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Apple offering free repairs to devices damaged in the Japan earthquake and tsunami disasters

Apple is now offering free service and repairs to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers that were damaged during the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami. The details were revealed in a Support and Information Service note on Apples Japanese website.

It confirms that Apple will offer free repairs of any Macs, Cinema Displays, iPhones, iPads or iPod touches damaged in the disaster. The offer only applies to those directly affected and who live primarily in the municipalities covered in the Disaster Relief Act of 2011.

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And the alleged iPhone 5 case leaks begin... [Updated]

We're still probably 4 or 5 months away from an iPhone 5 launch but that hasn't stopped the annual tradition of... case leaks! iPhones are produced in China, iPhone cases are produced in China, Apple won't reveal details of their next generation phones pre-launch, but if the factories get chummy and some information changes hands... Well, the workers might get prosecuted later, but the cases leak now.

If this one is genuine -- and we never know until Apple shows the actual, final iPhone off on stage -- it seems to show the LED flash has been relocated from its iPhone 4 spot beside the camera to the opposite side of the back plate.


What do you think, real, fake, or really fake?

UPDATE: Some camera parts have surfaced that seem consistent with the LED Flash position in the case above. Picture after the break. [, thanks everyone!]

UPDATE 2: That's a distorted iPad screen shot used as a place holder. Nothing indicative of iOS 5 there.

[Gadget DNA, thanks Josh!]

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iTunes iPad activation servers having trouble?

Last night one of our readers, Kirk, let us know his company was having problems in iTunes activating a large quantity of original iPads. Didn't matter which version of iOS or how often they wiped or restored, iTunes wouldn't activate their iPads. A couple other readers let us know they were having similar problems.

I managed to wipe and restore both my original iPad and an iPod touch 4, but today Kirk and a lot of other folks were still having trouble.

Are you one of them? If you're iOS device won't activate, let us know which device, which version of iOS, and how long you've been having trouble.

And yes, feel free to mock Apple's dependence on iTunes tether to activate all you want.

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iPhone 4 and the App Store set Guinness World Records

Apple’s iPhone 4 and App Store have both received entries into the Guinness World Records. The iPhone takes the record for the fastest selling portable gaming system and the App Store for the most popular application market.

The iPhone 4 award has been based on analyst estimates of first day sales of 1.5 million units which easily topped the Playstation Portable which managed a meagre 200,000 units. The App Store has achieved three records, grabbing the “most popular application marketplace”, “largest downloadable video game store” and the “largest launch line-up of any gaming system.”

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Fake iPhone stash thrown out of 18th floor window after police raid

What do you do if you’re a maker of fake iPhones in China and the police are battering your door in? Throw them out of your window that’s what! Not really the best idea if you happen to be on the eighteenth floor though...

This is what happened recently at a Shenzhen shop, when four fake iPhone dealers took the decision to dump their inventory to avoid prosecution. They tried to throw nearly one thousand cloned smartphones out of the eighteenth story window. Some of the phones were even said to be labelled as the yet to be announced iPhone 5! The police finally caught them burning transaction records but managed to recover a customer database.

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iPhone 5 release pool: 'iPhone 4S' won't support LTE, arriving in September with Sprint & T-Mobile support?

Forbes is reporting on a research note from analyst Peter Misek, who claims Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 in September. Misek states Apple will be going with 'iPhone 4S' as the name, following in the footsteps of the 3G to 3GS upgrade, and will not support LTE because the Qualcomm chipset isn't ready just yet. He also believes Sprint and T-Mobile will be onboard at launch.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Friday, May 13

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Angry Birds Rio: Now with beach volley! [$0.99 for iPhone - iTunes link]

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Cydia Search now available from your browser

Planet-iPhones has released a browser-based Cydia Search.

You can browse cydia's default repositories, or add your own, which the website will refresh every hour. You can also search through categories or look for a specific app directly.

The app view on the site is very clean and and clearly lists: the description, the price, the developer and the repository including whether its from a trusted or untrusted source. It also shows, the iPhone's cydia UI, for screenshots and any other notes.

Its pretty clean, simple to use and a great alternative way to searching cydia apps when you may not have your iPhone or iPad handy, or if you're not jailbroken.

Tell us, will you use this as an alternative cydia search?

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iOS developers being threatened with patent infringement over in-app purchase system [Updated]

Developer James Thomson reported on Twitter this morning that he's been threatened with patent infringement for his use of in-app purchases in PCalc Lite.

Just got hit by very worrying threat of patent infringement lawsuit for using in-app purchase in PCalc Lite. Legal docs arrived via fedex.

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