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Apple facing new lawsuit over AppleCare+ device replacements

The latest class action lawsuit against Apple targets the AppleCare+ policy of replacing damaged devices with refurbished models.

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Apple ID, iTunes purchases lead to arrest of alleged torrent site owner

An Apple ID and iTunes purchase information have led authorities to the alleged owner of the world's largest torrent site.

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T-Mobile provides unlimited high-speed data for the Rio Games in Brazil

T-Mobile has announced the U.S. carrier will be rewarding Simple Choice customers with unlimited high-speed data throughout Brazil from August 1.

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Don't miss out on this VR headset for just $16 at Amazon

Habor is offering its latest VR headset for just $16 at Amazon with coupon code W8RM5N8C. Whether you are looking for a starter headset or a secondary one for travel, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

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Tinder wants to help you find new friends and head out in a group

Have you grown tired of using Tinder to find your one true love? If so, the app's latest feature may be right up your alley. Tinder Social will help you find new friends to meet up and head out in a group.

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Latest Opera developer build adds an RSS reader and Chromecast support

The latest developer build (40.0.2296.0) of Opera's desktop browser is here, bringing a native RSS reader as well as support for Google Cast. If you use a Chromecast, you can now install the Google Cast extension from the store and throw content to the device directly from the browser.

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Verizon expected to crack down on unlimited customers using 'extraordinary amount of data' [Updated]

Verizon is said to be planning a crackdown of sorts on unlimited data customers who are found to be using an "extraordinary amount of data."

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Apple said to have acquired music service provider Omnifone [Update: Maybe not]

Apple has reportedly acquired cloud music service provider Omnifone.

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CarPlay rolls into 8 additional Kia models

Kia has announced a free CarPlay update for 8 of its 2014 to 2017 model year vehicles.

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Argos will stock Anywhere SIM cards that let you 'hop' between networks

Argos and Anywhere SIM have teamed up to start selling SIM cards through the retailer in the UK. These SIM cards are unique by the fact they switch between O2, Vodafone and EE depending on which offers the strongest signal.

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