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The iPad paradox

For some time we've heard Tim Cook talk about how iPad sales were going to increase. But that hasn't happened. And it's puzzling.

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Photo review: Playing Pokémon Go at 1 Infinite Loop

I took a trip to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino to see what kind of Poké fun I could have and took photos of my adventure.

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Where not to play Pokemon Go

Sure, Pokémon Go is a lot of fun, but there are just some places and times when you should put the game away.

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Apple Music will now let you store your music library DRM-free

Apple is rolling out a change that incorporates iTunes Match into Apple Music, giving everyone DRM-free matching for their music library.

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Swift Playgrounds: Previewing Apple's remarkable new portal to code

Swift Playgrounds is going to change the way we learn to code, for generations to come.

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Playing safely in Swift Playgrounds

If you can set aside the hype, there's an amazing amount of promise and potential in Apple's upcoming coding program for iOS.

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Pokémon Go, Google, Facebook, and the surrender of privacy

In a dystopian future where all privacy has been stripped, will it be because our data was taken, or because we gave it away?

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HoloLens shapes the world around you, literally

Welcome to the world of augmented reality.

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Pokemon Go is currently bigger than Android, iPhone, and porn

Why is everyone talking about Pokemon Go right now? Because everyone is talking about Pokemon Go right now!

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A is for Apple. B is for Beta. C is for Car.

An autonomous car — especially an Apple Car — simply can't ship as beta.

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