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iOS 11 wish list: Genius app

Imagine having a problem with your iPhone or iPad and simply swiping over to the Genius app?

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On Siri and sequential inference

Hey, Siri, are you contextually aware? Yes, I am! Why don't people think so? ...

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iPhone 7 is the future of tactile accessibility

The iPhone 7's haptic feedback improvements are a huge step forward for people with disabilities.

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Where's the Samsung shaped dent in the universe?

No one can look at Samsung's mobile products over the last decade and not see a consistent 'inspiration' taken from anything and everything popular at the time.

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Solving for Dash

How Apple could address the Dash incident going forward.

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iOS 11 wish list: Free iCloud backups

Buy an iPhone or iPad, get free iCloud backup — that would be a huge win for the iOS 11 experience.

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iPhone and chill: Six sensational stress reducers!

Our lives can be stressful. Here's how your iPhone can help!

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iOS 11 wish list: AirPlay Express

Apple TV Express could plug in, power on, and get anything from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac up onto your television.

It's hard not to look at the Google Chromecast and wonder if Apple could make something like it. Don't get me wrong: I love the new Apple TV. With Siri support and the ability to run apps, it's clearly what I want in my home now and in the near future. But it's not something I can easily put in my pocket and travel with — be it between cities or simply between offices.

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An Apple ][ for the 21st Century

It was the computer that generations grew up with. It was the de facto choice for education. Arguably, it started the PC revolution. It was the Apple ][.

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What's on your tvOS 11 wish-list?

tvOS 10 has shipped, but Apple's already working on tvOS 11 — so what do you want them to change?

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