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WWDC 2016: Beyond the keynote

WWDC 2016 ended last Friday but what happened all week will ripple throughout Apple's ecosystem for years to come.

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Damn, PlayStation VR is going to crush everything

Russell spent a little time with the upcoming PlayStation VR recently, and you can read all about his experience over on VR Heads!

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Trix may be for kids, but Swift Playgrounds should be for everyone

Apple's new coding app, Swift Playgrounds, is a great tool. But it's one that shouldn't just be aimed at kids. Everyone should have fun and easy ways to learn to code.

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Our full transcript of the Talk Show at WWDC 2016 with Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi

A full transcript of Daring Fireball's very special WWDC 2016 Talk Show with Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller.

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Tim Cook's vision of kids everywhere coding is DOA without iBooks Author

Swift Playgrounds is a great tool, and once that will be used by kids in schools all over the world. But before that happens, Apple needs to do something else really important — for kids and their educators.

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File radars early and often: The importance of bug reporting

Why should you file radars? To show Apple, given finite resources, what aspects of your shared customer experience they need to prioritize fixing.

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Big, bold, and beautiful: Apple's design language is changing in iOS 10

"Big. Bold. Beautiful." It's not only a snappy tagline — it's the company's new design mission.

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Love wins this Wallpaper Wednesday

I can think of no other wallpapers I'd rather share with you this week.

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How Apple can detect objects in your photos without creeping your data

iOS 10 will identify faces, objects, landscapes, and other elements in your photos without forcing you to share your data.

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With iOS 10, Apple has made the phone carrier less necessary than ever

Apple desperately wants to wrest as much control of the iPhone from the phone carriers, and with iOS 10 it has taken another important step to making those network providers into dumb pipes.

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