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Google Latitude for iPhone now in App Store

After a slight case of premature app-storification, Google Latitude for iPhone is now officially and properly available for download. Those features again:

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Put a white iPhone 4 on your tree this Christmas!

Since we won't see the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011 (Leanna aside!), Etsy has created a miniature white iPhone 4 you can use to adorn your Christmas tree with! So if you're a white iPhone 4 fan and simply can't wait to have some kind of white iPhone under (or on) your tree, be sure to check these out. After Christmas is over, you can use the included magnet to turn your ornament into a fridge magnet!

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Ping Introduces Social Playlists

Ping has rolled out new Social Playlists that you can make to share with your friends and followers. Social Playlists allows you to compile a seemingly limitless list of songs available in the iTunes Store, for your followers to buy.

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WeeMee Avatar Creator Holiday Update - Re-Tweet to Win give-away

WeeMee Avatar Creator [iTunes], the quick, easy way to make a fabulous looking new profile pic for Facebook, Twitter, or just to spice up your contacts, is back with an even more fabulous update filled with Christmas and Hanukkah items to really deck yourself out for the holidays. What could be better than that?

Getting it for free!

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UFC Undisputed 2010 for iPhone, iPad update, on sale for UFC 124!

UFC Undisputed 2010, a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has just been updated with Game Center support and better still, it's on sale this weekend -- 70% off -- in honor of the GSP fight... er, UFC 124.

The Game Center update includes leaderboards and 19 different achievements. And really, when you throw the high-knee knockout, slam someone senseless, ground-and-pound them into the next round, grab an armbar that's sweet or lock on a triangle and put them to sleep, you want all your friends to know about it, right?

MMA fans and UFC junkies, check out the complete feature list and more screenshots after the break, and if you try out Undisputed 2010, let me know what you think.

And here's to a great fight tonight between GSP and Koz tonight!

[$1.99 on sale - iTunes link]

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Apple seeking engineers with CDMA knowledge (for Verizon iPhone?)

In yet another sign pointing to a Verizon iPhone launch, Apple has posted a job listing on their careers website looking for engineers with knowledge of CDMA network.

To offer a phone that works on Verizon network, Apple will have to build a phone based on a different wireless standard than the iPhone uses now. And to do that Apple has to hire engineers who know their way around CDMA.

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Apple working on a more social way to buy and share apps [Patent watch]

Based on a recent patent filing, it looks as if Apple may be looking at even more ways to buy and share apps. This approach would be a bit more social as it would allow your friends to share applications with you that they think you may enjoy. This could work through the network, through a cloud service, or through IR.

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blueSLR turns your iPhone into a DSLR wireless remote

blueSLR is a bluetooth accessory that will allow you to use your iPhone as a remote control for your DSLR. In addition, blueSLR will embed GPS information from your iPhone into your photos. Since the device makes a bluetooth connection with your iPhone, line-of-site is not necessary to trigger your camera.

With the blueSLR companion app, you can use your iPhone to adjust focus, shutter speed, timer, and tell the camera to take a certain number of pictures within a given timeframe. You can also edit the GPS update frequency. GPS information will be embedded into the RAW or JPEG files and is compatible with iPhoto, Flickr, and Picasa.

blueSLR is currently only available for Nikon cameras, but XEquals promises to bring Canon support soon. There are three different models, Nikon Essential, Advanced, and Professional. From these 3 products, you will find support for the following Nikon cameras: D3100, D5000, D90, D7000, D3(S), D200, D300(S), and D700.

The blueSLR can be yours for $149 with free shipping if pre-ordered today. The companion app is available for free in the App Store.

Check out the photos after the break! Anyone planning to pick one up?

[BlueSLR - via Electronista]

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Desktop version of Google Docs now available on iPad

Google quietly announced that the desktop version of their Google Docs editor now works on the iPad. Google recommends you use the desktop version mainly for advanced editing such as the generation of new spreadsheets and alignment modifications. If all you need to do is make a few quick and easy edits they still guide you towards their iOS friendly mobile editing version.

Will this help make you more productive or is the mobile version more than enough to satisfy your document editing needs? Let us know if this is a welcome addition for you in our comments section.

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