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Best stylus for iPad

The Apple Pencil is the best stylus on the market for iPad Pro users.

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Praying for a new four-inch iPhone in 2017

iOS 10 looks great on the larger-screen iPhone models, but minor design flaws on the iPhone SE makes this four-inch phone fan question its future.

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Apple TV 5 wish list: 4K and HDR support

Screens aren’t just getting denser, they’re getting deeper — and that means 4K and HDR are moving from nice-to-have to must-have.

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iPhone 7 review: One month later

30 days since launch, how is iPhone 7 working for us? Find out!

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Apple's AirPort in the age of mesh networking

Apple hasn't updated AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or Time Capsule in three years — and now everything's a mesh.

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iOS 11 wish list: Better PDF creation and sharing

Save PDF to iBooks is okay, but Create PDF would be even better in iOS 11!

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What would you change about macOS Sierra?

macOS 10.12 Sierra comes with a bevy of new and updated features — but what do you want to see in macOS 10.13?

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Best Smart Lights for Your Home

The Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Bulb Starter Kit 3rd Generation is the best smart lights for your home. They allow for a wide range of options and work seamlessly with Apple's Siri and Amazon's Echo.

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iOS 11 wish list: Genius app

Imagine having a problem with your iPhone or iPad and simply swiping over to the Genius app?

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On Siri and sequential inference

Hey, Siri, are you contextually aware? Yes, I am! Why don't people think so? ...

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