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Apple: Verizon contract no exclusive (so Sprint is possible?)

During the Verizon iPhone announcement today Apple COO Tim Cook revealed that their deal was multi-year but NOT exclusive. So that means there's no contractual reason we couldn't see a Sprint iPhone (or even T-Mobile?) but is there the will to get it done?

Do you want an iPhone on Sprint?

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Verizon: We have the capacity to handle the iPhone

As part of the Verizon iPhone 4 announcement today, Dan Dee stressed that Verizon had been building out their network and scaling their infrastructure from retail to supply to... hopefully reception in order to handle the iPhone.

That should be good news for anyone in the US used to dropping iPhone calls. Then again, talk is cheap and the iPhone hits the network like rhino, so we'll have to see what happens when tens of millions of 3G devices are hammering your tower all at once.

Any guesses? Will Verizon hold up?

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Verizon iPhone to include 5-device Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot, exclude Verizon bloatware

As part of the announcement today, it was revealed that the Verizon iPhone would indeed have mobile hotspot service (called Personal Hotspot), allowing you to connect up to 5 other devices to the Verizon iPhone 4's EVDO 3G network -- just like a MiFi.

This functionality hasn't been available in iOS before (outside Jailbreak) so it's a competitive advantaged over AT&T -- for now. That also means it will probably require a new version of iOS to offer the interface for it, so we getting iOS 4.2.2, iOS 4.3?

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Verizon iPhone: Feb 3 pre-orders, Feb 10 stores, $99, $199

The just announced Verizon iPhone will be available for pre-order for existing customers on February 3 and for everyone at Verizon and Apple Stores on February 10. Pricing is the same as always, $99 for 16GB, $199 for 32GB.

We'll add plan rates when we get them.

So who's ordering?

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Will we be able to Jailbreak Verizon iPhone? Unlock for Sprint?

The Verizon iPhone has been announced so the first thing power users are going to want to know is whether or not it can be Jailbroken and maybe even unlocked to run on Sprint.

There won't be any solid information until the Verizon iPhone actually ships and the software and baseband become known quantities but the Dev Team seldom disappoints. An Unlock for Sprint will probably be harder than GSM carriers since no SIMs mean Sprint has to put the device on their network. Will they?

We're going to keep track of it in our iPhone Jailbreak Forum, so head on over!

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Verizon iPhone 4 announced, available February 10

As was widely expected, the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced today and will be available early February. It's got FaceTime and Retina Display, just like the GSM iPhone 4, but a different antenna for EVDO Rev-A.

“We are pleased to introduce millions of wireless users to the industry leading iPhone 4 on the nation’s most reliable network,” said Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon. “This is an important step for the industry as two great companies join forces to give wireless customers one of the most important technological additions to the mobile landscape this century.”

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iPhone 3GS price drop to $49 on as well

Apple is now selling the 8GB iPhone 3GS for $49, half the price is was just a week ago, matching AT&T's recent price drop.

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How to use MobileMe, Windows Live, Yahoo, and AOL to get more social with Ping

If you use MobileMe, Windows Live, Yahoo!, or AOL for email, then you can have Ping search your contacts for friends who are also using Ping as well as send annoying invites to those friends who are not using ping. Here's how:

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iPad Live podcast #38: CES 2011 wrap-up

Rene, Chad, and Georgia sneak in some Verizon iPhone talk, then get down with a CES 2011 table wars wrap-up, and cap it all off with Mac App Store talk. This is iPad Live!

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