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AT&T to include the iPhone in its standard insurance from July 17

AT&T has updated its insurance terms and from July 17 it will also cover the iPhone. The insurance program covers your phone against loss, theft, accidental damage including liquid spillage and mechanical / electrical failure. The insurance package costs $4.99 a month plus there is an excess of between $50 and $125; depending on which model phone you have.

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UK broadcaster ITV launches its iPhone and iPad catch up app ITV Player

UK television channel ITV has released its catch up TV app, ITV Player. ITV Player is the first mobile app released that will allow you to watch ITV programs on you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The content will be offered within the app for 7 days after it was originally screened live. You can also browse through recommended programs, search by channel or alphabetically and view the app in portrait or landscape.

The free app which is disappointingly WiFi only, offers content from the four ITV channels available in the UK. These are ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. All the video content is streamed from within the ITV Player app. There does not appear to be any AirPlay support.

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How to cost-effectively deal with Lodsys and other app patent trolls

Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents has put up a heart-breaking yet pragmatic set of recommendations for developers on how to cost-effectively deal with Lodsys and other patent trolls who target small, independent app makers. (If you're a mega corporation with billions of dollars in the war chest this obviously doesn't apply to you.) While Apple has filed a motion to intervene, there's no guarantees that it'll work, and it's unknown what, if any, support they're providing iOS developers beyond that. Google has yet to do or say anything, leaving Android developers entirely in the lurch. So...

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FireCore updates aTV Flash (black) to Beta 6, big improvements for the second gen Apple TV [jailbreak]

FireCore has released an update to its aTV Flash (black) software that runs on jailbroken second generation Apple TV’s. The update includes a host of additional features including a brand new lightweight media player that has been specifically written for iOS devices.

The new media player will enable your second generation Apple TV to play a much wider array of media types without losing the simple Apple TV interface. Performance of HD content has also been greatly improved.

If you're already running a version of aTV Flash (black) the new Beta6 version can be installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu on your Apple TV.

The full list of fixes and new features are detailed after the break. Do you jailbreak your Apple TV and use aTV Flash? Let us know if you update and how it works for you!


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iPhone 4 prototype going for 70K on eBay... until Apple has it taken down

Stop us if you've heard this story before, but a sketchily sourced bit of rare Apple kits hits eBay -- say an iPhone 4 prototype similar to the one Gizmodo got their hands on last year -- and people start to bid crazy amounts of money for it... before Apple legal ultimate has it removed from auction. (And no doubt sends post-cog commandos crashing through some skylights, somewhere.)

It's right now at $70K and climbing. So enjoy the spectator sport while it lasts.

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iPhone reunites mother and daughter after five years apart

A mother, who lost touch with her daughter, was able to find her again 5 years later thanks to a kind hearted iPhone user. The mother, a shoe cleaner in China, came across someone in the street with an iPad and asked if she could use it to get online to help find her daughter. Unfortunately the iPad was WiFi only and there was no network to be found. Luckily, the iPad user also had an iPhone. A photo was taken of the woman and it was posted to Weibo, a hugely popular micro-blogging site in China with over 140 million users.

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Microsoft is square, Apple is roundrect, Google is...?

Clayton Miller's Interuserface takes a look at the iconic shapes behind today's biggest mobile companies, and while Apple, iPhone, and iPad are obviously roundrects (rounded rectangles), their competition is just as geometrically aligned:

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Google brings Pi, Apple beats them to Nortel LTE patent punch?

Some more information has come to light about the Nortel patent auction, which saw a consortium that included Apple win big, and Google get frozen out. According to Reuters, however, Google had some fun along the way:

"It became clear that they were bidding with the distance between the earth and the sun. One was the sum of a famous mathematical constant, and then when it got to $3 billion, they bid pi," the source said, adding the bid was $3.14159 billion.

"Either they were supremely confident or they were bored."

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