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Phil Schiller: Building the Verizon iPhone

After yesterday's Verizon iPhone announcement, Apple's Senior Vice President Phil Schiller has weighed in on what it was like building the Verizon iPhone. The two companies began talks to build a CDMA variant for Verizon's network over 2 years ago in 2008. Over 1,000 test models later, we've officially got a Verizon variant.

Schiller says the task was anything but easy. Apple knows their own hardware but sometimes getting software and hardware to work together isn't an easy goal to accomplish.

“A big part of it is the software, I’d say the biggest part,” ... “It uses the hardware in different ways.”

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Confirmed: iOS 4.3 to bring Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot to GSM/AT&T iPhone

According to a Boy Genius source, and as reported yesterday, iOS 4.3 will definitely be coming to all iPhones and include the Hotspot feature which we saw at the Verizon event yesterday. Accoring to the source, the OS version will be 8F5148b and will have a baseband 04.08.00.

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Microsoft doesn't want Apple to have a trademark on "App Store"

Microsoft does not want Apple to gain a trademark for the term "App Store" and is currently fighting to be able to use the term for its own mobile application store. They have recently asked the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to refuse the trademark on the term "App Store" for Apple because they claim it is too generic of a name and they feel Apple doesn't have the right to lay claim to the term.

Any secondary meaning or fame Apple has in 'App Store' is de facto secondary meaning that cannot convert the generic term 'app store' into a protectable trademark. Apple cannot block competitors from using a generic name. 'App store' is generic and therefore in the public domain and free for all competitors to use.

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PlayStation official app now available in Europe

The PlayStation official app is now available in the App Store. Before you get too excited though, the app does not let you play any games and seems to be available just in Europe.

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Verizon iPhone event roundup and sound off!

Phew, we survived the Verizon iPhone event. Barely. Tons of posts and countless hours later, we're exhausted. If you missed any of our coverage today, here are the links all nicely grouped and sorted after the break. Now excuse us 'cause we're going to pour ourselves some spicy drinks, put our feet up on the tables, and zone out... until morning.

Comments are open just for you. Talk about today's event, blow off some steam, and get your chat on.

  • Verizon iPhone give away!

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TiPb on ABC 15 talking Verizon iPhone

Right before the Verizon iPhone announcement this morning Rene jumped on ABC 15 Arizona with Kirk Yuhnke to preview the event. Of course we all know how it turned out now but wouldn't it have been funny if he'd been spectacularly wrong and Verizon ended up announcing another Kin instead?!

Video after the break!

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Verizon to offer CDMA iPad 3G

Hot off the heels of the Verizon iPhone announcement comes a report that Verizon Wireless will soon be offering Apple's iPad with an embedded CDMA chip to better compete with AT&T. From Bloomberg:

Verizon will get an embedded chip in the iPad for use on its network, Francis Shammo, chief financial officer of Verizon Communications Inc., the parent of the wireless unit, said today in an interview in New York. IPad users currently need an extra device to connect to Verizon’s network.

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Verizon iPhone running iOS 4.2.5

We were fairly certain the Verizon iPhone 4 would require a new version of iOS, sporting a new CDMA radio stack, and it seems it will -- iOS 4.2.5 (8E128).

Current GSM iPhones are on iOS 4.2.1 but it's currently unknown if they'll also get a bump to iOS 4.2.5 when the Verizon iPhone ships on February 10.

In addition to the CDMA radio, iOS 4.2.5 on Verizon will support the new mobile hot spot feature announced today, and while there's no word on whether or not that will remain exclusive to Verizon, no other carrier has announced it yet either.

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CDMA Verizon iPhone hits FCC

Coming as no surprise, the CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 has just hit the FCC. (Come on, you know Apple wasn't going to let the government announce it?)

Model A1349 (as opposed to the GSM version's A1332) has the expected test results for CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A on the 850 and 1900MHz bands along with Bluetooth and WiFi without a whiff of GSM support for global roaming


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