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At Google I/O, Apple continues to be a silent companion

At this year's Google I/O conference, it is increasingly obvious that Apple, despite not being mentioned, is an important part of Google's development strategy.

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Supposed Siri for Mac dock and menu icons spotted

A new leak appears to show new the dock icon and menu bar item for Siri on the Mac, which could arrive later this year with OS X 10.12.

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Fitbit acquires Coin's payment platform; no more Coin smart cards coming

Fitbit has announced it has acquired both the payment platform and key personnel from the "smart card" company Coin. The specific financial terms of the deal, which was completed on May 12, were not disclosed.

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Tim Cook hoping to forge new partnerships with Indian cellular carriers

Tim Cook will be meeting with the heads of a number of India's major telecom companies in an effort to form strategic partnerships as the country moves towards a wider 4G network rollout.

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Apple launching iOS development accelerator in Bengaluru

Apple has announced that it is opening an iOS app design and development accelerator in Bengaluru, India. The facility will include members of Apple’s team working with thousands of developers in India to "hone their skills and transform the design, quality and performance of their apps" on iOS.

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Apple Pay ramps up U.S. support with 31 more banks and credit unions

Apple Pay has picked up support from another broad swath of U.S. credit unions and banks.

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BitTorrent Live to offer a different take on live streaming video

BitTorrent has unveiled its BitTorrent Live, which will offer live streaming video over its own peer-to-peer live streaming protocol.

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T-Mobile adds Google Play Music, Spotify, Qello Concerts and more to BingeOn

T-Mobile has announced that it has once again added a number of new BingeOn partners. This time, the carrier has added Google Play Music, Tidal, Univision and several others that are no able to stream without impacting your data limit.

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MCX again delays CurrentC payment system launch as it lays off 30 employees

MCX, the consortium behind the CurrentC payment system, has again delayed that systems launch as it lays off 30 employees.

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Apple manufacturing partners reportedly start hiring for iPhone 7 assembly

Apple's manufacturing partners Foxconn and Pegatron have reportedly started the hiring process for workers to assemble the iPhone 7.

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