advantage.

The apps that Google has released for the iPhone include YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, Google Authenticator, Chrome, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Play Music, and more. Having them all on the App Store makes it easier for Android owners to switch to iPhone.

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iOS apps are secure — it's 'security' advertorials that remain a threat

Another day, another CEO from a "security software" company pens a "guest editorial" saying Apple needs to open up to — guess what? — "security software".

Just like the last time, the premise is self-serving, the headline spit-take inducing, and it's absolutely not worth rewarding negative attention seeking with attention. But because every time something like this posted, we get contacted by concerned readers, some of the fear-mongering needs to once again be addressed.

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Understanding the first generation of Apple Watch apps

As devices and capabilities changes, so too does the very definition of "apps".

Messages used to be an app I launched constantly. Now it's often something I access through Siri or, more often than not, interactive notifications from anywhere on my iPhone. Likewise, PCalc used to be an app I hunted to find amid pages of icons and folders. Now it's a widget I can swipe down at any time. Apps have been unbundled and, in large part, their functionality has been set free. No longer hidden or lost, specific interactions can now manifest everywhere — our iPhone, iPad, AirPlay-enabled TV, CarPlay-enabled dashboard, and soon, the Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch retail experience

Starting today you can make an appointment at your local Apple Retail Store — or simply drop by — and try on an Apple Watch.

Orders are online only for now, but the idea of the Apple Watch try-ons is to help you decide if you really want one and which one you really want. It's a way to get some eyes- and hands-on time with the hardware and software, so you can see the cases, feel the bands, experience the interface and interactions, and get as much of the Apple Watch experience as possible.

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NSFW: Putting things in perspective

We're only a few hours into Apple Watch pre-order day, and already I want to put my fist through a wall.

New Apple product releases have become a sadly predictable affair in watching people desperately trying to get their place in line, only to be disappointed when things don't go their way. I'm sick and tired of it.

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Yes, I bought a non-Retina MacBook in 2015 — and it's awesome

"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've added some special modifications myself."

I love the Millennium Falcon. The idea of a junky space ship being faster than all the fancy ones really appeals to me. And in part, I think this is why I love tinkering with my Macs so much.

Recently, my 2012 Macbook Pro started acting up, and I got The Fear. Video glitches, trackpad freakouts, high CPU temps, and random shutdowns. It was clear: I needed to move laptops. And as pretty as the new MacBook is, it's a little too much for my pocketbook right now. Instead, I opted for the thick, "outdated," 13-inch non-Retina Macbook Pro. And I love it.

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