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iOS 5 "whispersync" working for podcasts between iPhone, iPad?

We haven't been able to prove this ourselves yet, but we recently received several tips from regular podcast listeners, all on iOS 5 beta 3, who say they began listening to one of our shows using the Music (formerly iPod) app on iPhone and then went to continue listening later on their iPad, only to find it automagically began playing right where they left it.

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AT&T Q2 2011 results: 3.6 million iPhones activated

AT&T announced their Q2 2011 financial results today and they include 3.6 million iPhone activations, with 24% of subscribers being new to AT&T.

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Apple passes Nokia to become biggest smartphone producer by volume

According to Financial Times, Apple has passed Nokia to become the biggest smartphone producer by volume on the planet. It took both Apple's recent [20 million iPhone surge, and Nokia's just as recent decline for the two to switch position, but that it happened only 4 years after Apple entered the market is impressive none the less.

Apple was already the biggest smartphone maker by revenue and profits, but the April-June period marked the first time it had surpassed Nokia in volume.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Thursday, July 21

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • IsoSketch: Effortlessly draw on an angled isometric grid and create beautifully precise geometric artwork. [$2.99 for iPad - iTunes link]

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Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race now available for iPad

Disney has released an interactive iPad book, Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race.

Rev your engines for this thrilling Cars 2 original story—a must-read for racing fans! This action-packed app features stunning Disney/Pixar movie images, exciting tap-and-play interactivity, professional narration, music and sound effects, 3-D car customization, and two amazing racetracks.

  • Disney/Pixar Cars 2 movie images with custom interactivity
  • Multiple Reading Modes: Read to Me, Auto-turn pages, Younger Reader Mode
  • Professional narration, music and sound effects
  • 3-D race car customization, including color, tires, spoilers and engines
  • Racing game featuring device-tilting technology, Cars 2 racers, and movie-themed racetracks from Tokyo, Japan and Radiator Springs
  • Three game-play skill levels

Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race is available for $6.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Make your shopping lists simple with Buy Me a Pie!

Buy Me a Pie!, by Skript, is a new shopping list for the iPhone. It's beauty is the simplicity. You can also sync your lists with the cloud or share view SMS or email.

  • Very simple and beautiful design.
  • Automatic cloud synchronization.
  • Share your account with friends to manage grocery lists together.
  • Get notifications when your lists are updated.
  • Use the website to manage your lists from any computer.
  • Quickly add items from a predefined list of groceries.
  • Entered items are automatically stored in the built-in dictionary for future lists.
  • Automatically suggests a word upon entering a few letters. Just tap a suggested word instead of typing all of the letters of the desired word.
  • Create and manage multiple lists.
  • Send your lists via text message or email.
  • Easily duplicate your lists.

Buy me a Pie! is available for $1.99. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Deadlock: Online, a free multiplayer shooter now available in the App Store [video]

Deadlock has just been released in the US App Store and if you are into online multiplayer shooter games you really should check this one out. Deadlock is a dual-stick shooter game designed for online play with up to eight other players via Game Center.


  • Gorgeous 3d Graphics
  • Up to 8 player online multiplayer action.
  • Over 30 weapons including assault rifles, sub machine guns, grenades and more.
  • Robust loadout system including multiple weapon attachments, and armor.
  • 3 Gameplay modes at launch including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture & Hold
  • 30 ranks to earn with rewards for each rank you earn.
  • Asynchronous Online Tournaments – automatically be entered into new tournaments running every day and every week to win unlock points which can be used to unlock new weapons and items.
  • Gamecenter integration for tournaments and achievements, character stat tracking.
  • Character synchronization between multiple devices (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
  • 5 Maps at launch with more on the way!

The game is free to play for a limited time, we don’t know how or if that will change in the future; so if you want to try it, do it now. There are also in-app purchases to unlock game features. These are optional and can be unlocked through game achievements anyway.

The game is a universal binary so compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. We have the game trailer after the break, take a look if you are still unsure what it is all about. I think it looks extremely fast but a lot of fun!

[Free – iTunes link]

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Multitask while on a phone call with Thrutu for iPhone

Thrutu, by MetaSwitch, is a new app that lets you share location, photos, contacts and more while you're talking on the phone.

Thrutu brings new fun and function to the phone call. It's so simple that you'll wonder why phone calls couldn't always work this way.

Thrutu comes with five buttons:

  • Location: see each other’s position on a map, updating live as you move.
  • Camera: snap and share a photo during a call
  • Gallery: share a photo that's already stored on the phone.
  • Contacts: instantly send contact details
  • Prod: convey touch in a phone call by making the other phone vibrate!

Thrutu needs simultaneous voice and data to meet operate at its full potential, so if you're a Verizon customer, you'll need to be connected to Wifi. However, Thrutu does make it possible to share via SMS for Verizon customers or when the person you're talking to doesn't have Thrutu installed.

I haven't had the chance to play with this, yet, but it looks rather promising. Having quick and easy access to location, camera, photos, and contacts while on a phone call will be very convenient. Sure, I can switch apps to accomplish any of these tasks (except the vibrating), but this is a much better implementation. I hope Apple is taking notes, as I think this a feature that is lacking in iOS.

Thrutu is available for free. Screenshots and video after the break.

[iTunes link]

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US starts to fine people for texting while walking on city streets

Certain cities in the US have started fining walkers on the streets if they are caught texting. If you have ever walked down a street while composing a short email or text message, you know how distracting it can be and how unaware you are of where you are and what is going on around you.This is leading to more and more accidents and the new system of fines is meant to make you more aware of the dangers.

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Apple releases iTunes 10.4, 64-bit, Lion-compatible

Apple has released iTunes 10.4, with 64-bit support and Mac OS X compatibilit

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