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Slacker announces iPad app, free service in Canada

Slacker Personal Radio is coming to the iPad in an all new, all optimized app that lets you sit back, put your feed up, and browse and enjoy music on the big, bold screen. Want more? Well, if you're in Canada they're also launching the same free service they've had before in the US. You'll still be able to go premium but if you just want to try out some ad supported content, you've got it.

We had a chance to talk to them about their iPad app live from CES 2011, so check out the video and let us know what you think.


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Verizon iPhone to go on sale late Jan/early Feb

The Wall Street Journal claims, according to a person familiar with the matter, that the Verizon iPhone that's almost assuredly going to be announced this Tuesday will go on sale "around the end of the month".

The Verizon phone will be similar to the iPhone 4 but run on the carrier's CDMA technology, people familiar with the matter have said.

Sounds about right, if you want to leave enough time to build the marketing hype to preface Apple Store lineups and the rest of the fervour typically associated with an iPhone launch.

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VLC for iPhone removed from App Store

It's now officially official, the VLC application for iPhone and iPad has been pulled from the App Store after several months of contention. Some of the contributors to the open-source VLC application contend that Apple's App Store isn't compatible with the GPL (GNU Public License) components of the app.

At last, Apple has removed VLC media player from its application store. Thus the incompatibility between the GNU General Public License and the AppStore terms of use is resolved - the hard way. I am not going to pity the owners of iDevices, and not even the MobileVLC developers who doubtless wasted a lot of their time. This end should not have come to a surprise to anyone.

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UPDATED: Kevin Rose: iPad 2 coming Feb. 1 with dual cameras, Retina Display

Digg founder Kevin Rose, whose record with Apple rumors ranges from spot on to completely wrong, now claims he has it on good authority that iPad 2 will be announced in 3-4 weeks, possibly February 1, and include dual cameras as well as a Retina Display.

Dual cameras seem almost certain given how Apple is pushing FaceTime (and given our video hands-on with the dummy iPad 2 at CES). Retina Display though? We've been over that before but just to recap...

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UPDATED: Verizon iPhone event scheduled for Jan 11

Despite massive press conferences and announcements here at CES, Verizon has gone ahead and scheduled a surprise media event in New York for next week -- which immediately launches yet another round of Verizon iPhone speculation.

UPDATE: Based on the guest list, the answer is yes. Mark your calendars folks, looks like January, 11, 2011 Verizon iPhone is a go.

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Griffin CarTrip jacks your iPhone into your car computer - TiPb at CES 2011

Griffin's CarTrip is a tiny Bluetooth peripheral that plugs into the diagnostic port contained on most modern cars and transmits back usage data and error messages to an app on your iPhone. You can use this data to track different performance data over time to try and maximize your fuel efficiency, or just to pull off any problem reports so you know when -- and why! -- you need to go to a mechanic.

We got to take a look at it live from the CES 2011 show floor so check out the video up top and let us know whether you'll be getting one for your ride in the comments below!


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Sphero iPhone, iPad controlled robot - TiPb at CES 2011

Sphero by Orbotix is a robotic ball you can control with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can swipe, you can use the gyro and accelerometer, and since they've opened up the API developers can create pretty much any games they can think of.

Availability is later this year. Fun factor is high. We just hope they don't become self-aware too quickly...


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Verizon: Mandatory face-to face training Jan 25 to Feb 4... for iPhone?

Verizon is having another one of their mandatory face-to-face training sessions for an "iconic pre-order", this one scheduled for January 25 to February 4, 2011, and it could just be for the Verizon iPhone. That's what many seem to believe, at least.

An alternative could be the Android-powered Thunderbolt, but we're being told February is blackout month for Verizon which has not been the case before.

This source has been good to SPE in the past but if there's anything we've learned from years and years of rumors -- we'll believe the Verizon iPhone is here when Steve Jobs holds it up, and/or it goes live on Apple.

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Design Drawings for the possible next iPhone leaked

It appears that what could be the design drawings for the next generation iPhone have been leaked and published by the folks over at Tw.Apple.Pro for all of our viewing pleasures. The pictures posted don't really allow us to see much but they do appear to match the leaked casing pictures/video that we posted on Wednesday. Stay with us after the break for more on this story.

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