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AT&T set to hike old unlimited data plan price by $5 per month

AT&T will once again raise the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan, this time by another $5 per month.

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The dumbest stuff we found at CES 2017

Buzzing about CES 2017 typically means running into some really cool stuff worth sharing with readers. Sometimes, however, you run into really dumb stuff that has no business vying for your attention … this list contains the latter.

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Swift, LLVM pioneer Chris Lattner leaving Apple

Chris Lattner, who spearheaded LLVM, Swift, and more, is leaving his position as head of developer tools at Apple.

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TextExpander adds Touch Bar support

Saving time on typing just got even better now that Text Expander has Touch Bar support.

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Casio active tech: go outdoors

Big beefy smartwatches and super rugged cameras! We're gonna go for a hike and we're going to know where we are and take pictures! Get your boots on!

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Greenpeace names Apple as top green tech company once again

Greenpeace has once again named Apple as the number one most environmentally friendly company.

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The 21st Century Tricorder: MrMobile Hands-On With the Scio Spectrometer Smartphone

Scanning your food with your smartphone has never been more self-contained. Are you going to trade in your current phone for this?

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How Tony Fadell lost a prototype iPhone, made a secret stylus, and other strange tales!

Dave Lee and the BBC provide a look back at the original iPhone from a very Tony Fadell — former head of iPod at Apple and Nest at Google — perspective.

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Apple's AR reality, augmented!

Apple is into AR. Tim Cook has said so himself. But will it be a product unto itself or a feature in many products of the future?

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Apple Music's 'Carpool Karaoke' to feature ever-changing lineup of hosts

Apple's version of Carpool Karaoke will feature a continually changing lineup of hosts and some strange pairings.

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