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Apple and FBI once again set to testify before Congress on encryption

Apple and the FBI are set to testify once again before Congress on the topic of encryption.

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Apple launches new Earth Day Lessons site for environmental education

Apple has launched a new site with a group of environmentally-themed lessons for Earth Day.

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Apple offers tips for using its devices in classrooms with new site

Apple has launched a new site that offers guidance for teachers on how to use Apple devices and apps from the App Store in their classrooms.

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Apple turns store logos green ahead of Earth Day; U.S. stores switching to paper bags

Apple is switching the leaves on its store logos green in celebration of Earth Day. Stores will also be taking part in a number of environmental initiatives.

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T-UP! early upgrade program from Telus to be discontinued on April 18

Telus' early upgrade program, T-UP!, will be discontinued on April 18. The company says it is a result of working to ensure customers are offered the most valued products and services.

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Apple hires former NFL lobbyist to head its Washington, D.C. office

Apple has hired Cynthia Hogan to take charge of its Washington, D.C. office. Hogan previously worked as a lobbyist for the National Football League and was a former aide to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

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Apple teams with developers on new Apps for Earth initiative

Apple has partnered with several developers to donate the proceeds from their app sales and in-app purchases to the World Wildlife Fund until April 24.

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Apple to discontinue iTunes Allowances on May 25

Apple has said that it will discontinue its iTunes Allowance service in May. The service allowed parents to create monthly credit allowance for their children to use in the iTunes and App Stores.

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FBI reportedly unable to offer details of iPhone hack

The FBI may be restricted from offering public details of the method it used to hack into the iPhone owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

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You can now use Apple TV universal search to pick out favorite content from CBS

CBS has joined the wagon of providers who have tapped into the universal search APIs on Apple TV. Those of you who rely on the app for content will now be able to pick out your favorite listings using text and Siri search.

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