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Here are the ten most underrated features in watchOS 3

The big watchOS 3 features are pretty great — but there are lots of small features to love, too.

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Our favorite Apple Watch bands

These are the Apple Watch bands we love and wear every day.

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Photo review: The Woven Nylon Apple Watch bands are fabulous

Woven nylon haters, you and I aren't friends. The woven nylon Apple Watch bands are my new favorite styles.

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Should you upgrade to the macOS Sierra or iOS 10 public beta?

The public betas for Apple's new Mac, iPhone, and iPad operating systems are here. But before you rush out to download the software, consider whether you should be downloading it.

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Reading is magic this Wallpaper Wednesday

I say this with love: your wallpaper's old. Old wallpapers are sad wallpapers, and life's too short for sad wallpapers. Get some happy, new wallpapers.

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Apple Music playlist sharing is completely broken — but it's an easy fix

Apple Music playlist sharing is terrible right now. But Apple could fix it this fall with just a few tweaks to the service.

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What to expect from Apple Music in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra this fall

Apple's not only updating its operating systems this fall: The company is working on its music service, too.

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Why isn't the Home app on Apple TV?

When iOS 10 ships this fall, it'll feature an app made by Apple called Home that can control your HomeKit-enabled smart home products. Oddly enough, it won't be coming to Apple TV.

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You've Got Questions, Michael Fisher's Got Videos (and the fastest growing new tech channel on YouTube!)

It's been a whirlwind ten days in MrMobile's Boston studios, where we've been focused on crafting the biggest YouTube debut party the mobile-tech space has ever seen. In less than two weeks, I've published an introduction video, two smartphone reviews, a preview of the hottest electric car ever to hit the road, a look at a "work phone" that's also a pretty sweet vacation device, and a tour of a mobile accessory I've wanted since before Bluetooth was invented.

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Digital markets should be decided by customers, not judges

The Honorable Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) gave a speech at an event called “America’s Monopoly Problem.” That’s an interesting topic, but it became more interesting when she expressed her “concerns” with Apple, Google, and Amazon over different business practices.

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