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How macOS Sierra helped me organize my desktop

My desktop is cleaner than ever, and I owe it all to the new features in macOS Sierra.

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Ten Mac apps you need to download right now!

Just get your hands on a new Mac? Looking for new apps to spice up your computing? Here are ten apps that will make your machine work some magic.

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How would you change AirPods?

If Apple asked you what you'd like to see in second generation AirPods, what would you tell them?

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Pokémon Go Plus vs. Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

Pokémon Go is great, but sometimes you want to use your phone for more than just catching them all! The big question is how you do that, and now there are two great options available.

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My must-have tech accessories when traveling for the holidays

I don't leave home for the holidays without these bags, gadgets, and accessories.

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Where are the desktop Macs?

Apple is a functional company, so why does the Mac desktop lineup feel so dysfunctional right now?

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8 Great Tech Gifts for Mom and Dad

2017 predictions: What's next for Apple?

I don't usually do predictions but hey, why not start now?

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The iPad Pro is a computer for everything — mostly

After a year of using iPad Pro, the pros outweigh the cons.

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Watch Miyamoto draw Super Mario Run with an iPad Pro and Pencil!

Waiting to play Super Mario Run? Check out Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto sketching the characters on an iPad Pro in the meantime!

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