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U.S. carriers enable free calls to Turkey following Istanbul terror attacks

Following the devastating terror attacks at Istanbul's Atatürk airport, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have announced that their customers can call and text friends and family in Turkey for free.

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Apple tweaks phone trade-in program to offer less credit, but more options

Apple has adjusted the amount of credit it offers through its phone trade-in program, while also giving you more options for using that credit.

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How technology is expanding options for people with disabilities

Technology is continuing to open up new opportunities for people with disabilities by making the world more accessible.

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Amazon introduces Page Flip to help you page through ebooks while saving your spot

Amazon has introduced a new feature for ebooks called Page Flip, which lets you save your current spot in a book while you quickly move between old and new chapters, diagrams, and more.

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French TV show shot its latest episode on iPhone following power outage

Following a power outage at its studio, French chat show On n'est pas Couché carried on with the program, filming everything on iPhones.

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Apple sets Q3 2016 financial results call for July 26

Apple has set the date for its financial results call for Q3 2016 for July 26 at 2:00 p.m. PDT/5:00 p.m. EDT.

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Apple's 'Space Gray' might get a little darker this fall with the iPhone 7

Apple may be planning on bringing darker colors back to the iPhone, with the company said to be preparing an iPhone 7 in a much darker form of Space Gray.

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Apple fitness chief explains the company's new guided breathing watch app

Apple fitness head Jay Blahnik recently opened up about the company's new Breathe app for Apple Watch, which provides guided breathing exercises to help you take a moment during your day.

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Apple is once again under fire for the amount of tax the company pays in the UK

It has been revealed that Apple paid only £12.9 million ($) in tax last year in the UK. As noted by the Mail Online, this is equivalent to just two hours of earnings for the company.

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Best UK roaming data plans for Europe

The best options for getting online in Europe this summer — without breaking the bank.

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