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iPhone 7 supposedly shown off in new photo

A new photo has surfaced purporting to offer a clear look at the iPhone 7.

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Apple works hard to keep its products accessible and here's how

A profile of Apple engineer Jordyn Castor shows how she and the company work to make products that are accessible to everyone.

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Armed robbers target innocent trainers attempting to catch some Pokémon

Police in Missouri have found that four armed robbers have been using Pokémon Go to locate players at specific locations to rob them using a handgun.

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Nintendo shares skyrocket by 24% thanks to Pokémon Go

Nintendo shares in Japan have surged after Pokémon Go launched in select markets. The game has turned out to be an immediate success for the company and it's hoped it will boost Nintendo's mobile business.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: Pokémon Going

I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's this new game called Pokémon Go and well, everyone is playing it. Everyone. Including you.

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The best heavy-duty data plans in the UK

The biggest bundles for the data-hungry Brits.

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Prime members can save 20% on Amazon Warehouse deals today

Amazon Prime members can currently take an extra 20% off the price of items sold through Amazon Warehouse Deals with a coupon code.

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Apple launches searchable transcripts for WWDC 2016 session videos

Apple has made searchable transcripts available for all WWDC 2016 session videos, making it much easier to pinpoint specific topics and talking points you care about.

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Apple to open first iOS Developer Academy at University of Naples Federico II

Apple has partnered with the University of Naples Federico II to open its first iOS Developer Academy, where a select group of students will be able to focus on iOS app developments.

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Facebook starts testing 'secret conversations' in Messenger with end-to-end encryption

Facebook is currently testing a new end-to-end encryption feature for Messenger with a small set of people.

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