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iMore's 2017 New Years Tech Resolutions

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some new goals for our tech-filled lives.

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How to get the Siri experience in an older car with AirPods

The Bluetooth headset is back, baby.

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How would you change iCloud?

If Apple asked you what you wanted to see in the next 'version' of iCloud Drive, what would you tell them?

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Best accessories for MacBook Pro Late 2016

Have a new MacBook Pro? Trust me, you need these accessories.

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Packing tech on vacation

Over the years, Jason Snell has put together a pretty good system for packing before a vacation. This week on the Network, he shares his packing list — physical and virtual.

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How To Use AirPods to Control Your HomeKit Home

Apple's new Bluetooth headphones make HomeKit and home automation about ten times more awesome!

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Best Indie Games for iPhone and iPad

Home for the holidays with nothing to do? Fix that in a jiffy by playing some of my all-time favorite indie iPhone and iPad games.

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Biggest stories of 2016

iMore covered all the biggest Apple and related tech stories of the year. Some were wicked obvious and others flew under the radar. Here are my picks, guided by our analytics, for the biggest of both.

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iMore Best of 2016 Awards

They're the devices and features, gear and accessories, and apps and games that filled us with surprise and delight: They're our 2016 iMore Award Winners!

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Biggest problems facing Apple in 2017

Apple had some real problems in 2016 and, if the company wants to stay at the peak of relevancy, they'll have to start addressing them in 2017.

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