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Apple releases Safari 10 beta for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan

Apple has released the first developer beta version of Safari 10 for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan.

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Apple makes its latest health hire from Sage Bionetworks

Apple has hired Dr. Stephen Friend, outgoing president of Sage Bionetworks, to work on health-related projects for the company.

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Jony Ive picks up second honorary doctorate this month, this time from Oxford

Jony Ive has been awarded his second honorary doctorate this month, this time from the University of Oxford.

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T-Mobile will let you enjoy your unlimited data plans in Europe this summer

T-Mobile has announced those who are planning to travel to Europe this summer will be able to use their unlimited data while abroad. Not only that, but T-Mobile has added Belize to Simple Global.

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Dropbox is adding several new and improved productivity tools

Dropbox announced a large number of new and upcoming productivity features, including creating Microsoft Office documents on mobile devices, a document scanner and more.

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Apple leaves iOS 10 beta kernel unencrypted in possible effort to find flaws

At least for its initial beta release Apple has left the kernel of iOS 10 unencrypted, a move which should make it much easier to spot flaws in the system.

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Apple asked to re-submit application for opening retail stores in India

The Indian government isn't making it easy for Apple to bring its retail stores to the country. After flipping back and forth on the issue of mandatory local sourcing, the government wants Apple to submit a new application for its bid to open single-brand retail stores.

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Apple Pay adds even more U.S. support with 44 additional banks and credit unions

The online payment system Apple Pay has added support for 44 additional U.S. credit unions and banks.

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Unicode 9.0 is now official with 72 new emoji

Unicode 9.0 is now official, making standard a set of 72 new emoji, 7,500 characters and more.

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Here's how to check if you have Amazon credit from Apple's ebook settlement

Amazon has begun applying settlement credits to users' accounts as part of Apple's ebook price-fixing settlement. Here's where you can check to see if you've got credit waiting.

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