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How to make Apple Watch sketches that don't suck

Are your friends showing you up with their fancy Apple Watch sketching ability? We've got a few tips to improve your finger-painting game.

Rene and I are not-so-secret hobbyist cartoonists, and we've been trading sketches on the Apple Watch all weekend. Here are some of the tips I've been using to beat his ridiculously awesome-looking Batmans, Hulks, and random robots — hopefully they may help your burgeoning sketching efforts as well.

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OS X 10.11 wish list: Better Instant Hotspot support

Ever get the sense that OS X Yosemite isn't quite fully baked?

That's how I feel especially when I depend on Continuity features like Instant Hotspot. Continuity in Yosemite and iOS 8 makes the experience of using a Mac and iOS device much more fluid and seamless. You can take and make phone calls from your Mac, continue composing an email on your phone with a swipe, read a web page on your Mac that you started on your iPad and more. I still feel like it's a work in progress, however.

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We're going to need a bigger Friends interface...

Friends is a new communications interface on Apple Watch, important enough that it's assigned to a single press of the Side button.

Laid out like a clock, you have twelve Friends slots — one for each hour position — that you can assign to your contacts on the Apple Watch and cycle through using the Digital Crown. Apple offers to populate Friends with your iPhone Favorites during set up, but you can easily assign or reassign Friends at any point using the Apple Watch for iPhone app. While the clock position interface is fun, and twelve sounds like a lot, the limitations can assert themselves quickly and... awkwardly.

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Mac revenue exceeds iPad revenue for the first time since 2011

So much for the "post-PC era:" Apple generated more revenue from Macs this quarter than iPads. A number of factors seem to be aiding the growth.

Despite a contracting worldwide PC market, Apple managed to buck the trend — once again — by selling more Macs than it ever has during its second quarter: More than 4.5 million Macs in total. What's more, Macs beat iPads in terms of revenue. What's going on?

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Flying the Apple Watch skies

I've been wanting to try travel with the Apple Watch since the company first introduced it. This weekend, I had the chance.

The iPhone has been my frequent travel companion for a while now. I do almost everything with it. So, I was curious to see how different (if at all) traveling with the Apple Watch would be. I've long believed the Apple Watch's killer feature would be convenience. But reality doesn't always live up to our beliefs, especially when it comes to travel. So, with that in mind, on my flight home yesterday I decided to put the Apple Watch to the test.

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The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design

Rene Ritchie has been covering Apple and the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editor-in-chief of iMore, executive editor for Mobile Nations, video and podcast host, you can follow him on Snapchat or Twitter @reneritchie.

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NSFW: Imagining a new Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

I'm an unabashed fan of mechanical keyboards, so you might assume that I don't like the new tech in the MacBook, but you'd be wrong.

I love it. I want to see it everywhere, especially on the desktop. I'm smitten with two parts of the new MacBook: The keyboard and the new trackpad. I'd love to see them available for desktop Macs too.

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Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple's screens?

Watches take a beating unlike any other item we wear or carry ever day. How will Apple's Ion-X and sapphire screens hold up to those beatings?

Anyone with an iPhone has seen how screens hold up to the scratches and scuffs that occur with a device that lives in your pocket or purse, potentially with keys or loose change. The Apple Watch, however, is out there in the open, exposed to a wide range of incidental daily contact. And the screens are right out front.

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Apple Watch and durability: How tough are Apple's finishes?

Watches take a beating unlike any other everyday carry item. How will Apple's gold, stainless steel, and aluminum finishes hold up to those beatings?

Most of us have seen how an iPhone (sans case) tends to look after a year of daily use - all of those dents, dings and scratches occur to a device that lives primarily in your pocket, in your hand, or on your desk. A watch leads a far less privileged life, swinging exposed on the wrist, open to a tremendous amount of incidental daily contact.

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Why I'm going with the 42mm Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes: 38 and 42mm. I'm going big. Here's why.

If you haven't seen an Apple Watch in person, you're missing out. Aluminum Sport, stainless steel Watch, or gold or rose gold Edition, they're all built spectacularly well — this isn't your other vendor's smartwatch. They're also, regardless of whether you go 38mm or 42mm, quite moderately sized. The small isn't too small and the big isn't too big. That means most people will have a choice as to which size they want to get. I found myself in just that position and, ultimately, here's why I decided to go big.

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