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Comic: The Applemobile lost a wheel and Google got away

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The rumored Apple Car.

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Switch to iPhone: For better privacy and security

There's never been a better time to switch to iPhone. Whether you're tempted for yourself or looking to help the Android owner in your life, the all-new, all-better iPhone 6 and iPhone-6-plus make the move more compelling than ever — especially when you add the value of privacy and security.

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Samsung should make a not-Apple TV

Samsung has been most successful when it's made products specifically to fill gaps in Apple's lineup. When you couldn't get an iPhone or Verizon, Samsung made sure you could get a not-an-iPhone on Verizon. When you couldn't get an iPad that was smaller than 9.7-inches or an iPhone that was bigger than 4-inches, Samsung made sure you could get not-an-iPad at 7-inches and not-an-iPhone at up to 6. They were never as polished as what Apple eventually released, but they existed and people bought them. In some cases, in droves.

When Apple started making those products, however, and there was no longer a need for not-an-iPhone or not-an-iPad, Samsung faltered. While the Apple Watch is coming this April and the Apple Car might follow one day, the Apple television doesn't seem to be leaving the labs any time soon. So, maybe that's an opportunity for Samsung to make a not-Apple television?

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How to use your iPhone 6 Plus one-handed

The iPhone 6 Plus has an amazing 5.5-inch 1080p display, but while bigger is better for apps and the web, bigger can also be harder to use one-handed. With a smaller display, it's easier to balance the phone and reach your thumb all the way up and across, from corner to corner. With a larger display, you may need to shift your grip more and maybe even bring the interface elements to you.

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Confessions of a former gamer

Maddy Myers' recent column for iMore, A salute to iOS gamers, or how to stop intimidating your non-gamer friends, comes at an interesting time. Because it's an issue I've been wrestling with myself for quite some time.

For almost a decade, I wrote a column for Macworld magazine called "The Game Room," gently reminding our readers that Macs could be used to play games, and great games at that. Games have always been a central part of what I've used computers for. Over the years, I've found myself growing increasingly distant from gamer culture.

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The Apple Car, 'Titan', CarPlay, and what comes next

After Apple released the iPod there were rumors the company was working on a phone. (They were working on a tablet, but it became a phone). After the iPhone, there were rumors they were working on a tablet. After the iPad, rumors they were working on TV or a watch. Now that the Apple Watch is on deck, rumors have shifted to an Apple Car. For Apple and for those fascinated by Apple, the reason is the same — humans want to cross seas and climb mountains. The minute we have something we immediately want to know what's next.

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Accessibility is for everyone

The point of my work as a freelancer writing about accessibility is to advocate for (and raise awareness of) iOS users with special needs. This is meaningful work to me, as I'm a disabled user myself, and I've worked with children with special needs who have leveraged iOS to help them learn. Yet, for as often as I champion Apple's work in making iOS usable by the disabled, so too have I tried to champion the idea of Accessibility's utility for those with no disabilities at all.

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Never mind iOS 9, iPhone stability and performance improvements are already coming!

iOS 7 was a complete interface and interactivity redesign and iOS 8, a complete functional upgrade. That led to some complaints that Apple was putting innovation ahead of platform stability. This followed years of complaints about iOS looking stale and missing features, of course, but fair enough. In the rush to get major changes out the door, especially when new products depend on them, there were some stumbles along the way.

iOS 9, anticipated for this fall, will focus more on stability. Recent updates like iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 8.1.3, however, and upcoming updates like the in-beta iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3, and the currently internal iOS 8.4, make it clear Apple isn't waiting on the next version of iOS to address issues. They're already addressing them.

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iOS 9 wish-list: Universal night theme

iOS 7 was more than just a redesign: It was a reimagining of what mobile interfaces should look and act like. Part of that involved a lot of flat, white space. A lot, a lot. It made the iPhone and iPad look bold and bight, which is fine for everyday use, but when it comes to low-light situations — like the home theater or the bedroom — it can be a little too bold and bright. If you're not careful, it can get you yelled at and hit with a pillow. It's enough to make me wish for a dark theme in iOS 9.

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Where does the iPad fit?

Earlier this week I wondered what might be possible if Apple made an iPadOS. Based on the feedback I got, many people seemed to assume I was petitioning for "yet another operating system", different in kind from iOS. In other words, one more thing for Apple to have to manage or maintain. To be clear — I wasn't. What I was petitioning for was something akin to WatchOS — a variant of iOS optimized not for the smaller wearable but the larger tablet.

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