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Instagram just added a Snapchat-style story feature

Instagram just pulled back the curtains on Instagram Stories, a new feature that's best described as nearly identical to Snapchat's story feature.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: Anniversary Update

BlackBerry's newest phone is a new approach and Microsoft ramps up for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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Pokémon Go master getting free global trip to catch 'em all

The first person to catch all 142 known Pokémon in America is getting a free trip around the world so he can catch the rest.

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Tim Cook said to be hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on August 24

Tim Cook will reportedly hold a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton late next month, similar to the event he recently held for congressional Republicans.

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Apple's aggressive negotiation style said to be hindering its TV streaming efforts

Apple's aggressive negotiation style is reportedly hurting its efforts to get TV execs on board with its long-rumored streaming service.

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Apple reportedly poaches BlackBerry's ex-QNX chief to work on car project

Apple is said to have hired Dan Dodge, formerly head of BlackBerry's head of automotive software, for its car project.

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Telus adds even more destinations to its Easy Roam offering

Canadian carrier Telus has added even more destinations to its Easy Roam package, including China, England and more.

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Apple bringing new retail store to New York's World Trade Center

Apple's next retail location in New York will be at the World Trade Center.

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Phil Schiller joins board of directors for DNA sequencing company Illumina

Phil Schiller, Apple's SVP of worldwide marketing has joined the board of directors for the DNA sequencing company Illumina.

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Amazon launches its Dash grocery scanner in the UK to help you order stuff

Amazon has launched its Dash grocery scanner in the UK to help consumers quickly and conveniently add items to their basket for easy checkout by scanning barcodes.

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