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News updated with cryptic image. has been updated with an image, that could suggest a new PDF exploit. is famous for offering a simple way to jailbreak by using an exploit directly from within Mobile Safari without having to plug the iPhone/iPad into a computer. JailbreakMe developer, @Comex, has updated the site with a teaser for another potential exploit in iOS. According to Comex's Twitter, the image is of Mt. Snow ski slope with a sign that shows a 'black diamond' (which is a skiing symbol for 'advanced') and the word 'PDF'.

Is this for a long-awaited iPad 2 jailbreak? Or has a new exploit been found in iOS 5?

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Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing heading to the iPad

Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing and to be frank, it is Mario Kart with the Sega characters that we know and love replacing the Nintendo ones that we know and love but can’t get! The game follows the same lines as Mario Kart; offering power ups, drifting, 12 different tracks,multiple characters and multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth, WiFi and online via Game Center.

The game is coming later this month for $4.99 and will be a universal binary; running on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Take a look at the video after the break and let us know if you plan on picking this one up when it hits the App Store!


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iOS 5 shows evidence of 1080p video, will it come to iPad and Apple TV?

If you have an iPad running iOS 5, it looks like you can now sync 1080p videos. Previously, iTunes would refuse to sync 1080p video to iPad, and it still won't sync to an iPhone or iPod touch. However, since the Apple TV also runs iOS, could we be seeing support for 1080p in the near future? Will iTunes begin to support 1080p movies? Will our bandwidth?

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Custom Notification Center widgets coming to iOS 5?

iOS developer @WillFour20 recently discovered that creating widgets for the new Notification Center in iOS 5 is possible, hinting at custom widgets from the jailbreak community down the road.

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Apple files motion to intervene on Lodsys patent lawsuits

Apple has filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys' lawsuits against 7 iOS developers. These developers are reportedly under NDA as well, so it's unknown if Apple is also stepping in with legal and financial support for the individuals, but they are clearly taken the suit back to Lodsys:

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Problems with certain Verizon iPad 2 causing Apple to recall shipments?

Sounds like some Verizon iPad 2 models in Apple Stores and in transit to customers are being recalled, possibly due to some problem that prevents cellular activation:

Verizon iPad 2s aren’t being sent back due to engraving. If someone activates a cellular connection on the device, then wants to view or edit account information, they can’t. They receive a message that it is activated, and that’s it. I saw someone open at least 6 looking for one that didn’t do it. It’s device specific, not software.

Apple Stores have just been asked to send back certain serial numbers, while the on-delivery orders will likely be replaced with unaffected models.


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Tweetbot update brings Twitter Photos support

Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality, has received a big update today. It includes support for Twitter Photos, Pinboard, Pro, Instapaper, and much more!

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Friday, June 10

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Pulse : Volume One: Enter an absorbing world where players become part conductor, part note-captor, part multi-touch master. Tap speeding notes as they cross the radiant pulse to conduct gorgeous original melodies. Now with 4 new tracks! [$4.99 - iTunes link]

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Magellan RoadMate North America updated with Yelp integration and Google search [give-away]

Magellan RoadMate North America has received a big update that includes Yelp integration, Google local search, lifetime maps, and a new UI.

Yelp API

  • Integrated within the RoadMate app opens a whole new world of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more for you – connect with old favorites or explore new ones.
  • Easily search for venues and destinations, browse user ratings, and decide where to go and route to it, all from within the app.

Google Local Search

  • Find out where you’d like to go using real-time Google Local search. Then route to your searched location with a tap of the GO button.

New User Interface

  • Designed for when you’re on-the-road – a collapsible dashboard creates a generous screen size making it easy for you to view while routing.
  • Plus, personalize your dashboard icons and view your arrival time, distance, and speed all at once.

Includes Lifetime Maps

  • Roads change more often than you realize. Get on board with the latest available maps so that you will always be up-to-date.

To celebrate the update, Magellan RoadMate North America has given us some promo codes to pass on to you, our awesome readers. For a chance to win, just leave a comment in the thread below telling us which of the new features you like best.

UPDATE: Congrats to winners Jason and Bassistfrmsbwy. Enjoy!

Screenshots after the break!

[$39.99 - iTunes link]

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Outside the US? No iTunes iCloud music for you until 2012 or later!

If you're outside the US, don't get too excited about iTunes iCloud music services like re-downloading and iTunes Match streaming, because you'll likely have to wait until 2012 if not later before it comes to your region. According to The Telegraph, Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud music storage service will not be coming to UK users until the first quarter of 2012 at the very earliest.  A spokesman for the Performing Right Society (PRS), which is responsible for ensuring songwriters and music publishers are paid for their work told The Telegraph the bad news.

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