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Check out Apple's iOS 10 and developer story videos from WWDC 2016

Apple has released a pair of new videos, showing of what's new in iOS 10 in one, while taking a look at how various developers got their start in the other.

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Apple releases first preview of Xcode 8

Apple has released the first preview version of Xcode 8, its integrated development environment.

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Home is a new way to control all of your HomeKit-enabled accessories

Apple has announced its newest and easiest way to control any and all HomeKit accessories that you may have in your house: Home. With Home, you can use Siri to control scenes, use 3D Touch to adjust levels and more.

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Apple is opening up Siri to third-party apps like Uber, Pinterest and more!

On stage at WWDC 2016, Apple announced that it is opening up Siri to third-party apps, allowing users to send messages, start calls and much more with any compatible app.

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Apple Pay heads to the web as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland

To make payments even easier online, Apple has announced that it will be bringing Apple Pay to the web. There will be a new "Pay with Apple Pay" button on sites that allow you to easily check out by securely authenticating through your iPhone's Touch ID or Apple Watch.

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There are now 13 million registered Apple developers around the world

Speaking on stage at WWDC 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that there are now 13 million registered developers around the world.

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Tim Cook comments on attack in Orlando

Tim Cook took time at the beginning of Apple's WWDC keynote to address the attack in Orlando, Florida.

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Microsoft enters into agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft has announced the company has entered into talks with LinkedIn to acquire the work-focused social networking platform.

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Mobile Nations Weekly: All the way to Z

Motorola shows off their new Z, Windows dips its toe into banking, Tesla fights off the trolls, and Apple ramps up for WWDC.

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Moscone Center and Bill Graham Auditorium start getting decked out for WWDC

With WWDC right around the corner, Apple has begun the process of decking out the Moscone Center and Bill Graham Auditorium with its logos and banners for the conference. Each year people love to capture the progress of the banners as they go up, and that has now begun.

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