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How would you change the App Store?

The App Store revolutionized software, creating a safer, more unified, more convenient way to get apps onto our devices. So what needs to be revolutionized about the App Store? We want to hear from you!

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The gifts I got (and wanted) myself in 2015

There are many gift guides out there. But I bet you haven't read a lot of selfish ones! Here are the best things I bought myself this year.

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The phone in your pocket is a good predictor of what other gadgets you might buy

The holidays are upon us, and the question is ... what are you getting?

Whatever your cause for indulging, the final six weeks of the year generally are a popular time for gift-giving, something retailers could not be more eager to accommodate. And so we tapped into our communities of Android, Apple, Windows and BlackBerry fans — more than 5,000 of you in North America from Nov. 25-Dec. 5 — to find out which products are creeping to the top of the holiday purchase plans.

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Williams, Schiller, Srouji: What Apple's new executive titles really mean

Apple's executive announcements might seem ceremonial, but they're also critically functional.

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How to stay sane and spoiler-free until Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Don't want to get spoiled on the new Star Wars film? Me neither. Here's how to avoid the Dark Side.

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Would you switch to iPhone if you could transfer your paid Android apps?

if Android to iPhone switchers have bought Google Play apps, they'll have to buy them again on iOS. Could that cost prevent some from making the switch? And if it does, could something be done about it?

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The iPad Pro's chip is a big deal

If I was handling marketing for a chip design company other than Apple, I'd be worried about the A9-series. Apple's Hardware technologies team, headed by Johny Srouji, has been the worst-kept secret in the industry for years now, but with the iPhones 6s and iPad Pro, it's become impossible discount the caliber of silicon coming out of Cupertino. Not that some aren't trying really, really hard.

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3.5mm jacks and the future of iPhone

Apple is going to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone. That's a headline we see almost every year, this year included. It's provocative. It's controversial. But what does it mean?

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iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface: A tablet showdown for writers and artists

Looking for a new tablet to draw or write on? Already have a Surface and debating switching to an iPad? When it comes to sketching, illustration, or handwriting, here's what you want.

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Embracing the iPad Pro in all its ginormous glory

Recently I had an opportunity to play with an iPad Pro at one of the Apple Stores here in San Francisco.I was excited for this hands-on time, albeit brief, as I have long preferred working from an iPad over a traditional laptop.

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