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Kingdom Conquest racking up in-app purchase charges?

Many users are complaining that Sega's Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Kingdom Conquest is "stealing" money from their iTunes accounts. Even though the game itself is free, the game has many in app purchases, ranging from $0.99 - $43.99, which since mid-May, users claim these purchases are being made without their consent. If these complaints are to be believed, it seems that even people that didn't download the original app are being effected as well.

Sega has responded to complaints in their forum:

"We are currently investigating this claim as well as some others, but since we have no access to any customers' iTunes account information or transaction histories we highly recommend contacting Apple directly. "

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Apple airs a new iPad 2 TV ad – Now [video]

Apple has just posted a new commercial for the iPad 2 called “Now” that looks at life after you have bought the iPad 2. The ad features the Wall Street Journal, FaceTime, the iBookstore, an app called Star Walk and a few others.

Now, we can watch a newspaper; listen to a magazine; curl up with a movie; and see a phone call. Now, we can take a classroom anywhere; hold an entire bookstore; and touch the stars.

You can find the full advert after the break, let us know what you think!

[Apple YouTube]

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Dropkick for iPad now available

Dropkick is a simple, elegant to do list for your iPad that wirelessly syncs to your Mac and iPhone with its companion apps. The beauty in Dropkick is the simplicity and strait forward design.

  • Simple, efficient interface.
  • Syncs over the internet to your Mac and iPad with Dropkick for Mac and Dropkick for iPad.
  • Easy drag-and-drop prioritization.
  • Organize tasks into lists like Personal, Work, Grocery List or Vacation.
  • Free to try for as long as you’d like with up to 10 tasks at a time.
  • Upgrading is a simple in-app purchase.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Trailer and screenshots after the break.

[Free for iPad - iTunes link] [Free for iPhone - iTunes link]

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Apple will soon have enough cash to buy almost all their competitors

When Apple next announces their financial results, they should have close to $70 billion in the bank, which according to Asymco will be enough to buy all their manufacturing competitors with the exception of Samsung. That includes HTC, Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. (Google and Microsoft aren't manufacturers, they're platform vendors.)

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Wikibot -- A Wikipedia Articles Reader for iPhone and iPad now available

Wikibot -- A Wikipedia Articles Reader brings a beautiful UI, tabbed browsing, and customization to reading Wikipedia on your iPhone and iPad. Additionally, you can save articles to read offline.

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iOS 5 Features: Nitro Javascript engine comes to UIWebView, WebClips

New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Friday, June 17

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Zombie Ball: Zombies have invaded a quiet suburban neighborhood and the only thing that can stop them is a giant metal ball, the latest invention from the crazy professor’s garage! [$1.99 - iTunes link]

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WeightMeter for iPhone now available

WeightMeter boasts of being most helpful and time saving iPhone weight tracking app available. It will even remind you to track your weight with notifications.

  • enter your weight record daily (morning and evening records)
  • see the progress on the chart
  • choose from week/month/year chart view options
  • take a picture to see the difference
  • check out photo gallery report
  • make notes on your diet program while inputting the weight record
  • set the weight and date goal to achieve the best result
  • choose measurement system
  • enable reminders and the schedule time
  • No crash app for tracking the weight
  • easy and quick to use tool
  • iPhone 4 and iPad compatible HD graphics
  • absolutely the fastest app available for tracking your weight
  • social media platforms integrated for sharing great news

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Trailer and screenshots after the break.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

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Apple ups the ante in Samsung "copy cat" lawsuit

<img src="/sites/" alt="Apple ups the ante in Samsung "copy cat" lawsuit" title=Apple ups the ante in Samsung "copy cat" lawsuit" width="400" height="280" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-63967" />

Apple has upped the stakes in their look-and-feel "copy cat" lawsuit against Samsung, taking the complaint from 38 to 63 pages, and now accusing Samsung of "products that blatantly imitate the appearance of Apple's products to capitalize on Apple's success." According to FOSS Patents, Apple goes so far as to quote the media to help set up its case:

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JOYSTICK-IT brings a physical joystick to your iPad for a better gaming experience [video]

JOYSTICK-IT is a joystick for your iPad that aims to replace the clumsy on-screen virtual joysticks found in lots of iPad games. If you struggle with on-screen joysticks (I certainly do), this could be another option to consider. The JOYSTICK-IT is made from lightweight solid milled aluminium and certainly looks the part.

All you need to do is load your game of choice and place the JOYSTICK-IT over the virtual joystick and it will stick to the glass. You can then use it in place of the on-screen joystick and hopefully rack up some new high scores and achievements!

The JOYSTICK-IT is available now at a cost of $24.99 for one or as a twin pack at $39.99. As with all of these type of accessories, it would be best to check that it will work correctly with the games you intend to use it with before parting with your money!

Take a look at the video after the break; do any of our readers fancy picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments!


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