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AT&T secretly offering unlimited data to stop Verizon iPhone switchers?

Associated Press is reporting that AT&T is allowing some customers who previously had unlimited data plans for iPhone to change back to unlimited in order to prevent their switching to the Verizon iPhone.

Jose Argumedo, of Brentwood, N.Y., says he and a friend were switched to an unlimited plan recently after they called AT&T's customer service. Both have iPhone 4s, and previously had iPhones.

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DUE 1.3 hits App Store + Promo Code give away!

DUE, the awesome reminder app that makes sure you never miss anything important, has just updated to version 1.3.1 and includes a whole bunch of great new features:

  • Over the air Dropbox sync: View and add new reminders as normal while DUE retrieves your database in the background. It then finds the least intrusive time to merge your data. If you're using a multitasking-capable device*, DUE automatically uploads any changes back to Dropbox in the background on exit.
  • Backups: DUE automatically backs up your last 5 databases on quit. You can email yourself a copy of any backup file, or restore from a backup file from within Due.
  • Undo: Postponed a reminder wrongly? Accidentally marked a reminder as done? With Undo support, it's okay to make mistakes. One tap and your reminder will be back to where and what it was before.

DUE has also very kindly offered to give away five (5) Promo Codes to TiPb readers. To enter simply post a comment below telling us what DUE could help you remember (and yes, the funnier the better!). Make sure you leave a valid email address. We won't publish it but will use it to mail you your Promo Code if you win.

[$2.99 - DUE website - iTunes link]

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Apple posts Verizon upgrade eligibility, plans... then removes them

Apple today posted a Verizon Wireless upgrade eligibility checker on their site along with voice/data/messaging plans -- only to pull them down a short time later. While up the information seemed to confirm what we have been hearing about the data plans where there will be unlimited for $29.99 a month and the option to throw the hot spot on there with 2GB extra for an additional $20 a month.


  • 450 minutes $39.99/month
  • 900 minutes with unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) $59.99/month
  • Unlimited $69.99/month


  • Unlimited iPhone $29.99/month
  • Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering/Personal 3G Hotspot $49.99/month


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Apple tweaks, adds more HMTL animation

The Apple Online Store went down briefly last night but sorry everyone, no white iPhone 4 -- just an slightly animated revamp of the website.

Both the Mac and iPod pages get products that fly in and bounce into place and the menu on all pages now drops down into place and in general looks just a touch darker.

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Google "not happy" with paid app sales, will make Market more like Apple App Store?

While sales of Android-powered phones are increasing, Android Market's paid app sales aren't keeping pace so an unhappy Google seems to be considering several very Apple App Store-style changes to help give things a jumpstart. Speaking to Forbes platform manager Eric Chu said these changes include in-app purchases. iPhone and iPad users have shown they'll often chafe at spending $1 to $10 on a game but will happily download a free game and then spend $10-$100+ dollars on in-app purchases to make their farms, castles, and mushroom homes look nicer.

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Canalys recognizes iPads as PCs, boosts Apple to #3

While others keep iPad ghettoized as a "media tablet" analyst firm Canalys is boldly classifying it as just another PC form factor and in so doing, shooting Apple up to #3 on the worldwide marketshare chart behind HP and Acer but ahead of Dell and Lenovo.

Canalys urges vendors to accept new market realities, by recognizing pads as an integral new component of the overall PC landscape. Unlike other analyst companies, Canalys incorporates pad shipments, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad, in its total PC market report.

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iPhones and iPads produce beautiful music for AT&T event [video]

A group has put together a band using only iPhones and iPads and recently AT&T hired them to perform at its 2011 Business Solutions event. The band known as North Point iBand performed Bon Jovi’s Livin' on a Prayer as well as the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feelin.

The band use a series of apps, all available in the App Store to create the music with their iPhones and iPads some of which are:-

Take a look at the videos after the break, although not perfect renditions of the original versions, they are still very impressive. The way iOS devices are being used in weird and wonderful situations is something that surprises us every day. I am off to buy Guitarist, anyone want to grab the other apps and set up the TiPb band?

[Cult of Mac]

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New iPad commercial is magically... iconic!

I wasn't sure we'd see another iPad commercial after the holidays and before iPad 2 but Apple has gone and made their revolutionary and magical tablet... iconic!

This one starts off Fresh (old school scratching on a new fangled virtual turn-table), and dives into Tickets (an American Airlines app being scanned), News (the Wall Street Journal, 'natch), Stories (showcasing iBooks new picture books), 60,000+ apps (App Store), Students (writing in Pages), Teachers (marking up the paper with an A), Hollywood (using a virtual scene marker), and Iconic (Marilyn Monroe in the Vanity Fair app).

Interesting if curious mix, who is Apple trying to appeal to with this one? Official video after the break!

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Apple using new painting process to finally ship white iPhone?

According to Macotakara Apple has begun using a new painting process developed by a small Japanese company to finally produce the white iPhone 4 reliably enough to ship this spring.

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Verizon reveals details on iPhone Wi-Fi personal hotspot pricing

Verizon Wireless Executive Director of Corporate Communications Brenda Raney said today that Verizon would be charging customers $20 per month for the iPhone Wi-Fi personal hotspot feature. That's on top of their regular data plan.

The extra $20 buys you an additional 2gb of bandwidth for the hotspot to use. AT&T subscribers on the other hand currently pay the same $20 per month for a wired tethering plan, however they aren't allotted any additional bandwidth despite paying extra for the feature and it only allows for tethering one device via USB. The only major drawback with Verizon is you'll be paying an additional $20 per gigabyte in overages -- ouch!

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