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Apple Maps transit directions arrive for Miami, Atlanta, and UK's National Rail

Apple has expanded its support for transit directions to Miami and Atlanta, along with the UK's National Rail.

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Amazon brings its groceries delivery service to the UK

Amazon has started competing against supermarkets in the UK by launching its own groceries delivery service in London.

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Apple's patent case against Samsung may end up going back to the trial court

Back in December, Apple's patent litigation with Samsung culminated in a $548 million settlement, but the South Korean vendor immediately filed a motion to the Supreme Court. Today, the Justice Department filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn its ruling, and to send the case back to the trial court.

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Apple details how App Store Search Ads will work

Apple has published a full list of details about how its new App Store Search Ads will work.

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MacBook Air, MacBook Pro could get refreshed later this month

Apple will reportedly refresh both is MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop lines later in June.

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App Store FAQ: What developers and customers need to know!

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French authorities release SAIP app to alert people of terror attacks

The official SAIP (système d’alerte et d’information des populations) app from the French authorities is a new hub that can alert users of any potential exceptional events or terror attacks that may occur.

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CurrentC beta test ending on June 28; further efforts postponed

MCX has announced that it will be ending its current beta test of its CurrentC payment system. The company will also postpone further CurrentC initiatives.

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The first 'T-Mobile Tuesday' giveaway had issues with too much demand

The first "T-Mobile Tuesday" for the carrier's free giveaway offer was hit with way too much demand from customers, with many people unable to get their promised free gifts.

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Slack voice calling exits beta, now rolling out to everyone

Slack has announced that its voice calling feature, which has been in beta for months, is now rolling out to everyone.

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