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BBC iPlayer app finally getting close to release

The BBC iPlayer mobile app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is finally close to being released according to a report by Paid Content. The app was announced twelve months ago but needed the approval of the BBC Trust which was granted six months ago. The report suggest that the app will be released by the end of next month, coinciding with the departure of Erik Huggers, the BBC’s future media and technology director; who is leaving to join Intel.

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News Corp and Apple holding "The Daily" iPad newspaper launch on Feb. 2nd

Both Apple and News Corp have sent out invitations to an event on February 2nd where News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch will be joined by Apple iTunes, App Store, and Internet VP Eddy Cue to launch "The Daily", the long-rumored iPad-only digital newspaper.

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How Google and Apple turned from love to hate?

Bloomberg has a profile up on Larry Page's Google 3.0 and it highlights how Google and Apple may have gone from sweethearts who shared the original iPhone introductory stage to bitter rivals in the smartphone space:

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Sony announces touch-friendly PSP2 (NGP) and PlayStation Suite -- could it come to iPhone and iPad?

Still surprising if not a surprise, Sony has made the decoupling their PlayStation games from PlayStation hardware -- like the new PSP2/NGP -- official with the launch of PlayStation Suite. Android is the only other platform targeted right now (which makes sense given Sony Ericsson's Android phone investment) but could the 160 million install base strong iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad iOS platform come online in the future?

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AT&T activated 4.1 million iPhones last quarter

AT&T has just reported their Q4 2010 financial results and it included another 4.1 million iPhone activations.

More than 7.4 million postpaid integrated devices were sold in the fourth quarter, including the second-largest quarterly number of upgrades in the company's history. Integrated device sales included 4.1 million iPhone activations. More than 80 percent of postpaid sales were integrated devices. (Integrated devices are handsets with QWERTY or virtual keyboards in addition to voice functionality and are a key driver of wireless data usage.)

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Apple to support TD-LTE says China Mobile’s Chairman.

China Mobile Chairman, Wang Jianzhou, was quoted yesterday saying that Apple will support next-gen TD-LTE.

These two years we have been discussing the issue. Right now the situation is moving forward. Apple has made it clear they will support TD-LTE.

China Mobile, has been negotiating with Apple for years, to develop a TD-SCDMA supported iPhone for their current 3G network, and TD-LTE for their future 4G network.

China Mobile hasn't signed a deal with Apple yet because Apple doesn't currently support TD-SCDMA, which China Mobile use for their 3G network, but with Apple's new CDMA phone for Verizon, Wang hopes that Apple will consider supporting TD-SCDMA.

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Verizon iPhone pre-orders start at 3am EST February 3 + Trade in your AT&T iPhone

According to an email MacRumors received from Verizon, existing customers will get their long awaited chance to pre-order the iPhone 4 on February 3rd at 3am EST. This is a full week before people who are waiting to switch to Verizon will be able to get their hands on an iPhone 4. Verizon also listed some simple steps for current customers to take to ensure they will be able to place their pre-order on time. Make sure you get your orders in as soon as you can because once their stock has depleted you will have to wait until February 10th just like everyone else.

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Users now watching more Netflix on Apple TV than iPad

Netflix has announced that people are watching their streaming movie and TV service more on the 1 million selling Apple TV than on the 15 million selling iPad.

Possibly related: Apple made a great native Netflix front-end for Apple TV while Netflix made an embarrassingly terrible web-based app for iPad.

Is Netflix self-aware enough to realize this and release better iOS apps?

[Yahoo!/Business Insider via counternotions]

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Bug: Cydia showing up with no files? Here's how to fix it!

Cydia has been showing up empty, with no files today, due to a source file corruption. If you're experiencing the problem on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad we are going to walk you through how to fix it.

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AT&T secretly offering unlimited data to stop Verizon iPhone switchers?

Associated Press is reporting that AT&T is allowing some customers who previously had unlimited data plans for iPhone to change back to unlimited in order to prevent their switching to the Verizon iPhone.

Jose Argumedo, of Brentwood, N.Y., says he and a friend were switched to an unlimited plan recently after they called AT&T's customer service. Both have iPhone 4s, and previously had iPhones.

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