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First Direct, first UK banking app for iPhone, iPad that lets you carry out transactions on the go

Online UK bank First Direct has launched an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app that lets you view your statement but also carry out some simple transactions too. Other UK banking apps are limited to viewing your account statements which is a handy feature to have; First Direct has taken it a step further.

The app will allow you to view your balances and your last 20 transactions, make transfers between your accounts but most importantly, make payments to other personal accounts or organisations. To use the service you must already be a registered First Direct internet banking user and payments can only be made to those accounts that you have setup online already.

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ChangeWave: AT&T iPhone users looking to switch to Verizon?

A new survey from ChangeWave takes a closer look at how the Verizon iPhone may shake up the mobile market, revealing the highest churn rate AT&T has seen since ChangeWave began surveying mobile subscribers. A total of 4,050 subscribers were surveyed, with 15% of AT&T and T-Mobile users saying they were likely to switch carriers in the next 90 days, compared to only 4% from Verizon.

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iOS 4.3 beta points to iPad 2 cameras but no Retina Display

Following repeated rumors that the iPad 2 will be equipped with a retina display, 9To5Mac has made a discovery that may prove otherwise. After digging through the latest SDK, they found plenty of references that point towards the iPad 2 having the ability to take photos and shoot video; however, the size of the camera shutter images is 1024 x 768 - the exact same resolution of the current iPad.

So, either Apple has intentionally placed these images in the SDK to throw us off, or -- like TiPb has been saying for a while now -- the technology simply isn't there to support a full-on retina display on the iPad 2. What do you think?

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CDMA iPhone on its way to China, Korea, and Japan?

Looks like the CDMA variant of Apple's iPhone might eventually make its way to carriers in China, Korea, and Japan. According to the not always reliable Digitimes, Apple suppliers currently expect around 7 million CDMA iPhones to be sold in the first quarter of 2011. That's a lot of iPhones, no matter how you look at it.

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Google Places with Hotpot Released for iPhone.

Google have released Google Places with Hotpot on the iPhone. For those of you who aren't familiar, Google Places is a free app that allows you to find local businesses and rate them, and with their new 'hotpot' feature, Google can suggest new places you'll like, based on your previously ratings.

The app uses your location to suggest nearby places for you to rate. You can give a standard star rating out of 5, and depending on the location, optional ratings including: Food, Atmosphere, Value and Service.

You can view ratings from most review sites such as Yelp or Qype, as well as Google's own ratings and it comes with 9 separate categories as standard (Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, ATMs, Gas Stations, Hotels, Attractions, Pizza Parlours and Post Offices) but you can add personal searches as well, to cater to your tastes.

This isn't a 'check-in' application like Gowalla or Foursquare, but this is more similar to apps like Yelp or AroundMe.

What do you guys think about the new Google Places? Will you be using it? Let us know.

[Free - iTunes Link]

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Seas0nPass makes for easier AppleTV Jailbreak

Seas0nPass has just been released for jailbroken AppleTV users. Up until now, there hasn't been easy to use jailbreak tools for the AppleTV. Hopefully Seas0nPass can change all that.

Seas0nPass offers some of the same basic functionality utilities like PwnageTool already offers iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users. It will currently jailbreak the most current version of AppleTV iOS (4.2.1). Seas0nPass for AppleTV also offers an easier tethered boot option as well as an ability to create and restore from custom firmwares (IPSW) files. This will be nice for users on newer firmwares that may not offer an untethered option yet.

Currently Seas0nPass is only available for Mac users running Mac OS 10.6 or later but a Windows version should be coming soon.

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Rumor: Apple removing Home Button on the next iPad and iPhone?

Boy Genius is reporting that, according to a source, iPad 2 won't have a physical home button and will rely completely on the multitouch gestures introduced in the iOS 4.3 beta. They were also told this change may be extended to the iPhone 5 later this year.

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Find My Friends feature hidden in iOS 4.3?

It looks as though we will be seeing a new feature soon in iOS called Find My Friends, an extension to Find my iPhone that could be similar to services such as Google Latitude.

A reference to the name was found in the iOS 4.3 beta for developers and it appears to be linked to MobileMe accounts. If it is similar to Latitude, it would allows you to track your friends via their iPhone's GPS (Naturally you would have to agree to broadcast your position so as to protect your privacy).

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New T-Mobile ad attacks AT&T and Verizon

T-Mobile has a new ad that pokes fun at the iPhone 4 on both AT&T and Verizon. It has the same flavor as the "I'm a Mac" commercials and the man playing the part as the iPhone 4 has both Verizon and AT&T with him, but he can't tell them apart because he is slow on both networks - they don't have "nationwide 4G" like T-Mobile.

[T-Mobile is calling HSPA+ "4G"

Check out the ad after the break!

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iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad in 5 minutes [video]

Here we go, everything you need to know about iOS 4.3 for iPhone and iPad in just 5 minutes -- orientation lock/mute switch toggle, multitouch navigation gestures, and Wi-Fi personal hotspot.

If you don't have a lot of time but do have a lot of curiosity, just hit the video up top, sit back and watch, and then let us know what you think in the comment below.

Note: If you're running iOS 4.3 and you can't get the multitouch gestures to work, try connecting to Xcode and hitting the "use this device for development" link. That should make the toggle pop up in Settings.

Now iPhone will be getting those gestures and iPad that hotspot... right?

Screenshots after the break!

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